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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingslayer

Yi, Wuju stop chopping me?

Kingslayer Last updated on October 14, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my guide for Master Yi.

First of all I want to say that Yi is an amazing champion and people tend to underestimate him all the time, But I tell you. Don't do that he will chop you to pieces in no time.
This guide will teach you how to carry your team to victory by simply cleaving your opponents while listening to "Let the bodies hit the floor!"

Game start
You want to go mid, no matter if you got a Karthus or an Ezrael, You will get first blood at level 2 unless your team owns or fail. Grab a Scepter and choose Wuju Style as your first ability. stand back until you reach level 2, Alpha Strike, Strike some minions so you get dubbel strike ready. get you hp full with your pot witch I hope you brought. Alpha Strike your victime, pop Exhaust, ghost and Wuju Style. BAM, First blood and 400 gold for you. grind up to the boots and recall before your opponent gets back there.

Mid Game
When you reach level 6 finish of the one laining against you and head top or bot for some ganks. When you got both of your Zeals rush your IE and the game should be done soon. If you play careful you won't die unless they got a Teemo with exhuast. 3 sec blind = Dead Yi and 1000gold to Teemo. If you play ranked and phasing a team with a Teemo or a Heimer I suggest you picking Cleanse instead of ghost, Since you already got your ultimate.

Late game
Now that you hopefully will have your IE and started building on you PD your team will get into team fights a lot. Do not, and I mean do NOT, Be the first to run in. You want to be the last one who enters the battle. That way you can chop their squishes up fast and easy and then move on to the heavier targets. If you get targeted pop meditate as soon as possible so you wont die. Only a stun can stop you now.

Last Whisper Vs. Ghostblade.
Both of these gives you armor penetration, So which one should you get? If you meat a lot of squishes go with the Ghostblade, lot of high hp champs Last Whisper. Why? Vs the squishes you rather have the Ghostblade Toggle Effect for the extra movement and attack speed so they will get chopped down even faster and will be less of a threat to you then. Last Whisper vs the big HP pool because then you want to slice trough more of their armor so they will go down faster, Sure a Ghostblade would help aswell, but the more facerollish of these items also is the Last Whisper, So if your not comfortoble with toggle items I suggest you using the Last Whisper vs squishes as well.

If you are down voting, please leave a comment why.

Edit: Changed item build
Now you wont cap AS with your ultimate anymore.
I Added a few AD items in the build. Get the occult early if your doing well, Otherwise get the BT or the BC Last.