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Teemo Build Guide by GoDAxeL

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoDAxeL

Your Nightmare

GoDAxeL Last updated on October 8, 2011
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Welcome to my "Don't mess with Teemo" build.I will say that this is my first build.And i really like Playing with Teemo.I noticed that with that item build which i recommen here my wins with Teemo started to happen more often and often.That's why i decided to create this build to share my idea.Hope you enjoy my build.Remember to vote!

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What can you do with Doran's blade!

In my last game at the begining i and Sion were bottom.We started to fight against Blitzcrank and Kog'Maw when suddenly Morgana(opposite team) came.They almost killed Sion.But noone of us died.Instead i killed Morgana and Blitzcrank and escaped from Kog'Maw.

And this is what you can do with Doran's Blade!

Don't underestimate the power of the scouts' code!

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Pros / Cons

  • Teemo's poison can finish of enemies on low health who flash away or just aren't in range
  • Teemo is a great ganker
  • Teemo has great movement speed
  • His passive is a cool ganking tool sometimes
  • He can lane everywhere

  • Teemo has low health
  • Teemo is easily targeted

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This is Teemo's passive.It can be used as an escaping tool or a ganking tool.

This is Teemo's first ability.With this build it is mainly used in early game when you have to take every chance and use it on your enemies.

Teemo's second ability instantly increases his movement speed.This can help you catch your enemy or espace from him.

You just have to love this spell when you play with Teemo.Each time he attacks an enemy, he will poison the target dealing magic damage.

With this build each mushroom will deal tons of damage to your enemies.It's a great ganking and escaping ability.That's why you have to fill the map with mushrooms.

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I chose this because you just need that extra 100 health at the begining.Plus it gives 10 damage which is good for Teemo.And that 3% lifesteal is good in early games.

and are other available items which you can start with.

I chose these because they give attack speed which is greatly needed in early game.

This gives me lots of movement speed and attack speed.With this item Teemo looks amazing!Plus his critical strike is increased by 30%.But the most important about that item is that 55% attack speed which it gives.

I buy this because it gives me lots of damage and lifesteal to restore my health.It gives me 1 Physical damage and 0.25% lifesteal per kill which is important for Teemo.

This is my favorite item.It gives Teemo lots of AP which increases the damage output of my and

This item gives me the most important thing for Teemo-attack speed.Plus it gives me 55 attack damage.Good for now.

I finish with this item cause it gives me a little bit of armor(some kind of defence) and ATTACK SPEED.

With this items your Teemo will have crazy ATTACK SPEED, good damage output, good lifesteal for restoring health and 140-160 AP.This means that you will be tha main source of damage.

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Greater Mark of Desolation With my item build and these marks my attack damage output is BIG
These give me attack speed which is IMPORTANT for early game.
I always use these when playing with Teemo.This critical strike can be your key of winning an early battle.
This attack speed can be usefull.(What am i talking-IT IS VERY USEFULL)
More critical strike...yes that's good.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Well this armor penetration is usefull with your armor penetration marks.

You can also buy AP runes instead of critical strike Glyphs.Or you can get more attack speed.The choice is in your hands.

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Summoner Spells

I pick because it is good for Teemo.You can use it to last hit a target and if the shot doesn't finish it the poison will!You can also escape from your enemies or get in range of a teamfight.
My next choice is .That is my next escaping spell but it can also help me when trying to kill an enemy.I think there is no difference between and so feal free to use ghost too if you want.

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Farming is very important for Teemo and for this item build.Because of that you have to last hit minions to take gold and GANK whenever you can so that you can get kills(gold).You can also place mushrooms in front of the minion wave so that they can get on low health and you one shot finish them.And remember-EARLY AGGRESSION IS MANDATORY.This build offers this.

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Mushroom placing

You just HAVE to place mushrooms everywhere you can.This is most of Teemo's job.If you fill the map with mushrooms you will win!Just look at this guy:

What do you think?ACE.That's what you can do and you will if you place mushrooms anytime you can ANYWHERE you think it will help you.This build may not have so much AP but it is enough to take 300 magic damage each 5 times.That mean's 1500 health is taken from your target before even the fight is started.

Here's a map which shows where you just HAVE TO place mushrooms:
  • white-IMPORTANT

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Last words

Thank you for checking out my build and hope you liked it.

I really want to know what you think about my build so please...

...Remember to vote and comment!