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Wukong Build Guide by mcprot

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mcprot

Wukong the offtank king

mcprot Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and welcome to my wukong the monkey king guide.This guide will teach you how to build wukong and play him to the best of his ability thus far.In this guide wukong is built as an off tank/tanky dps anti carry.This is also my first mobafire guide and im accepting any and all feedback if you have something productive to say please feel free to comment but id appreciate if flaming was kept to a minimum.My name in game is mcprotpally if you have any further questions or suggestions for the guide feel free to send me a whisper or email me at

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Pros / Cons

Fun champion to play
Great burst damage
mild aoe cc for team fights
Escape artist
Great offtank initiator
Easy to use
High skill cap (if mastered can be a devestating champion)
Can have some difficulties early game before he gets atleast 2 ranks in Crushing Blow and Nimbus Strike
His Decoy has a high cooldown making it diffcult to depend on in team fights.
His Cyclone can be tricky to decide when to use at times.

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Greater Mark of Desolationx9
Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3

I choose these runes because of the fact that they scale well with the build and his passive.His q shreds armor along with the armor penetration from a brutalizer you will be able to burst through the tankiest people.There are some alternatives however i am still playing around with a few things on wukong seeing as he is relatively new but it seems like having straight armor pen quints and marks is a little overkill so i would suggest possibly getting flat health quints.

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Masteries are pretty self explanatory bonus experience and increased buff duration while taking 21 in offense for extra dmg and burst potential also taking a bit of cooldown reduction improved exhaust and armor penetration.Your damage will be close to true with the amount of armor penetration in this build making wukong a very nasty anti tank aswell.

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cheap armor and builds into your wriggles lantern.
x5 great for allowing you to be more agressive in lane without having to worry so much about taking a little dmg.
good if you think you will be laning against an ap champion and still allows you to take 2 health potions and builds into your merc treads.
merc treads Staple item good amount of magic resist movement speed and tenacity to reduce cc on you so your not crowd controled an entire team fight allowing you to put out more dmg.
great lifesteal good armor and helps farm easier also not very expensive while also giving some damage.
procs off your q so it will always do the extra dmg when you q as long as its not on cooldown.
builds from your sheen gives a lot of well rounded stats that really benefit wukong and scale well its also gold efficient for the stats.
great item against light ap to get some dmg potential aswell not too popular of an item but in a team fight when you keep it stacked it gives good magic resist attack speed for a low price.
great item against heavy cc teams that have some strong nukers.Take this over wits end if you feel your getting hit to hard by ap champions or are getting crowd controlled to death in team fights.
great item for wukong gives some cooldown reduction armor pen dmg and a nice use effect for bursting people down.
Good for hybrid teams that have a balanced amount of ap and ad take this before ghost blade if you need more tankiness and feel your dmg is at a good place.

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Skill Sequence

is the first skill you max taking it at lvls 2,5,7,8,9
you want 2 levels in this early and this is the skill you max after nimbus strike taking it at lvls 1.3.10,12,13
take 1 level into it and max it last.
A great pin down ultimate that puts up nice dmg take it whenever you can at 6,11,16.

The chosen skill sequence is for obvious reason one being nimubs strike scales the best for
early game usage and your q is used for taking armor down to open up cyclone and do nice spam dmg every couple of seconds. You can also use your q to knock down turrets,inhibitors, and the nexus quicker.Decoy is only there for the utility of joining a battle stealthed with cyclone or leaving a battle with it. Cyclone is great for 1v2 situations team fights and 1v1.Using it properly however is tricky because if you use it improperly your dmg can be severely reduced i find the best way of using it is nimbus strike then as soon as you melee hit q melee hit pop cyclone to keep up and knock them in the air once leaving cyclone reopen with nimbus strike and melee q melee to maximize dmg. If you are taking advantage of decoy offensively in a team fight then activate decoy run into the team fight and open with cyclone and go into a nimbus strike q rotation.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are of course optional i personally enjoy taking Ghost and exhaust.Ghost is great for closing distance and getting away after decoy if they figure out which way you are going. Exhaust is a wonderful spell to stay in distance and set up nimubs strike and q combos when cyclone is on cooldown or you want to save it for an impending team fight.Other great options would be Flash, Ignite, Teleport, or Cleanse. I dont recommend Heal or Clarity for the simple fact that heal falls off really hard late game and wukong really doesnt need clarity for mana after he gets his sheen he holds mana up fairly well. Clairvoyance i feel is more of a support talent but if your team lacks it i could see it being an okay thing to take on wukong.

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Farming as wukong is relatively easy using your Crushing Blow you can last hit efficiently early game form roughly 30% minion health. Nimbus Strike is great for when your minions have stacked up and are focusing different targets you can Nimbus Strike for some last hits instead of losing 1-2 because you had no way of attacking them fast enough.However becareful depending on your abilities for farming Wukong can oom rather quickly without his sheen.

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Unique Skills

Wukong having a form of stealth can escape quickly and play with stealth engaging and disengaging from battles.For those who really didnt understand all the applications that phreak explained in the champion spotlight.By pressing s your character goes into a full stop that actually mirrors that of decoy so you can fake out the enemy team without having to use . There is actually some nice tricks in a 1v1 engaging with and then decoying right away causes majority of people to put burst on your clone then you pop out after that is done and burst them down before there cooldowns are back up.You can also make enemies waste mana using your in a scenario where your fighting for example a blitzcrank.blitz attempts to pull anyone he can to get hard harrass onto them if you clone out in the open he will pull your clone and waste cds on it letting you get some dmg from clone on them and seeing that their skills are on cooldown you can nimubs strike and for some harass without worrying about taking too much damage.

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Wukong is a strong offtank that fills an equal role to .He brings mild aoe cc for team fights heavy dmg and lots of tankiness. He is a strong laner that can be very agressive even in a 2 versus 1 situation and easy to farm with. He also has a very fun playstyle that makes him really diffrent from most of the champions. He i would say is easy to play but hard to master but when mastered can be extrmeely powerful and fit into many team compositions if you are considering him for ranked play.I may be playing around with a jungle wukong build in the future aswell and will post it up if it turns out to be viable.