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Team Guide by khoul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author khoul

Hide and seek Summoners rift version GUIDE

khoul Last updated on December 17, 2013
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Hiding like a gentleman

Teemo Build

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 4

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 5


Utility: 21

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This is not a champion guide so don't downvote the guide for that reason. Hello everyone, and welcome to my hide and seek Summoners rift guide ! I am khoul, I am Platinum 5 and i will tell you how to play this game mode. This game mode is complicated and trust me, you won't ace this in your first game or 2. Alright moving on, this game is about hiding and not being seen by seekers, this game requires good teamwork and skill to win this game. I would highly appreciate upvotes and downvotes. If you are about to downvote this guide, please explain to me what i can improve on. There's always room for improvement. My English isn't that great but sit back and enjoy this guide!

What did they really change in season 4?

Oracle's Elixir was removed
What is this? This is a stupid change in my opinion. This means that I have to permaban some champions like Twitch and Shaco. The bright side is that you can get oracle lens for free which sees stealth units however this item is way too weak for this game mode.
Riot decided to trim the brushes.
Well, this is a direct nerf to Nidalee and a minor nerf to Rengar. Lets talk about Nidalee.

Nerfed abilities.

This really hurts Nidalee's strong mobility because you need to walk on a brush to activate your passive which gives you good amount of movement speed. This also makes chasing easier for seekers since some certain brushes are pretty small in length.

Now let's talk about Rengar

Nerfed abilities

This is a minor nerf to Rengar in fact it didn't really hurt that much on his already overpowered chasing mechanics. Rengar will still remain in the broken tiers thanks to his overpowered chasing mechanics.


The new items are awesome! these unique items can help hiders to survive and gaining good amount of gold. Also the actives are really good. I haven't really checked these items yet, but i will do soon.

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do not walk under the tower otherwise you will lose a life.

.Hiders can't kill any minions unless if they are only defending their own tower. Also, hiders can leach exp on minion death.(read chapter 5 for more info).
.5 hiders on the left team
.Hiders are only allowed to use slows, stuns, silence, knock up, knock away, suppression, blind, movement speed spells, sustain spells, charge up spells and defense spells.
.Hiders can ward
.Hiders can jungle
.Hiders must say the grace time, Grace is basically hiders are allowed to be given 30 seconds to hide without seekers killing the hider instantly. this should prevent camping.
.Hiders cannot recall



.Seekers must eliminate hiders until they eventually run out of lives. The amount of lives they have that are indicated as deaths.
.Seekers can farm minions but they cannot push towards the tower (Meaning that proxy farming is illegail in this mode.)
.Seekers can jungle
.Seekers can ward
.Seekers cannot attack hiders that are in grace
.Seekers must recall under 300hp
.3 Seekers in the right team
. 1 Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter per team
. you must eliminate all the hiders below 40 minutes.


Guide Top

Masteries for hiders


this is the hiders mastery tree. It basically gives you utility, more mana, defense and extra gold income masteries. Not much to add here. Lets explain the masteries in depth shall we?

Sorcery should help you get 40% cooldown reduction on your spells, having 40% cooldown feels luxury.

A little survivability is handy. But this mastery sucks. The only reason why we should bother adding points on Recovery is because you need 4 points on the defense tree to aquire Bladed Armor

This should help you kill jungle monsters faster, since you are maxing some utility or mobility spells or whatever, this should help you clear the jungle.

This is similar to Tough Skin ; this should help you jungle faster.

It is a must have mastery, it gives you 1.5% movement speed since movement speed is really important because you have higher chances of escaping.

This should help you with mana problems on champions such as LeBlanc Anivia etc.

Reduces the cooldown of your summoners spells, this is a really nice mastery for Ghost, Flash and etc.

Taking this mastery?! Are you insane?! Well I've put in a point on this mastery if you ask me. This mastery is pretty good. I usually buy Elixir of Fortitude and it helps you with poor jungling mechanics and it can save your *** by instantly healing you for a flat amount. Increasing the duration of Elixir of Fortitudeshould help you jungle.

Taking this mastery will allow you to buy additional items that you cannot afford.

Top it up with a free bank account interest, this mastery gives you an oppurtunity to buy extra 2 Health Potions. Thank you Santander.

If you bought some mana items for instance Tear of the Goddess you get extra mana as a profit so 5% of 250 is 13.5 mana so 250+13.5 mana = 263.5.

Once again, having 40% cooldown reduction feels luxury.

