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Wukong Build Guide by Sbtl

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sbtl

Wukong, The Monkey King

Sbtl Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Hi, so this is my first guide, so all criticism, negative or positive, is appreciated. First off I'd like to say that I'm doing this mainly because I haven't seen many good Wukong guides out there yet, or many people playing him the way that I do.

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The Main Difference

The main difference about my guide compared to others is how i start. Most guides that i see out there start with a single Doran's Blade But I start with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. I do this because Wukong needs a great early game. The sooner he can go back to base and get his Wriggle's Lantern and boots the better off the game'll be. With a single dorans item you have one shot, and if it gets messed up youll have to play much more passively and cant harass and farm like wukong should. By going my path you have extra armor to help with minions and your enemy's physical damage, and 5 health potions. Thats equal to an extra 1000 health in the reserves. Think about it, if you could start off a game with 656hp, 68dmg, 25 armor, and 3%lifesteal that builds into nothing, or 1556 hp, 58 dmg, 43 armor, and 0% lifesteal that builds into one of the best early game melee champion items, which would you take? Keep in mind that after 1 bluepill home with the later choice you'll have 81dmg, 52 armor, and 18%lifesteal, just for another 1300g (This is using lvl 1 stats, the scenario with Wriggles isnt accounting leveling)

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Pros / Cons

He can take a punch, and punch back harder
He has a stealth
He can jump in and out of combat with Nimbus Strike
He can *double tap* with auto/ Crushing Blow
He has an Ult that CC's

He really needs a solo lane to shine
If the ranged are good, and can poke and prod, its hard to farm
He needs to farm or else he wont have the early advantage he needs
If the other team doesn't have a jungler you'll have a tough lane
Has a tiny manna pool without Blue Buff

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For runes I run a pretty basic build, Armor pen Marks/Quints, Armor Seals, CDR Glyphs.

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
I use the armor pen runes for obvious reasons, hes a melee AD champion, so he needs as much Armor Pen as he can get.

Greater Seal of Armor
I get the seals because Wukong needs to harass in lane, and the more armor he has, the less damage he'll take from minions and counter harassing.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
For Glyphs I take CDR because the way I see it, Wukong was made to have longer Cooldowns, but they hurt, or allow him to jump into, or out of, a fight, so the more often we can use these, the less you'll be sitting there waiting for Crushing Blow to get off CD to get the killing blow on someone.

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I run Phreaks basic 0/21/9 build for Wukong. I go into the Defensive tree because Wukong needs to harass, and can give a beating on his own, he doesn't need the offensive tree to do it for him, but if we don't go into the defensive tree, hes very squishy, with a lot less defense from minion autos, along with less health, since I don't run a doran's item from the start. I go into the utility tree mainly for the xp bonus, because Wukong can farm, so he should always be soloing top if he can, and the more xp for your solo lanes the better, right?

Ive changed it to take Hardened Skin and Nimbleness over Defensive Mastery since Hardened Skin and Defensive do very similar things, just Hardened Skin covers all forms of Physical Damage and Defensive Mastery only covers minions and creeps, and Nimbleness will give just another edge to Wukongs defense.

Ive chenged my masterys again i actually decided to take 2 points out of Hardened Skin, mainly because of the way it scales when you place more points in it. At rank 1 it mitigates 1 physical damage, but at rank 2 it only adds .5 mitigation to that, instead of another whole point. Because of this, and how I didnt like the damage I was taking from minions early game, I took the last 2 points out of hardened skin and put them back into Defensive Mastery.

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When I first started Wukong I, along with most people, took a Doran's Blade, but after playing a few games and noticing the items I went after I never saw a need for it again. By starting with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion your unstoppable in your lane, you can harass all you want, get away with Decoy, and heal through any damage you take if it gets out of hand.

We take the cloth armor because we want a Wriggle's Lantern as soon as we can, its just amazing for this champion. It gives armor, lifesteal, more damage, and a free ward for your brush in the river to dodge ganks, its wthotu a doubt a core item.

Then after this I normally get Mercury Treads, because we have the armor, so some MR and CC reduction is always welcome. I try to stay in the lane and farm until I can get both, at 2.5k, if I cant I make sure to get Wriggle's first over anything, along with some health pots, and hopefully a pair of boots.

Then we go into the biggest and best part of Wukong's Core, the Trinity Force. This item's just amazing for Wukong, it gives him more health, more manna for his tiny manna pool, damage, attack speed, crit, and an amazing on hit effect, Its what makes Wukong amazing. I go for the Sheen first just for the on hit effect, and the extra manna always helps you in the lane.

At the point the game normally is normally almost over, if it's still going you have to choose between more offense, or if you're getting focused too hard and need more defense. If you're good on defense, go for a Yoummuu's Ghostblade for the attack/run speed passive, and the extra damage is always welcome, thisll help you chase down those pesky ranged carries after your Nimbus Strike is on CD.

Another path I like is to take a Warmog's Armor / Atma's Impaler Just because your health/armor vs an AD team is ridiculous, and you wont be focused anymore, and the damage from Atma's passive is amazing. I normally lean twords this path unless we're just complettely dominating at this point.

You can fill your last spots with whatever you feel necessary, from a Last Whisper to Banshee's Veil depending on where you're going on this team. If I ever really get this late into the game I'll normally take a Last Whisper, I do this for the same reasons mages take a Void Staff. Tanks at this point have a lot of armor, and most good carrys will have a reasonable amount too, and in order to crush them with your iron stick easily you'll need to bypass that armor, and you runes, Crushing Blow, and Last Whisper help you do the effectively

I also like Infinite Edge on Wukong just because it gets his crits going, and if you have the stat, might as well put it to good use, along with a lot good source of bonus damage. If you were to take this, replace Last Whisper in the item sequence at the top of the page. And only take it if you feel you don't need the arm pen from Last Whisper, this is a "we cant lose if we tried" item where you really just want to go all out and become a crazy tanky AD carry, I'd never really take this in a legit fight.

