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Wukong Build Guide by TheNoobTalk

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheNoobTalk

Wukong - Oh !'s the Monkey

TheNoobTalk Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Sup guys and welcome to Wukong, the Monkey King guide/build.

Now first off, before you go any further into this build, remember that this guide is a full on dps/crit/atk spd. So to fully be able to master this build, you gotta learn to play safe early, able to hold the urge to gank so you could farm, and f!@#$ people up late game.

You got that?

Good, cos here comes the build

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Pros / Cons

-Decent early game farmer
-Extremely good at harrasing enemies without getting damaged
-Has a great escape ability
-A great gank escaper
-Extremely good ganker
-Great chaser
-Will carry the game if it goes through late game

-Not an early gamer
-Targeted most of the time in team fights

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I prefer going 21/0/9 for the extra damage.

21/9/0 is also viable

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Well, I can't really say anything here other than if you want to buy runes for Wukong, get armor pen, atk spd, ad crit chance. These runes will aid this build greatly.

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1. = Crushing blow, your Q ability...god I love this move. I lost count on how many times i've used this ability to get the last hit for a kill. Pretty much, this ability enables you to do bonus damage for your next attack. Also, a good combination with your E ability.

2. = W ability. This just totally epic. It has saved my life countless of time that now i feel like its my guardian angel. It not only makes a clone of you to confuse your opponent, it also stealths you! Think of the countless things you can do with this ability! Probably one fo the best escaping ability in the game.

3. = This is your E ability, also known as one of the most annoying ability...for your opponent anyway. This ability is a charge that allows you to attack up to three people in a small area. Also, have I told you that this is ability is also GREAT for farming! You can pretty much kill three minions at the same time! That's like what, 70 gold?

4. = Your ultimate, also known are your R. Wow...can I say wow again! This ability enables you to spin around with your stick and damage anyone in its range. Oh, did I forget to mention that it also knocks enemy into the air? Very good for teamfights, escapong ganks, chasing, disrupting an enemies channel ulti (Kat, Malzahar, Warwick, Nunu, etc).

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Skill Sequence

For me, putting a point in nimbus strike first is the way to go. Not only that it can hit multiple enemies (good for early double lane fights), it is also a good farming tool. And god, it's such a good harrasing ability.

I tend to level Nimbus strike and Crushing blow evenly considering that both of them go well together. For decoy, i like to put a point in at lvl4 so if there were any ganks early, I'll be able to escape.

Of course, lvl your ult whenever you can.

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Harrasment is simple = E > Q > W then run back. So pretty much, Nimbus strike in, use crushing blow after that, and decoy out. Result, you just got in three hits (if the decoy exploded in the enemy's face)and got out unscathe

Going for the kill

Now for getting kills - Early on when you don't have all your abilites yet, I suggest you to just harrass until you can get them low enough for you to just do an E > Q combo, but if you're already lvl6 or higher, then go this way - E > Q > R > auto atk > Q > Q > auto attack and E if the cooldown's refreshed. And if they're still not dead chase em with E > then use Q > and auto atk.


Chasing is quite easy with Wukong, just E in and Q. Then use ult if you have it.

Team fights/Ganks

If you're enetering a team fight or a gank, get close to them by first using E > then R to knock your enemies in the air so your teammate have more time to use their abilities.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion and is the best for wukong since they're both good for chasing and running, something that Wukongs do a lot.

is viable and is also good.

Any other summoner spells other than the four above are unecessary.

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Finally we get to this part.

Right, for me, my starting item would be Ruby crystal because of the extra health and so it could be built into a phage which is need to finish our beloved Trinity Force.

I get this item after i get boots of speed . To say that this item is great with wukong early to mid game is an understatement. Its a BRILLIANT item for wukong throughout the early and mid game. I mean think about it, sheen's effect with your crushing blow would take a chunk of your enemy's health away!

Right after my sheen, I would finish the boots off with and after that when i have enough money, get Trinity Force . Trinity force is sooo good for you in mid game to late game with its extra health, atk speed, atk damage, a little AP for your W ability, and sheen's effect! In my opinion, a very nice item for Wukong.

Now that you have extra damage and atk speed, its time to get your Phantom Dancer for some more atk speed and loads of crit chance. With this item, you'll be slapping people with your stick twice a second while also doing some nice crit damage.

Infinity edge would be your next item. Now, this is where you do your head roll damage that'll make your enemies scream when they see you. You get 80+ atk damage more crit chance and mroe crit damage! How good is that. Now try imagining all the daamge you would do if you combine your awesome atk spd and your crazy crit damage. Do you see it? Yeah, it's pretty crazy.

Next item would be The bloodthirster . This item is quite dangerous to your oppenent. If one of them try to 1v1 you and you have this item, they'll be thinking...why isn't he dying!!! Since you wont even be losing health!.

Last item is pretty much your choice. I prefer to get another bloodthirster for the extra damage and lifesteal but its up to you guys and the current game situation.

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Farming and laning is quite easy for Wukong. I prefer going to double lanes instead of solo lanes because Wukong is more useful with a teammate around in early to mid game. Pretty much, all you have to do is use your E ability to farm and harass and your W ability to get away when in trouble.

When mid game comes in and all the ganks start happening, you should still be in lane and not running around looking for kills. You know why? Because you need to farm and get more gold. Spending time running around for kills wastes time for you. Since Wukong has a great escaping ability you dont have to be that worried about ganks, though this doesnt mean that you don't have to be aware of waht's happening on the minimap. Remember, map awareness is your key for this phase.

Pushing towers is easy with Wukong. With the atk spd he's getting from his item, destroying towers isn't a problem for him. Plus, his Q ability works on turret. So everytime your attacking a turret, make sure you spam your Q ability whenever you can.

Of course, when you see a teammaate in trouble or a team fight happening, you can leave the lane to help them. OR, you could use this time to destroy more turrets while the enemies are distracted. Your choice. But remember, you gotta farm through out the whole early to mid game phase. Only start wandering around the map for kills when you at least have your phantom dancer .

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End Summary

This is the end guys and I hope this guide helped you.

And to know if the build actually worked, run to an enemy with the full build item and see if they run away while mentally screaming '!@#$ its the monkey!'. If they did, it means that you have succeded.

GLHF guys!!!!