This helps you get away from seekers however, the bonus is lost when being hit by a spell or if you used a spell on enemies.

As a seeker. well choose your main offensive masteries obviously.

Guide Top

summoner spells


Flash is really good, so good that it's a must have spell! Flash can make smooth escapes and you can even go through walls! Not much to add here, Flash is amazing!

Teleport is such a fun spell to use in my opinion, it is so unique in this game. Teleport can be really funny in some circumstances, by juking your enemies when your enemies didn't kill you on time when you used Teleport, frustrating the hell out of seekers can be so satisfying. This spell is so fun.

this spell can help you move really fast and it ignores unit collision so you no longer have to say "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!" to your fellow minions.

Exhaust is another excellent choice for a spell aswell, the slow is pretty strong and the attack speed debuff can actually save lives, perfect against Vayne Ashe etc.

So if team 2 has heavy, painful crowd control spells, then take Cleanse, this will benefit you a lot.

In this game, you cannot recall, so Clarity will be your friend only if you took a mana hungry champion like Anivia LeBlanc etc.

Heal can be a very fantastic spell only if you took a champion that has no sustain at all. This will benefit you.

Barrier is a good spell, Barrier can soak up incoming damage. Barrier will tend to save your life, but you are not god, you are not Jesus, sometimes Barrier isn't strong enough to soak up the damage. You should time Barrier correctly not use it like a monkey.

Smite and Nunu have very nice synergy. Double smite?! Oh yes please. This should help you clear the jungle and note that Smite deals TRUE damage. Smite will lose you some utility and mobility however.

Clairvoyance is overpowered in this map, since riot decided to change the flow of the game and giving all players including supports; limited vision, Clairvoyance has become the charm and well desired as a hider. Having 5 Clairvoyances is way too strong, so one is only allowed per team.


This spell is luxury, it enhances your chasing mechanics since you are a seeker. Flash is extremely strong on a seeker. This is a must have spell!

Ghost increases your chasing mechanics by over 9000. Ghost makes this really, a wild goose chase and should help you catch up to your prey and crunch it into bones...

If you want to be a scumbag? well TOO ****ING BAD YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT!

The same explanation as hiders

Guide Top

Leveling up tips as hiders

When playing this in your first time, leveling can be complicated at first, but once you know, its quite easy.

When a minion dies near you, you grant exp aswell so you can just sit in a brush to conceal yourself and level up until you reach to a certain level that you don't even need to level up at all.


When top lane is equaled

When top lane is pushed to their tower.

When top lane is pushed towards your tower

When bot lane is slightly pushed towards their tower

When bot lane is slightly pushed towards your tower


Basically farm wolves, wraiths and small golems because they are the easiest to kill in the jungle and they give out good amount of exp, i would recommend jungling at level 4.

Guide Top

Where to hide?

You don't know where to hide? Well don't worry, this image of hiding spots will help you choose your desired hiding spot. The cyan shurikens represents good hiding spots.

Guide Top

What to do as a seeker?

As a seeker, basically you need to last hit minions in top, mid or bot lane to level up and gain gold in order to buy some items and wards. Wards are so crucial on this map because it gives you good vision for your team and yourself. Once you got to level 6, it is time to hunt. If your lane is pushed towards your tower, then go to your lane and clear the wave. Farming up minions is really important because you will eventually deal burst damage to hiders and counterjungling will affect hiders.

Seekers job is to eliminate all the hiders. Hiders have 5 lives each, kill them all until they are out in 30 minutes.

Everyone is draven me crazy!

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Banned items

Banned items for hiders

Twin Shadows is overpowered in every aspect as a hider. The stats wise of Twin Shadows is way too strong for its really low price. Twin Shadows isn't really hard to get really. Twin Shadows gives you 6$ movement speed, 50 ability power and 40 magic resist with the most frustrating passive to deal with as a seeker for 2k gold? Twin Shadows is overpowered at the cost. Twin Shadows isn't really overpowered in normal games but in this... oh boy.

Banned items for seekers

These snowball items are overpowered in this mode, meaning that you will never lose stacks because hiders cannot generally kill seekers. These items make seekers farm less minions and rush Boots of Swiftness and Mejai's Soulstealer and basically level up. You get free stats and you will eventually burst anyone with 20 stacks which it isn't hard at all. Mejai's Soulstealer doesn't make you item dependant. We want seekers to build their own way not build this to win.