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Skill Sequence

I always, always always take Crushing Blow first, because at the start of the game if you can camp a bush and get an auto-->Crushing Blow out of the bush, its a good start on the early harassing. I take points in this at the start, getting Nimbus Strike at 2 and Decoy at 4. After that you level with the priority of Cyclone > Nimbus Strike > Crushing Blow > Decoy

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells Flash Will always be the best thing no matter what champion you play, unless theres an obvious better for certain reasons, and I believe that applies to Wukong too, its just an amazing Oh SH** button, along with helping you chase, and being able to be used during Cyclone is just awesome, along with wall jumping too.

I take Ignite because Wukong's very offense, thats what he does, and ignite helps you stop early health pots in lane, or finish of enemys that're getting too far away to chase, or to just help burst down that enemy carry that much faster.

other options could be:
Exhaust isn't a terrible option, if you like it, take it over Ignite it'll help with ganking early game, keeping people in your Cyclone and shuting down that obnoxious Yi.

Ghost is another option that I used to like, it, when paired with your Flash can get you out of some sticky situations, but I don't feel that he needs the move speed after Trinity Force

most other options would just be stupid to take, unless you really like Teleport, because hes not a squishy carry late game, CC's won't shut him down, so Cleanse ins't needed, and most other spells could be taken by other rolls with better use for them.

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Early Lane
In the lane you have two goals, to harass-->kill the other laner, wich should be very easy once you hit 6, along with a gank form your local friendly jungler. But what you need to be doing nonstop with no exceptions other that the occasional Nimbus Strike-->Auto--> Crushing Blow is last hitting. Always, and I mean always, last hit. if you dont get ganked hard and have to go back before you have 2.5k you're doing something wrong. You should be able to farm very easily with a hard hitting auto attack along with Crushing Blow reseting your attack timer, giving you 2 last hits in the time of 1.

Mid Game
At this point you should have your Wriggle's, Merc treads, and hopefully at least a sheen. You should still stay in your lane to farm, but when you have great chances too, gank. Gank, and gank your own lane! pop out of the bush, lead with Numbis, then Auto/Crushing blow them into an Ignite/Cyclone, and by the time thats done you're stuff might be back up soon, so finish them off if theyre not dead! if they survived, stay in the lane and push hard, you CAN tower dive, its not hard with Wukong, but I would save your flash for this, because diving can turn out amazingly without a scratch, or it can go bad, fast. If you feel that you cant get that kill (which you should, pansy) then push the tower. Your Crushing Blow DOES work on towers, so pump out that extra damage! And dont forget to Nimbus Strike for the attack speed increase.

Late Game
Your Trinity Force should be done, and you should have already chosen more offense or some defense by now, working on a Warmong's/Ghostblade. You at this point should always be with your team, overextending or tower hugging, unless you're grabbing some quick gold form the jungle and getting buffs (which you need to be doing the whole game past early game btw). You need to stay with your team because if ganks arise on your lonely ashe, you can charge that Xin/Taric/Warwick and crush one of them, and knock them up with your AMAZING CC ULT! giving ashe a chance to react, shoot her giant ****ing arrow, and kill some baddies! You can easily 2v1 most people if you have your wriggles/trinity force, so ashe being there should make it an easy with for you two, or give your team time to come in and help wipe up that baddie WW running with his blood scent. After stuff like that, your team should be togeather anyway, and you need to push lanes, all of you, and break the other team. If you happen to be top while a teamfights going on in mid, and your team can handle it for now, push the towers! Like I said earlier with Crushing Blow and Nimbus Strike you can take towers fairly easily.

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Tips and Tricks

One thing I see so many Wukongs overlook is that Crushing Blow resets your swing timer, so that you can auto attack right into a Crushing Blow with no time inbetween.

With that being said I'd like to point out that there's one way, and one way only, that you need to be harassing early game. Pick the squishier target and Nimbus strike right at them, then pull off an auto/Crushing Blow combo, and just keep whacking until it **** hits the fan, then pop Decoy and run back to your tower unscathed. If you took too much damage, drink a pot, you brought 5 of them for that reason exactly!

Oh, and don't be afraid of minions, we countered their damage with runes and mastery's already, remember?

And never forget the CC your ult provides. If there's a nearby karthus (that you haven't killed yet for some reason, baddie) and hes Ulting, counter it! don't let him get free kills by trying to mop up a teamfight, nimbus strike him to get close, cyclone him to interrupt his channeling, and kill him!

And remember that Nimbus Strike works on minions, so if you're getting smacked hard, and there's nearby creeps anywhere there aren't enemy champions, nimbus too them, and get away.

And don't be afraid to fight, Wukongs more likely to come out on top of a situation when turns and fights instead of running and getting harassed, but don't be stupid about it and think you can take out more than you really can.

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The Pudding

It's where the proof is...


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Like I said, this's my first guide, so if you liked what I did, toss me an upvote, if you didn't tell me why, Im always up for improving on my Wukong skills. Oh, and for all you that're wondering his death animation has to do with him being sent down to the earth after getting in trouble with the gods, and being turned into a statue because of some tricks he played. At least that's coming from my Chinese mythology sources