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Yasuo Build Guide by Kim Johnny Un

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kim Johnny Un

Yasuo Top/Mid Lane S5 GUIDE

Kim Johnny Un Last updated on July 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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At level 6 when you upgrade your r you receive a bit of a power spike, by then you'll have parts of you phantoms dancer, (always buy a zeal, first). When duelling you'll want to stack two q's off on any enemy, preferably minions, but if you can take your heat and your presence is high, go ahead and stack it on enemy champions. Once you have two q's stacked you should be able to launch your whirldwhind. Poke them a few times with your whirlwind until they're at maybe 2/3 of their health. This is when you want to engage with you r (Last Breath)

You have two choices
1. Land your whirlwinds and then ult
2. Use the combinations e + q to perform an aoe whirlwind (If you're bad with skill shots I suggest you use this method)

After your ult, you'll gain some armour pen just for your enemies! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO Q WHILE IN MIDAIR WITH YOUR ULT (Yes, you can hit a q while mid-ult)

After your ult just continue to q and basic attack, you might even kill the enemy.

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Generally speaking most people would buy Stattik Shiv > IE but I like the Phantoms dancer more.

Once you've finished you Stattik Shiv + IE it'd leave you at a 80% Crit chance because of Yasuo's passive.

Personally I like taking a Phantoms dancer instead. More AS = More damage, And more crit chance if you go with Phantoms Dancer + IE.
Instead of the Stattik Shiv + IE's 80% crit chance, you'd have a 100% crit chance with my item build just after ONLY TWO ITEMS.

Oh, and why a bork? Well with that attack speed after you Phantoms Dancer and the 100% Crit from your IE you'll gain EVEN MOREEEEEE DAMAGE WITH THIS BAD BOY.
Is that a tank? Oh where'd the tank go, my BORTK got loose again. But seriously, a BOTRK on Yasuo is amazing, since his q counts as basic attack, the BOTRK's passive works wonders on Yasuo! Also there is extra lift steal for him, making him survive for a longer amount of time in fights, and also the active is useful for this champ (Just like everyone else)
And since your q will be on cooldown for a couple of seconds you'll be basic attacking in-between your cooldowns and your e won't be up for a few seconds (only for that specific target you can't e on to them again for a long amout of time, but you can still e on to other champs and enemies). 8% of the targets health gone with your basic attack AND YOUR Q? Get ready to destroy with that BOTRK.

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Team Fighting

Oh boy here we go, Yasuo can be deadly strong in teamfights, especially with his AOE damage with his e+q combo but whats even better is he can engage in teamfights with his Whirlwind + Last Breath

When your teammates see your sexy ultimate, they'll want to follow you into battle with enthusiasm "Damn, that's a sexy Yasuo ult, let me engage also!"

Also when having long fights always make sure to protect your team against ranged champs with your w (Wind wall) This will save your allies and they'll love you forever for it, you can even stop jinx's super rocket. Always keep your finger on the w key when recalling at low health just incase a jinx ult from another server reaches you.

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Stacking your q's

Always remember to stack your q's before you engage in any single fight, whether it be a teamfight or a 1 on 1 duel.

Stack on scuttle, on Raptors, on red buff, blue buff, green buff, yellow buff, rainbow buff, stack on everything you can to get you whirlwind, if you don't have your whirlwind you can't really engage, this is what makes Yasuo a difficult champ to play, and without any teammates to make a target airborne he is really vulnerable.

But what if you are in late-game? Dude c'mon, you have 100% crit, you will **** up your enemies with your q let alone, who needs a whirlwind airborne when you can q + aa them to death.

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Disregard females, gain currency, with this build you'll destroy the enemy team in the toplane and even the midlane.

Yasuo is a mid to late game champion hero! He gains a huge power spike once he gains a Phantoms Dancer + IE

100% Crit chance with 250% damage? Oh boy this is going to hurt for the enemy.

Have fun with this build, get pentakills, carry games with Yasuo in the toplane.