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Broken Tiers (permanmently banned champions) (Hiders)


spells that are allowed to use

Evelynn is the Queen of hiding and always will be. Her Shadow Walk is extremely broken on Evelynn making her an unstoppable running machine. she can walk in the middle of the minion wave, without being seen getting free exp. unfortunatley theres no counter to Shadow Walk. Dark Frenzy costs no mana which keeps her going and going and finally Agony's Embrace gives her a fantastic shield and cc. Evelynn oh god shes broken as fu.

spells that are allowed to use
Teemo has free wards; Noxious Trap. they slow you and they give you intense vision. Teemo is stupidly op in this mode and Teemo requires 0 skill. all you need to do is stand still for one second and camouflage will activate. this ability is countered by Oracle's Elixir but riot decided to remove it, which finding teemo is almost impossible. Teemo's Noxious Trap's are extremely useful to Teleport on. Also Teemo runs naturally fast and hes extremely difficult to catch.

spells that are allowed to use

Once Kassadin reaches to level 6, he cannot be stopped unless if a player made a stupid mistake. Riftwalk makes kassadin nearly impossible to catch and the cooldown is 6 seconds of Flash with larger range?!

spells that are allowed to use

Oracle's Elixir was a major counter to twitch because oracles elixir can see stealthed units like twitch. but they removed Oracle's Elixir! This gave twitch a massive buff to his hiding skills. He doesn't take that much skill to master his spells. finding a Twitch is just impossible to find if played right. Ambush lasts for 8 seconds in max ranked. Thats ridicilous! You cannot predict where twitch is going to be. OP AS ****

spells that are allowed to use

Isn't it pretty amazing, please congratulate Shaco moving from uber tier to BROKEN TIER! and Riot decided to be very nice to shaco by removing Oracle's Elixir and made a change to Vision Ward. This is a big buff to Shaco's Deceive making Shaco unpredictable, in fact too unpredictable. Oracle's Lens doesn't really help much and you need to rush to level 9 to upgrade it. this is your only chance to kill Shaco really, but it is so weak in this mode. Shaco why are you so op now?

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Ubers Tiers (Hiders)


spells that are allowed to use

Leblanc has many tricks on her sleeves. She is a very fun champion to play as because theres so much potential with Leblanc. Why is she in Ubers? Simple answer; her juking powers are over 9000.
LeBlanc can troll the enemy so hard by using Distortion and Distortion again to return back to her location. Doesn't seem much but it is. LeBlanc can make big jukes and sometimes get away without even trying. LeBlanc has decent utility, her Ethereal Chains help leblanc slow and root the enemy in place! once you get to level 6. LeBlanc can make bigger plays thanks to Distortion and Mimic. Only downside is that her spells cost a truck load of mana, so you can't go full ham and fully troll the enemy. Thanks to 0 mana cost on Mimic this problem makes up for it.

spells that are allowed to use

Janna is an brilliant support hider because her cc is extremely strong and she has good survivability. Janna is naturally fast with Zephyr and the slow is really strong. Howling Gale is a very good escape tool and if you placed it correctly, enemies would've been knocked up a lot further, Eye Of The Storm is a decent shield that can help hiders jungle and finally Monsoon is a brilliant ultimate because it knocks everyone back and it gives everyone in the radius some sustain.

spells that are allowed to use

Udyr is really fast thanks to Bear Stance and Udyr can soak up some damage and sustain himself thanks to Turtle Stance, and they have extremely short cooldowns, making it a wild goose chase.

spells that are allowed to use
let's bounce
Zac. The big blob has a lot of things up his goo. Elastic Slingshot has a massive range escape spell which can be used to juke your enemies with reasonable cooldown. let's bounce gives you good amount of movement speed and cc. Stretching Strike gives you cc, the slow is powerful and it's spammy. Zac has really good sustain thanks to Cell Division.

spells that are allowed to use

Kha'Zix is a really nice champion to play with. Void Spike is a decent slow but when its evolved into spike racks the slow gets stronger and shoots 3 spikes, making it alot harder for enemies to dodge. Leap is a very nice escape tool with cheap mana cost but when it's evolved into wings the range increases drastically and it helps Kha'Zix makes clean escapes. Void Assault is a good juking spell, when its evolved, you can cast it 3 times. Kha'Zix is a fun fella to play with.

spells that are allowed to use

Zed is a very hard champion to play with as a hider. Zed's spells are really complicated to use. If you played Zed right, Zed becomes a nightmare to deal with. the jukes are really strong with Death Mark and Living Shadow making the seeker confused and trust me, a good Zed is a nightmare.

spells that are allowed to use

Nidalee is low on the ubers tier, why? Because pre level 6 Nidalee isn't great but when shes post level 6, Nidalee becomes a monster, Pounce gives her so much mobility and it is a great escape. Also, theres limited wards, so Nidalee basically has free wards, perfect for a traditional support Nidalee and basically hiding. Pounce doesn't cost mana so she can spam it, Pounce can even go through walls! Nidalee is a solid champion for this mode.


