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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Evilbob

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Evilbob

Xin Zhao - Jungle

Evilbob Last updated on June 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys. Here is a guide to Xin Zhao jungle. This is my 1st Guide so feel free to leave your comments. This build will allow you to counter jungle while still being affect in lanes. Warning if you stay in the enemy jungle to long your lanes may start losing. Xin is a great jungle that is easy to use but hard to master. Understand that this isn't a tank build and if you rush in before your team you will probably end of dead. You have to be smart with your plays.

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Pros / Cons

Leap to target
low CDs (except ult)
knock up and slow

can be hard to disengage
can be mana hungry
can be hard to catch up if you fall behind

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once you have your items head to the bush at the edge of the river (the one you can access from mid lane) near your blue. Watch for an invade. If they decide to invade you can choose to get their blue or just go to your red. If you decide not to get a blue your jungle will be slow and this could impact your ganks. At 1:30 go to wolves and grab a smiteless blue. If you get a smitelss blue you can then counter jungle. BEWARE there are some champs at a low level that are not a good idea to counter such as Kha'Zix, warwick, etc. If you believe that you will die then just go stright to your red and start ganking lanes. If you believe you can kill the other jungle then rush to their red and start attacking it. Drag the lizard into the grass to avoid the other jungler from stealing it. Smite it to secure the lizard. Then back off until the the other lizards stop attacking. Then hide in the grass until the other jungler comes. DO NOT USE YOUR E TO GET TO THEM. Just walk up and attack using q and w. once the proc flash then use your e. Once you get the kill get out as fast as you can to avoid being caught by the other lanes. After you escape head to your red and take it to avoid the other jungler taking it. Once this is done help out the other lanes and continue to jungle. Make sure to keep the harassing on the other jungler by stealing their red buffs and other creatures.

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Mid\late Game

At this point you should have at lease one kill. Make sure to buy wards to help ease the burden on the other lanes. It is best to ward the entrances to the enemy jungle warded to give an early warning to the lane of a gank. If you see an enemy be sure to ping to give a heads up. Tend to help your bot lane more than any other lane unless the other lane is feeding. Once you take bots tower take dragon. Ideally bottom's tower would be the 1st to go to allow your bot dive without fear of a tower and secure kills but don't spend all your time down there make sure to gank other lanes and clear your jungle. Try to always give the blue buff to Mid if the need the mana. Once the laning phase is over you need to decide what your role is (engager, split pusher, or protector).
As the engarer you will start the team fights. This is a necessary role but beware that you may die a lot and that's not a bad thing as long as your team comes out winning the fight. Know when you can win the fights before you engage and don't be afraid to fight under a tower as long as you can come out a head. Once you engage head stright to their adc and take them our of the fight. Use your ult if you have to to clear the other enemy champs our of the away but beware
if your team has an AoE comp that this can screw it up. After the adc attack the next threat as in anyone that may have been fed during the laning phase.
Split pusher
Understand that if this is your role then your team needs to have the ability to win 4v5s because you won't be there or you will be late. Do this if your team is ahead in global gold. You can figure this out by looking at your teams cs, towers, and how many dragons have been slain and by whom. The idea of this is to split of the enemy team but if it doesn't then you get towers for more global gold. Make sure to have map awarness if a 5v4 is about to happen then head to your team to help out and clean up if necessary.
This is probably my favorite role. If the name is not clear you are to protect your ADC in team fights. Your job is to make sure that no one gets to your ADC. Use your ult to knock champs away from your ADC. This will only work if your ADC is not diving into the middle of team fights. If that is the case then go straight for the enemy ADC and take them out.

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Special notes

Xin can use a lot of mana early to mid game if you use your skills to clear the jungle. So if you don't have a blue buff only use your E to clear the jungle that way you have your skills when you are ganking.
Xin's ult can be used to escape if you need to. understand that if you auto attack or use e on a target it will not be knocked back so if you need to run away know early to avoid not being able to get away.
This build is great but understand if all lanes feed there is nothing you can do to win do rely solely on this build to win the match. This is a team game and you need competent team members to win.