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Trundle Build Guide by Purpl3Phobia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Purpl3Phobia

You just wont play him cause he's ugly !

Purpl3Phobia Last updated on April 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys, and welcome to my Guide ft. Trundle, the cursed Troll.
You might have noticed that this is my first Guide for any Champion here on MOBAFIRE, so it would be nice if you would help me to improve by telling me if you find some mistakes in this, or other things you would like to see in this guide.
I'll try to spend as much time as possible to get this guide to the supermegautrahot&spicyawesomenessofawesome ... you know what I mean , but that shouldnt keep you off reading other guides: mine is surely not the best for every playstyle although I try to build him different ways, or atleast showing how I would play him, these different ways.

Well, just read and tell me if you have something to add or something you would like to change (:.

Hope you Enjoy :B

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Trundle's Skills

Decompose is Trundle's Passive, which heals himself for a percent of the enemies health, which dies near by him.
This can save your life in some situations, if an enemy champion chases you and you're accidentally run beside a Redbuff or Golems or whatever, you can smite a little monster which gives you a little heal(which you're able to kill immediately cause otherwise it wont work :3). You are even able to stay alife with lowlife and an ignite on your face (1 vs. 1 and you bombed your opponent away and youre lowlife too with ignite .........) you should just smite a minion, or something like that, so that you can heal yourself up and with a little luck, you'll survive (:.
If you know Karthus, you know that you might get killed with lowlife, but you can also try, to kill some creeps! With the lifesteal from your Rabid Bite you might stay alife, while the rest of your team dies :P. (you actually dont need if your Soraka heals you up ^^)+(never needed 2, so try and let me know)

Rabid Bite is Trundle's Q, which you max first. Trundle bites his enemy instead of hitting him and heals you a bit up, and increase your attack dmg.
It also reset your attacktimer, so you should press Q immediately AFTER and autohit, so you can improve your max. dmg. output.

Contaminate is actually my favorite skill, cause it can use as a little haste, for escaping/chasing an enemy. It also decrease the duration of stuns, slows etc. If you can use your Pillar of Filth "the right way", you are a really great escaper through the jungle.

Pillar of Filth is (...w8 my favorite skill is W) the MOST AWESOME SKILL EVÖÖR. First: you cant walk through it, which means you can SAVE your mates from getting chased, but if you fail, you can also be the reason why some enemies can escape or youre mates die( you may put the E to close to your mate so that he gets thrown back and get caught by the chaser), Second: its a amazing slow, which is a awesome escape/chasing tool too, and with the right placement of your Contaminate you can really great gank and kill your opponents.

Agony is Trundles Ult. which steals live +60% AP from your opponents health. It reduces also the Amor and Magic resitance of the target. (for more information, hold your mouse over the picture :3)

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Pros / Cons

Very great Ganker
A pretty fast jungler too, cause of the Rabid Bite's increased attackdmg and Contaminate's speedbuff
While beeing a great escaper/chaser, you're a nice counterjungler
He's a Troll
A really well 1 vs. 1 Char
His Contaminate is a awesome buff which decreases stunns, slows etc.

The passive is a bit weak
He's a bit ugly
You need to train his skills and when you need to go back for your gear so you dont lose that much time
If you ran into 5 you'll die

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How to Jungle?

Cause there are a lot of ways to jungle, i will just explain a few, and in what situations you should do what, if you dont know.
My ways are surely not the best, so tell me if you have some changes at this part.

The "normal" jungle route is ( i think) the most common in the history of jungleing.
You start at BLUE BUFF, you might get it pulled by someone, if dont, its okay too. The normal combo is |Autohit| Rabid Bite|Autohit|Autohit|Autohit| Rabid Bite|...
When the Golem is less than 500 Health, you should Smite it, notice that Smite will dmg the Golem exactly 445, i start at 500, cause you have then enough time to Q again, without "wasteing" any dmg.
Then you're lvl2, putting a point in Contaminate and with your Blue, you can almost "waste" it at some special points(i made a map, which shows actually the flashing route, but its ok)

The black stripe shows the route you walk, the red circles are the range that your W ca. haves, and the numbers shows you the order of the W you use, which is kinda useless cause there is that black stripe, whatever, it should help you if you dont know where to place the Conataminate
NOTE: you should always look, that Contaminate's infested place is UNTER the camp you'll kill, cause otherwise you lose your speed and attackspeed buff and so its useless.