Guide Top

Good Tiers (Hiders)


spells that are allowed to use

Anivia is a niche pick as a support hider. She is low on the good tier for good reasons; she gets demolished by gap enclosers, no mobility and she uses truck load of mana. Anivia does have great spells as a support hider like Crystallize, Flash Frost and Glacial Storm. Most of all, using Crystallize incorrectly would result of killing yourself and your teammate. You should not pick Anivia in first pick. pick Anivia when shes in 2nd or 3rd pick when seekers don't take gap enclosers champions. Overall, Anivia is a good support but vulnerable.

spells that are allowed to use

Lee Sin is good. Lee Sin can jump on wards with Safeguard meaning that you can make smooth escapes. Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike are really nice spells, you cause them on jungle monsters to get away and Cripple is a very nice slow! Dragon's Rage is a really strong knockback. However, Lee Sin's energy costs are pretty high so they are not so spammy and Lee Sin's range on Tempest is really weak, so Lee Sin has to be close to an enemy to use it. Lee Sin is extremely reliant on Stealth Ward and you would run out evantually if you keep getting chased.

spells that are allowed to use

Gragas unfortunately was dropped down from ubers tier, Riot decided to increase the cooldown of Body Slam from 7 seconds to 12 seconds. This really hurts Gragas so his long chase is cut short. Gragas has really good sustain and a defense steroid, Gragas naturally replenishes mana thanks to Drunken Rage. Explosive Cask is a very nice ultimate but it is really hard to use, sometimes you can get your teammate or even yourself killed if you used Explosive Cask incorrectly. Gragas doesn't really last long in chasing scenes, meaning that you need to lose the seeker's path.

spells that are allowed to use

Shen is a good hider support. Shen can make some good saves by timing Stand United. Stand United can be used to teleport to someones hiding spot. Shadow Dash is a very nice support move following on with Feint absorbing some damage. Shen doesn't really last long in long chasing scenes and Shen can run out of energy quite easily. Overall, Shen is a good hider support.

spells that are allowed to use

Pantheon is a niche pick and hes low on the good tier. Aegis of Zeonia is a nice stun but Pantheon charges to the enemy and stuns the enemy. The only good way to use Aegis of Zeonia is to use it as close as the enemy as possible to maximize the effect. Grand Skyfall is great for juking enemies and getting to hard to reach hiding spots. Grand Skyfall has a ridiculously large cooldown and Grand Skyfall is pretty noticeable for seekers.

spells that are allowed to use

Twisted Fate is a lot better than Pantheon because if you think about it, Twisted Fate's spells does nearly the same thing as Pantheons. Pick A Card is meh escape tool but Destiny gives intense vision to hiders and the teleport is less noticeable. Twisted Fate naturally replenishes mana thanks to Pick A Card. However, Pick A Card can put you in a panic when you are chased, meaning that you need pretty fast reaction. Also Destiny has a large cooldown so use it wisely.

spells that are allowed to use

Tristana is a very good champion. Her Rocket Jump range is really nice and Buster Shot is a really good utility spell. Also the Rocket Jump and Buster Shot combo is extremely strong. However Rocket Jump has a painfully long cooldown but Buster Shot's cooldown is pretty short for an ultimate which makes up for it.

spells that are allowed to use

Master Yi is a niche pick. Alpha Strike is pretty much a useless spell since the range is pretty short and it is weird to use. Alpha Strike can dodge spells. Meditate is a very strong sustain spell and makes you super tanky but you have to stand still though. Highlander is a good spell, it makes you immune to slows and you move really fast. Master Yi cannot do anything against enemies with stuns, knock ups etc.

spells that are allowed to use

ah the good times with Garen, the bug was hilarious and Garen was in the broken tier. alright back to the subject, Garen is a good champion to pick, Decisive Strike gives you good amount of movement speed and it can even remove slows! Courage makes Garen reasonably tanky. Decisive Strike's cooldowns is pretty low. Its dissapointing that Courage falls off in late game.

spells that are allowed to use

Wukong has received a buff in season 4 by removing Oracle's Elixir, so Wukong is in high good tier list. Decoy is one of the funniest spells in the game, juking and trolling the enemy really hard however Decoy can get countered by Oracle's Lens. Nimbus Strike is meh spell but Cyclone makes Wukong fast! Vision Ward and Oracle's Lens generally counter this monkey.


