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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Wukong Build Guide by top is high impact XD

Top Wukong Mid/Top guide[updated]

Top Wukong Mid/Top guide[updated]

Updated on November 16, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author top is high impact XD Build Guide By top is high impact XD 8 1 49,844 Views 1 Comments
8 1 49,844 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author top is high impact XD Wukong Build Guide By top is high impact XD Updated on November 16, 2021
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Runes: mid lane - recommended runes

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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Wukong Mid/Top guide[updated]

By top is high impact XD
Wukong game plan + pros and cons

Basic game plan

If you're just starting out on wukong then there's a chance you might have difficulty with a lot of matchups even ones that wukong players say are winning, my advice on how to deal with this is to watch a domisum replay of the matchup to help you better understand it or maybe if it's one of the matchups below the advice I give could help, most matchups on wukong playout the same way though, wait till 6 and then all in when they're in kill range, there are exceptions the first one that comes to mind being kayle, however vs the vast majority of champs in top lane this game plan will let you win lane pretty easy in low elo brackets from iron-plat. After laning phase you're going to be looking to use your ult to either win big teamfights or help pick off enemies before a fight starts, try not to waste your ult right before an objective doing something stupid since 90% of what makes wukong strong is his ult. Wukong doesn't do too well in the late game so try to guide your team into making the right decisions, big baron calls and dragon fights are what decide games most of the time in low elo anyway, but for some reason most of the players in the elo are scared of doing baron before 30 minutes

Pros and cons

  • Not a lot of hard losing matchups
  • easy to pick up/start learning
  • great mid game
  • abuses the sh*t out of GD and DS
  • a lot of mobility
  • not a very rewarding one trick champion
  • falls off later
  • very reliant on w and r
  • difficulty with cd/mana management
  • garbage waveclear
Build and runes explained

Main runes:

Conq is definitely the best rune page for wukong, it goes well with his kit and helps in extended trades, it scales well into the late game and provides decent dmg

choosing between triumph and Pom is hard how ever I think wukong's mana problems are not so bad that you should pass up the extra healing from triumph, after that alacrity, tenacity and bloodline are all good options, some games you should take tenacity, I think the best time to take tenacity is against a team with a lot of ad but also a lot of cc, so you can build tabis but still have tenacity, bloodline is ok ig but at the end of the day I think alacrity is just more appealing most games, you'll want to run last stand into close matchups and coup de grace into stomp matchups

Secondary runes:

choosing secondary runes can be difficult because there are plenty of good options, resolve, inspiration and domination are all great options, sorcery can be good, however it just isn't normally as good as the other runes

inspiration is the most commonly used secondary rune both by solo q and competitive players according to, and for good reason too, the mana and sustain from biscuits and the convenience of magical footwear just makes it a solid secondary tree in general, time warp tonics early sustain is also a viable option with corrupting pot, the only other rune worth taking in this tree is cosmic insight, which is another solid rune that you can take if you want to build early boots and can't wait on magical footwear

Resolve is easily the second most popular secondary tree on wukong and it's arguably even better than inspiration, almost all of the runes in the resolve are good on wukong, excluding shield bash and font of life, bone plating is good in matchups where the enemy can't easily proc it without taking a large trade, matchups like jax, shen, darius, etc., second wind on the other hand is good into enemies with considerable poke like teemo, malph, camille, etc., overgrowth is a good rune just in general its free stats, demolish is good if you want to split push and conditioning is good into a lane you want to play safe against, unflinching is good into teams with a lot of cc especially if you're not down to take legend tenacity or mercs, I recommend taking resolve if you want to constantly change your runes to best suit the match up or if you want better sustain or tankiness in lane.

Domination has always been a rather questionable choice on new wukong, however I've always enjoyed taking domination and think its actually better than people say it is, there are so many runes in the domination tree that are good on wukong, I personally like taking either taste of blood or sudden impact with eyeball collection, I take taste of blood into harder matchups for extra sustain in trades and sudden impact into easier matchups for better dmg, although I can understand wanting to go ravenous, relentless or ultimate hunter instead of eyeball collection I think that more ad is a bit easier for my monkey brain to make use of then ult cdr or movespeed and the sustain from ravenous just isn't what it used to be.


In this section I'll explain when to build what situational items. this section is more for beginners as older players should be able to figure this out on their own.