After you killed the WOLFES, its time to toddle over to the WRAITHS, you're lvl 3 and put another point in Rabid Bite
In my case (and its always like this) i got something with 15 seconds cooldown on Smite, so i think its a good idea to kill GOLEMS first, so u can smite your REDBUFF without standing useless infront of the red and waiting till smite is ready.
Now, i made the mistake last game and ganked after red, the problem was, i wasnt lvl 4 and didnt got Pillar of Filth which was a really bad mistake cause it prevented me from a doublekill on talon and some ... other ... champion.
Its a good thing, to skill not Q,W,Q,E, but skill Q,W,E,Q so you can gank immediately, OOOORRRR you do it my way( cause its my guide actually) and go after the RED, to the WRAITHS again, so youre lvl 4.
At this moment you can gank, with at least a Redbuff, which is enough to KS :3.
If you successfully gank ( kill or assist) you should have something with 1050, cause that is exactly the money you need for a Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed.
If not, just kill 1 or 2 minions, you should get that for your Build, you should also have more than 1 Health Portion so you can Jungle further after you first mastered gank.

Your Gank failed.
Now, this can heappen, i mean, if they got Flash or something else to escape.
If that heappens, you should jungle further, if the enemy team doesnt have something great like you, steal the Enemy Blue.


But dont become desperate.
You have 2 opportunitys right now,
1: Purple Team got no Jungler
You start at the Golems Bot, go over to wraith, go over to ENEMY BLUE, is important, if you know that they got your blue ( if they stand there for too long you can be sure that it will heappen), cause it doesnt make sense to run over to your blue, if its gone, its just wasted time!!
After the enemy Blue, you kill the enemy Wolfes, cause its just near by, so its a good idea.
Run over to your Red, and then your Wraiths again, if available.
You should be lvl 4 with both buffs i think: you should hope that there is noone to steal your blue ! :D

2: Purple Team
got a Jungler
You start to cry and flame, and you say that you really deinstall lol :D no, joke,
Actually i dont know, cause there is no blue you can steal.
Just try to jungle further without bluebuff, or just go on toplane..., thats i think the best thing you can do i mean .. jungle without blue isnt jungleling, and youre out of mana really fast soooo .... just do what you think its good.

, TRY TO STAY ALIVE, you should ask your team EVERY GAME to watch for enemy ganks at the top and bot entrance of the blue, so you can run if they come, or stay if they dont come. Really, dont try to steal Blue if your enemy want to take it on lvl 1. I mean ... sure they're lvl 1 .. BUT THERE ARE 5 OF THEM, GET IT OUT OF YOUR MIND !!!

I think thats all for jungleing:

Your normal Route
without counterjungle and without Ganks

If Ganked (No enemy Jungler)
If Ganked (an enemy Jungler)

and yes, if there is no enemy Jungler, you should always look for their buffs, its a easy buff for you.
NOTE: If a little golem stay alive while you take your blue and run away, the blue WONT SPAWN till they all died. If you want to Troll(Trundle) your enemies, just let 1 stay alive. they need to kill them and wait 5 minutes till it spawns again.

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I think thats all

I hope you enjoyed the Guide and it was enough for the beginning, if you want something else, please let me know, i'll add then something like more infos and alternatives about runes, items & summoner spells.

Just try it out, if you buyed Trundle and dont know how to play him, i mean, there are a lot of guides here, so just test it, and if this guide works tell me in the comments, and rate it.
If not, let me know and say what you would change, or just test some other guides (:

Good luck, and have fun in your Trolling games :P, your P3p