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Xerath Build Guide by Allap

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allap

Xerath - Power killing, Power farming, 400 kills!!!!!

Allap Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first post and Playing Xerath when he came out, and seeing other people just play him awfully, has made me have to post this. Its a simple and flexible build. You are a carry that doesnt really need to be helped out early game. In otherwords, you can just tear apart your enemies from the start. So this is my first build and all that jazz, so please bear with me and constructive critism please on not my build, but the paragraphs presenting them :D.

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Why Xerath? Pros and Cons


[*] Extremely good Poker.
[*] Good at killing runaways(If your good with skill shots)
[*] Poke through turrets
[*] Can't be dove at a tower 1v1
[*] Great burst damage
[*] Stun


[*] Pretty Squishy
[*] Skill shot based
[*] Needs to be played smart.
[*] Expensive
[*] Magic resist means gg.

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The items are always based on how well you are doing in the game. If I have killed enough enemies without having to B to buy a needless before boots, I do so. If you are already killing them enough to get one fast, might as well kill them faster.

Not Lucidity boots? The cooldowns on your spells are short enough, you dont need to go for the kill straight away, just poke till you know you can get it for sure anyways.

If you like to harass these are definitely required in your build, and the earlier for the tears the sooner, you can wait on the archangels till you get enough mana to make it worth while.

Your can be switched out for a second according to how you play, The would give you more AP, but lose that invunlnerable ability, I feel that most people use items however, I find it to hard to think about something more than my summoner spells and abilities. So I stick with Rabadon's and dont worry about using the Zhonya's

Rylai's Crystal
Why is this not in the build? I guess you could say this build is for the better of the players, who don't need the slow down to hit your skill shot stun, It is the worst AP to gold Ratio Item in the game. And as stated throughout this build, you shouldnt be tanky. Is a Glass Cannon, Nothing more. So get good at your skill shots, Get good at leading, and you won't need this bad item.

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I believe this is pretty self explanitory, The regen runes will help you harass more. Ability power and Magic Penetration will do more damage output which is always a Plus.

I didn't add any survival runes because I dont feel that as xerath, a mage, you should be entering yourself in situations where you could get killed. Use your range to your advantage. Keep back and pick them off as you see fit.

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Skill Sequence and Uses

[*] This is your harass spell, Farm spell and Stun spell, use it basically as much as you can.
To Farm just use it on the minions hitting as many as you can and you will tear down the wave within seconds.

Mage Chains

[*] For the kill this is your primary spell. Use it and once you get the hit use for the stun and for the continuous damage output. Within the two seconds they are stunned they should be pretty low if not dead.

Locus Of Power
[*] With the no mana cost, why not use it as much as you can? Well here is the reason not to use this as much as you can. Once an enemy see's use Locus Of Power they won't stick around for long. So use it for turret hugging incase you are getting over powered, or sneak attacks.
[*] When they Flash away just use Locus Of Power then try and hit them with your to ensure the kill after your stun burst combo.

[*] This spell I found easier to only use on the stunned enemies you can kill. I havent found the point in using it at will whenever you can, because your will farm for you with you having to maybe auto attack once on the minions. And for using it to harass, with 3 second cooldown, I feel that is good enough, use it for the kills.
[*] If you dont get all the charges out of the spell before you get the kill then you can just use it on minions or whatever may be around you.

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Summoner Spells

A definite must, Not only for the ensured kill for a run, because you have Locus of Power and for that, although it may help you know, for mana purposes. But also with the Mastery talent, that extra 10 AP during its cooldown can help a lot early game. So go ahead and use it sparingly if you are confident you can get a kill.

Really either one is good, and it is all up to you and how you want to play. You should find yourself being ganked more often than not, so IMO flash will help you get away, but use it as soon as you know the gank is coming to stop from any cc hitting you then it being too late. Teleport is another option I just felt like throwing in as I said, the build is flexible to your taste and play abilities.

I dont feel you need for the reason that blink and teleport would be more handy, and for the reason I chose mana regen items and runes.

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Well That is pretty much it. Its 3:30 in the morning and probably have a bunch of stuff left out. But you can add your own skill to this build. Constructive critism please and please feel free to ask questions on the build and recommendations and/or opinions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.