Serpents fang:
This one is pretty obvious, if the enemy has a lot of shields with champs like lulu/shen/ivern or if their building a lot of items like gargoyles/shieldbow/steraks (especially shieldbow) then serpents fang can help negate those shields and provide burst to deal with back line better, you can even build it second item if you're ahead and your team has sufficient frontline

Seryldas Grudge:
Tho you may think seryldas should be mostly used to negate tanks armor, in general the item gives so much dmg and utility that it's good to have even when you're not against tankier teams, all around a great item and you should always default to this once you've finished steraks unless you need another item

Another really obvious one, when the enemy has a lot of healing(which is pretty often) you can build this item, although I'd suggest just building the executioners call and then finishing chainsword later, unless theirs a big fight and this is the best spike you can afford

Edge of Night:
Edge of night can be good to deny certain abilities like morgana q, seraphine ult, blitz q, etc, it provides decent dmg and health as well, although generally against champs like ashe, corki, etc that can just pop the shield before it can even do anything it's not very good

Black Cleaver:
In a lot of ways BC is just a ****ty seryldas, it gives less armor pen, the health isn't super significant, and neither is the movement speed, however it does give cdr, and the pen applies to multiple targets, so against tankier teams or if you have a lot of ad on your team black cleaver can be good as a third/fourth item

Spirit visage:
Super simple, if your vs heavy ap or if you have enchanters the healing/shielding/mr is really useful, the shield part even boosts the shield you get from steraks which is huge, it can stunt your dmg though so a lot of the time its not very good

Deaths dance:
Only really good if the enemy has a lot of ad, and even then you already have plenty of built in armor so its nbd

Quick silver sash: if you're carrying and you're vs a malzahar or a warwick or anything with a seriously annoying lockdown qss can bail you out so you can keep fighting, plus it gives mr

Gaurdian Angel: Really good teamfighting item vs heavy ad, if you're ahead this'll make it a lot easier to engage and fight without worrying about dying but after it's popped it's not very useful so make sure to get it around important fights like soulpoint/baron/elder
Matchups guide

This is a list of all of the most commonly asked about matchups, if you have questions about any other matchups you might be having trouble wiht please feel free to add it to the discussion. Matchups difficulty will be shown by the color of the champs name Red being the highest difficulty and Green being the lowest difficulty.

Garen- Laning vs. garen is quite difficult and hard for the garen to mess up, however I believe as long as you play it right you can stay alive through out most of the match up and if you get help from your jungler then you can even win the matchup, your best option is to play safe and hope your team doesn't int, your much more useful in a teamfight late game then garen, also be sure to look to bot lane for a tp play in this match up

Jax- jax is another very difficult champ to lane vs., howver unlike the garen matchup there are a lot of ways that the jax can mess up, try to freeez the wave and abuse the jax's mistakes and you can win the lane, jax is also worse than you in teamfights like garen, so later on in the game if your team is even than your team will most likely have the advantage in teamfights

Malph- there is rarely a time in the game when wukong can win trades vs. malphite, and unlike the previous matchups malphites teamfighting is arguably just as strong as wukongs, early on in the matchup however malphite suffers from mana problems and he has rather long cooldowns, if you can abuse these weaknesses properly or outplay malphite hard than you can win however your first priorty in this matchup is to not feed the malphite, that can create major problems later on, if the malph is building armor I suggest BC, if he is building ap I suggest triforce, either way building an early merc treads is necessary so I suggest not taking magical footwear

Teemo- teemo is a matchup that many players percieve as difficult but as long as you take second wind and d shield his poke isn't that bad, if he uses his q to poke you then that provides an opportunity to trade and at 6 you can basically just run him down with ult and there is little he can do, also if you just play safe than later on in the game teemo kinda loses his usefullness since oracle lense is a thing

Nasus- The key to nasus is early game aggression if you can keep him away from low health creeps and make it hard for him to stack then he has trouble being usefull in the mid game, there's even a good chance that you can kill him, if you can set up a freeze vs. nasus than his life is just pain and suffering as he'll never be able to wealk and be super susceptible to ganks

Darius- Darius is the only easy matchup on this list, for some reason a lot of people struggle vs. him, as long as your reaction time is good enough to e his q you win trades vs. him, taking bone plating is also a good idea, at six you should be able to just run him down if he pushes into you, very good matchup for wukong, just easy to mess up I suppose

Shen- Shen's early game is better than yours and once he hits six and starts to lose it doesn't matter because he's in your bot lane, your best bet is to split push hard when he leaves lane, wukong's split push is very good and if he's gone for long enough you can take a ton of plates, I highly recommend taking bone plating and demolish.
Combo/Aniamtion cancel guide
Shoutouts/streamers to watch
shoutout to Airflash the number 1 wukong NA Top and Mid the build and runes are his

Shoutouts to Chimp, Andrewinthelane, Harambe, and Concept, all of them are super good wukong players(also one gambling addict) and you should go check them out!!!
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