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League of Legends Build Guide Author khoul

you belong in mah book!

khoul Last updated on June 29, 2012
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hello everyone i'm Kassadin and welcome to my guide! today i am going to tell you what skills to choose, summoner spells, runes, good items and the right masteries. i will teach you some tips of how to play karthus the troll. if you dont follow my guide... I'LL SILENCE YOU ALL!!! enjoy my guide =)

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skills of trolling

this is why karthus is really hard to play. why? because it takes some skill to aim this spell but you get the hang of it =) ok this spell is a really strong spell not as strong as his ulti ofcourse. the spell can deal double dmg only on single units! also it is very useful to farm and harass. trust me master this skill.

this skill can be really effective if used right. it decreases their magic resit and movement speed which any spell would deal addiotional damage and would definatley improve the aim of this spell

this skill is very useful for last hitting and regaining mana if not activated. if it's activated. it forms a huge death vortex which deals damage for fools who are next to him. becareful it will drain your mana quick! master this skill at level 13

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best ultimate and great passive

this is one of the best ulti's in ths game why? because it has an endless range (which it will demolish every champion) this is why karthus is a troll because of this overpowered ulti. it will help you feed if you lose mid. also it will help you carry the game hard and most of all the enemy will be angry and mad!

this passive is really unique and awesome! why? because you can cast spells while you are dead! only for 7 seconeds thats all. you can even cast the ulti of trolliness while you dead. also it can cause an aftermath to the oppenent which will make the enemy player cry

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items in late game

here are ways you can build your items in late game

1st set.

2nd set

these build's will help you troll the other team and dominate the game =)

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pros and cons

really strong in mid lane
great farmer and poking
dominate mid lane with blue buff
his helps give him free kills
amazing at 1v1
powerful at teamfights

difficult to play
very squishy at the beginning
rely's on

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i have gone 21/0/9 on my masteries
i put most of the masteries on offence to boost up ability power, cooldown reduction and magic penetration because it would really help karthus troll better and much more damage in early game

i have put 9 points on utility because karthus can run out of mana quick is you spam or forgot to unactivate
this will boost up his mana regenration and his mana. and others on buffs boost

i have put no points on defence DONT EVEN ASK ME WHY!

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summoner spells of dreams


mainly i would take and because flash helps you escape from sticky situations and ignite helps you finish of those enemy's in painful death!

is actually good for chasing down enemies and escaping so i would put it on recommended list

is only good to pummel down your oppements thats all but i still put it on recommended list


CLAIRVOYANCE: karthus is not a support champion he is A trOLL champion
SMITE: karthus is not a jungle
PROMOTE: very useless in late game
HEAL: you are not an ad carry
CLARITY: no need because we have rod of ages and arch angles staff
SURGE: worst spell of all DONT get this spell!

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runes of trolls

i will list of what runes to take.

GREATER QUINTENSENCE OF POTENCY: gives you some ability power also gives you a huge start from early game
GREATER MARK OF INSIGHT: gives you some magic penetration to take down tanks quicker
GREATER SEAL OF FOCUS: reduces cooldowns of ulti of TROLLINESS!!!!
GREATER GLYPH OF INSIGHT: recieve's less damage from mages

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counter picks

twisted fate is a good champion but his only problem is his skill is shorted range and karthus can activate his to damage him

tips against dodge his and make sure you activate when he attempts to use trust me it's easy facing

oh my god this guy is really hard! his will seriously hurt karthus the silence last's 2.25 seconeds which that means it will disable karthus's which it will go on cooldown.his is used either a escape tool or to catch up enemies. this will make worthless

tips against
try and poke him with before he silences you and call for alot of ganks to win against kassadin]

anivia is a strong mid champion but she gets absuoletly destroyed by karthus why? because karthus can spam his when anivia is in and can kill anivia really fast. getting blue buff for karthus makes him unstoppable in lane (until it wears off)

tips against
make sure you avoid her which is easy to avoid and hur*** her as much as possible

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this guide might not be great because this is my first time doing a guide i hope you liked my guide at MOST OF ALL have fun!