Guide Top

Bad Tiers (Hiders)


spells that are allowed to use

Corki has Valkyrie which is strong with good range and low mana cost. The downsides of Corki is that Valkyrie is the only spell he can use. Valkyrie has a stupidly high cooldown. There are better options than Corki.

spells that are allowed to use

This explanation is similar to Corki's. Ezreal has a ****py version of Corki's Valkyrie but a lower cooldown. Nothing much to say.

spells that are allowed to use

why does Disintegrate count as cc even though it deals just damage? well the answer is because 4 stacks of Pyromania will make the spell Disintegrate stun the target. the only way to get stacks of Pyromania is to cast Incinerate and stacks will rise. that doesn't change that Annie is bad in this mode. Many gap enclosers will ruin her life and her spells cost so much mana. You would be panicking trying to get stacks of Pyromania whilst being chase.

spells that are allowed to use

Amumu has a sweet skill Bandage Toss which is long range and you can use it on epic monsters, monsters, minions and even champions! Curse of the Sad Mummy is good on certain events but there are some flaws. Amumu's spell cooldown is ridiculously high meaning that you would be spending most of the time running, and he has zero mobility.


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Worst Tiers (Hiders)


spells that are allowed to use

There's really nothing relevant about Akali. her Twilight Shroud is meh and Shadow Dance makes me sick with her kit. Her kit makes me cry.

spells that are allowed to use

Fiora is very weak in this mode, mini utility and mini mobility. Fiora does have 2 gap enclosers so Fiora can Lunge to a minion, jungle monster or even a champion but she doesn't have anything that would back up her gap encloser. Fiora is a labor to play with, sorry Fiora :(

spells that are allowed to use

HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE, sadly Mordekaiser doesn't really fit in anywhere in this mode. his kit saddens me really, your only defense mechanism is really Creeping Death. Mordekaiser has zero utility and mobility. Don't pick Mordekaiser or i report you.

spells that are allowed to use
locus of power
Oh god what is this. Xerath, i love your long range spells but, im sorry to say, you suck major balls in this mode. Its true! Xerath has no form of cc and can only be allowed to use locus of power which sucks so hard that you don't even need to use it, just run and use summoner's spells. If you pick him.....

spells that are allowed to use
It's safe to say that Brand is the worst hider in the game. He has no utility and mobility. None of his skills are cc or mobility etc. All you do is run and use summoner's spells. If you pick Brand i will find you and kill you.


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Broken tiers (permanmently banned champions) (seekers)


Teemo is also banned as a seeker, the answer is simple, once he gets to level 6 with Rabadon's Deathcap hiders would get blowned up by Noxious Trap decaying their health really fast. Playing Teemo is just unfair.

Evelynn can just walk up to a hider without being seen and just instagib the hider. Stealth Wards is useless against Evelynn since Shadow Walk makes her permanently invisible and she is so fast with Dark Frenzy. Unfair pick.

Kassadin at post level 6 he becomes op, his chasing mechanics rises significantly above the scale! Riftwalk is an excellent chasing tool because it is a gap encloser like Flash, even if you use your Ghost, Flash escape spells or whatever, Kassadin will catch up without even trying god Kassadin is so op.

I hate this kitty, he always catches up to you thanks to his 0 cooldown Unseen Predator, there is absouletley no counter to Rengar, they removed Oracle's Elixir which is a pain in the *** because he scares the living **** out of you when he uses Thrill of the Hunt. Rengar exploits his brushes way too much.

ah Master Yi the grand noobstomper in bronze and silver elo. It appears that Master Yi is broken in this map because his chasing mechanics level is over 9000. Master Yi requires no skill, just press Highlander and Alpha Strike to win because he gets a movement speed steroid with immunity to slow and a gap encloser while dealing tons of damage at the same time.

