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League of Legends Build Guide Author WiskRules

Yi the nuke rapist. LIFESTEAL IS FOR NOOBS

WiskRules Last updated on October 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, my previous build did not receive much recognition because of my laziness and lack of explanation so i will explain all my thinking here. Trust me, this build is better than it may seem at first.

. First off, you may be wondering why I didn't go with the traditional berserker's grieves, this my friends, is because the point of this build is to create a high DPS yi that rapes NUKES. Classic examples of nukes are Ryse and Karthus, and let me assure you they both tremble before this yi. Mercury's treads reduce the duration of stuns for 35% as well as give you tank-like magic resist for the start of the game.

. The second item I suggest buying is the Bloodrazors. While often naively looked at as a WW item, it is perfect for yi. A great combination between speed and damage. A DPS's bread and butter per-say. Also, this item is great because it is a combination of cheap and somewhat expensive items. If you start off great and get a double kill or something and want to cash in right away you can buy the Pickaxel or Recurve bow, and if all you can get are minion kills, then you can almost immediately cash in as well and stay ahead of the game buy buying the smaller items first.

. By now you must be wondering why the hell i included one of the most classic tank items in a DPS build. This is for the nuke raping part. All nukes are trained from birth to kill yi first. In a group fight, they will target YOUUU first every time. If you buy this item before players like ryse have their OP ults up, you can survive the hits from ryse in a group fight then drive your wuju blade up his skinny little ***! This item is also great for fending off annoying pricks like EVE. If an AP eve ever tries to sneak up on you that ***** won't know what's coming when you survive the initial onslaught and ult her *** to the spawning pool.

. Another thing I'd like to add regarding defense against NUKES. Make sure by level 10 when Karthus ult (if you're facing one) can actually do damage you have at least level 2 meditate. This increases your magic resist by over 200 (on top of the 120 magic resist you already have). The second you see that little orange trail of doom over your head pound your W for all it's worth and watch his precious ult hit your shield of 300 magic resist.

. Now that you have your DPS, IT'S CRITICAL STRIKE TIME! This item requires little explaining, it increases your attack speed and movement speed as well as give you a dodge chance. The Ghostblade also increases your crit and movement speed as well as giev you extra damage and killer active powers.
. Frozen mallet you ask? DUH, for the damage, slow, and health.
. Final point. Health runes aren't n00bish at all, they give you a vital edge in the beginning, flash+heal are great for escapes, and i don't really care about masteries. Fill them out as you please. ***note*** I filled out mastery tree so that my build is marked as complete