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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Xin Zhao Build Guide by Blood Poet

AD Carry Xin(G) K(x)OnG of the jungle (under construction)

AD Carry Xin(G) K(x)OnG of the jungle (under construction)

Updated on March 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blood Poet Build Guide By Blood Poet 1,762 Views 0 Comments
1,762 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blood Poet Xin Zhao Build Guide By Blood Poet Updated on March 25, 2013
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Hi, I am Blood Poet located on the EU EAST server.

I decided to start a Xin Zhao Guide because all the guide to this date are very low rated and I was very surprised about it.

I find Xin one of the most FUN champs in LoL and one of the MOST BALANCED (even if he is constantly nerfed) junglers/top laners in game.

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Coming soon:
* 2ND Xin Build (9/21/0 Xin for agressive enemies with CC reduction from masteries)
* Jungler route(s)
* Your role in team(fights)
* Tip And Tricks how to maximise Xins┬┤skills outcome
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Skill Sequence

ALPHA PRIORITY: Your R (ult skill). It makes TON of damage, + take away 15% of enemies current healt, + refinfore you 15/20/25 armor & magical resistence for every champion hitted.

FIRST PRIORITY :Prioritize Q, because it is the ability wich deal most of your dmg early, mid and end game (ult not counted).
Another benefit of the Q skill is, that lower the CD of all others ablilites wich is preety cool.

SECOND PRIROTIY: Max W second, because it is your sustain tool and helps you out-sustain opponents, the AS boost is also handy.

LAST BUT NO LEAST: Max E last because it is (just) a utility skill, wich close gap from you to your victim and slow him down, make them harder to escape.
Try to time well this skill and use it when it really matthers! Sometimes enemies will use flash to evade you and if you burn your E skill to engage them, your gank will be worthless.
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Pros / Cons

* Easy to leanr (but hard to master)
* Strong early game and early ganks
* Very good ability balance
* CDR from Q
* Susatain from W
* Gap closer + slow fro E
* R (ult) deal 15% true damage (from current healt) and give you 15/20/25 armor & magical resistence for EVERY champion hitted.
* All his abilities have an interesting extra and are very good balanced
* Snowball VERY HARD
* If your team need a tank it is a wrong pick
* CC shut him down
* It is melee, so ranged + CC can f*ck him, even if you ar dominating
* Do not scale good to end game as some others champs (Jax to name one)
* Natural Counter-Junglers (like Udyr, Shyvanna, Lee) can shut you down from the first minute if they know how to counter-jungling properly
* Many players underestimate how hard is to play Xin right
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There are many, many way to build Xin Zhao.
The biggest irony here is that there is no a recepie for a RIGHT or WRONG build.
Depends of what your team needs.

Suppose your AD in BOT lane is doing BAD and your TOP laner is doing good, but he is building FULL TANK. You will need to favorize AD items.

Or if the enemy AP MID is doing extremly good, you will need to priroitize MR... Ect, we can speculate all day long, what i want to say: you must always adapt to the situation on the field.

Still there are some general advice:
* in 85% cases build MERCURY boots
Only exceptions are when a) the enemy team have little CC (wich wont happen often), b) you have ANOTHER TENACITY ITEM
* Always build some HP, since you are not AD CARRY, because you are melle!
* Attack Speed is important since you heal from it.
* Always addapt your build to the on-going game (if the enemy have more then 1 ap carry, or the only ap carry is doing OP well, consider to build some MR early)
* Lategame sell wrigley latern. Siencerly I love this item and I respect it, it is cheap, give a lot of BANG FOR THE MONEY, but it fall hard early game, since there are much better LIFESTEAL ITEMS (Blood Tirster, Blade of Ruined King)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blood Poet
Blood Poet Xin Zhao Guide
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Xin(G) K(x)OnG of the jungle (under construction)

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