Twisted Fate is alot stronger in this mode than dominion because Twisted Fate is a lot less predictable in Summoners rift than dominion. Twisted Fate can easily foil their best hiding spots using Destiny which gives intense vision making hiders constantly running around like chickens. Twisted Fate's combo Wild Cards and Pick A Card would 2 hit hiders with some ap items. Twisted Fate, god i hate him.

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Uber tiers (seekers)


Ashe was once in the broken tier but got moved down to ubers tier and Twisted Fate took the throne. It was a good reason to move her down. Ashe is in very high ubers and here's why: she gets a free Frozen Mallet build into her kit, she has a strong vision spell; Hawkshot and Volley is really hard to dodge and it slows you?! Ashe doesn't really need her ultimate, let her auto attacks, Volley and Hawkshot do all the work. However you can drained the mana cost of her Frost Shot if you are careless.

possible the most overused champion as a seeker. Lee Sin is just so strong, his damage output is insane in early game, so he's not so item dependent. Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike is a very strong gap encloser and you need some skill as a hider to avoid it, if you took a champion that is weak to gap enclosers then you will cry. Cripple is a stupid slow, 60% is insane, making it easier to land Sonic Wave. Sonic Wave Dragon's Rage and Resonating Strike combo deals so much damage. No wonder Lee Sin is overused.

Nocturne can really shine in level 6, his powerful long range gapencloser Paranoia can close the gap and go all in on the target. Unspeakable Horror is a strong cc giving Nocturne free basic attacks on the target. His chasing mechanics is really strong and Shroud of Darkness can absorb any cc spells making Nocturne a scary seeker. Duskbringer leaves a trail of dusk that gives him extra movement speed and damage making him even more scarier to face against. His mana costs do tend to get annoying.

Akali is weak in pre 6 but when she gets to level 6, she gets 3 gap enclosers. The only reason why shes in ubers is because her damage output is extremely scary later on in the game and her 3 gap enclosers just makes her a terror.

Nunu is extremely annoying to deal with, permaslowing you by using Ice Blast, which slows you drastically and it has a low cooldown, making it extremely spammy. Blood Boil makes his chasing mechanics even better and Absolute Zero deals massive damage and pretty much one hit the seekers if its fully channeled.

Once Quinn gets to level 6, you are all fish food, tag team gives her whopping 80% movement speed making her extremely scary to run away. Heightened Senses is a strong vision spell but it is not as strong as Ashe's hawkshot.

Rammus is a beast, Powerball makes him super fast and using a taunt that lasts for 3 seconds in max rank and Tremors with your teammate would annihilate your victim. There are counters to Rammus; Stealth Wards and just juking Rammus is his weakness but juking is pretty hard to do against Rammus but it would be useful if you did it right.


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good tiers (seekers)


Shyvana has a fine kit, her chasing mechanics are alright but the problem is, she doesn't have any cc except Dragon's Descent but it's rather a weak one, she gets bonus movement speed by Burnout but she gets outclassed so hard by LeBlanc and Kha'Zix. Shyvana is a good pick because she deals great damage and she uses no mana!

Singed's damage is really bad in early game without any items, Singed is really item dependent, but once he gets items, Singed shines bright like a diamond. Poison Trail is an moderate damage tool and Mega Adhesive is one of the best slows in the game, yes Wither does have 90% slow which is 15% more than Mega Adhesive but this is aoe so it classes as the best slow in the game. Fling is a burst damage tool that flips the target up behind you. However, Singed is really mana hungry at early game. Insanity Potion makes him a monster. Overall, Singed is in high good tier

Diana is good based on skill. Diana has a decent range gap enclosers and her full combo just wrecks hiders. Moonfall is an excellent knock back tool and it even slows the target. I do find that aiming Crescent Strike is quite difficult, since the range indicator is shaped like a crescent moon and her mana costs are quite stingy, completely putting her off the flow of her combo.


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Bad tiers (seekers)



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Worst tiers (seekers)



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In conclusion, this mode is fun because this mode requires skill and teamwork and i really like to test my skills on this mode. I will keep updating this all the time if there's anything that needs changing for instance, adding in more champions in tiers. I will keep testing the ones that i haven't tried with. If you like or hate this mode, give it an upvote or downvote because it will make me happy. Give me your opinion of this mode if you want to, if there's any flaws in this guide, don't be nasty to me, just tell me what to improve on. If anyone trolled or broke the rules, inbox me and i'll add them in blacklist. Now, the closing ceremony.

I will add the bad tier seekers and the worst tier because i need to play them first to see if they are really that bad.

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