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Miss Fortune Build Guide by P denz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author P denz

Your very fortunate AD carry ; A Miss Fortune guide

P denz Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Offense: 21

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My name is Denz. I play the role of AD Carry in a team called Phantasy-gaming. I main AD Carries for a long time. From time to time, I have learned to play all of the RANGED carries, including carries such as Twitch or AD Kennen. Well, my decision was to share my expirience of playing Miss Fortune and everything about her; runes, masteries, skills, farming, items...everything you wish for!

PLEASE NOTE that this guide is mainly intended for playing MF on the bottom lane with one of the supports (listed below in the Laning partners chapter). This guide does not cover things such as MF mid, top lane or jungle. This is also an in-depth guide aimed for playing MF competitively (tournaments, cups, ranked games...) but can be also used in any kind of games.

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I use fairly standard AD Carry runes.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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I use the usual AD carry 21/9/0 masteries.

The offensive tree is standard for AD carries , taking all points into AD, Attack Speed and ArP aswell as Critical Damage. Some people switch Vampirism with Havoc , but I don't think that the extra damage percentage is worth as the life steal, which combined with couple of Doran's Blade gives a fair amount of sustain during the early game.

In the defensive tree I level up armor and health. I take a point in Summoner's Resolve for the increased Heal (assuming that you actually took it as your summoner spell).

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Laning partners

[icon=lulu size=55

Basically, these 8 champions shown above are the people you want to lane with. Miss Fortune needs a support bottom, which will let you take all the creeps and have some sort of heal (such as Sona's Aria of Perseverance or Soraka's Astral Blessing) or buff (example : Nunu's Blood Boil or Janna's Eye Of The Storm).

Beginner supports

Sona is great for Miss Fortune (and botlane in general) beginners. Her main focus is going to be getting the enemy carry off of you at the laning phase by zoning the carry out with her Hymn of Valor (combined with the Power Chord) while giving you an AD boost, aswell as dealing significant poke damage during the early levels with it. She has also got a defensive boost with her Aria of Perseverance aura and a decent heal which will help you alot. From level 6 on, her Crescendo combined with your Bullet Time can deal huge damage (it can be combined together with your ultimate, but her ulti works great for fighting in general without your ulti also) and protecting you in teamfights.

She's also a very good champion to lane with. Shes very passive, which means you're going to have a very easy time laning with her. She has got 2 massive heals and a mana restore, which will make your last hitting and the laning phase easier. She can also zone their AD carries out and silence their supports so they can't cast any spells on you for a short while. Have in mind that this is a VERY passive support, which means you shouldn't fight with someone who can fight better (such as Sona).

Advanced supports

This is my favorite support. She is by far best support at the moment in my opinion. She has a massive AD buff on her Eye Of The Storm. She also has a knockup on her Howling Gale and a decent slow Zephyr which is great for fighting 2on2 botlane, aswell as protecting you with her Monsoon. I honestly think this is the best support to lane with, but I DO NOT recommend this to if Miss Fortune beginners as you will most likely want to lane with someone who can heal you, as it will take some time to get her mechanics and the laning phase in general.

The second best (advanced) support you can lane with. He's also one of the strongest supports at the moment. He has got everything you need; an armor buff on his Shatter, a heal on his Imbue and a stun ( Dazzle). Once he reaches level 6, he can also increase your AD (and AP aswell) and deal some damage once he strikes his Radiance. He's a very aggressive support which suits and synergises with Miss Fortune quite well.

He's a very strong support with a heal and tons of CC. With his Headbutt + Pulverize combo can disrupt the carries and setting them up for an easy kill. When they are too close to your turret, he can also use his Pulverize followed by a Headbutt into the turret for taking massive turret damage. At that point you can use your Make it Rain for a slow and Impure Shots for healing reduction in case they try to use some kind of heal. Turret diving is also easy with his Unbreakable Will as he can tank the turret with taking less damage from it.

Probably the most agressive support you can get at bottom lane. At level 3 she can toggle her Eclipse followed by Zenith Blade + Shield of Daybreak which is an easy stun and a damage buff for you because of her Sunlight. You'll most likely be going for kills with her on lane (atleast you should!). The Miss Fortune + Leona combo is very effective, as you're setting up kills and agressive plays while reducing their healing with Impure Shots and dealing massive damage.

His Ice Blast can destroy most of the carries because it deals decent damage while massively lowering both their attack speed and movement speed - and at the same time he can use his Blood Boil to do exactly the same opposite effect on you! He cannot heal you, but he sure can heal himself with his Consume. Overall an great support to lane with.

This new little beasty champion has sure made some impression to every player of this game, including me. She has by far the most damage I have seen of supports. Her Help, Pix! gives you a fair amount of shield (or deals quite a nice amount of damage to an enemy) and heer Whimsy is one of the strongest spells for bottom at the moment, as it makes your opponent unable to cast any spells, and the most important, it makes them unable to basic attack for a short duration. Her Glitterlance deals alot of damage with a nice slow. Turretdiving and fighting should be easy with her Wild Growth, as it kinda works as a heal (if below max health) and as a really nice health boost which can be used as an unexpected heal during a fight. Great support, definitely worth laning with.

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Summoner Spells

The 2 most popular spells used on AD carries. Since Miss Fortune doesn't have any flash-y abilities, her only escape ability can be Flash. You can also switch Flash with Ghost, but I don't prefer ghost over flash, as you can use ghost to both chase and escape, but you cannot follow up with someone who's got flash as he can flash over walls and objects.

Heal can be also switched for Cleanse if the enemy team got strong CC like Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy , Galio's Idol of Durand , Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow and so on. You will probably have a difficult time on the laning phase with Cleanse if the bottom lane doesn't have any CC which is their main play maker (such as Sona's Crescendo or Taric's Dazzle). You can also take Exhaust, which is probably the best choice if you are going with someone like Soraka who can heal you massively.

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Opening items :
(recommended) - if laning with someone who doesn't have heal ( Janna, Lulu, Leona...). This is also the recommended start as the potions are nice and the movement speed aswell, especially if laning versus someone who relies on skillshots (example: Ezreal).

(optional) - This should be mainly used if playing with a passive support who can give you health ( Soraka , or Sona taking a few points early in Aria of Perseverance)

- Cloth and pots should be used versus someone that you know will deal good damage and poke you alot early : Caitlyn, or Sivir + Taric...You should build this into a Wriggle's Lantern as it gives you some nice sustain and armor versus hard lanes such as those.

First trip back :

beserker's greaves

(if playing with a non-healing support you should also get Vampiric Scepter or some Health Potion, depends on what you prefer).

After that you should go for a Zeal combined with a B. F. Sword for a good damage output. Depending on what you feel you should build first, you can either complete Phantom Dancer or build the bfs into an Infinity Edge. I strongly recommend you to go for Infinity Edge over anything if you are getting fed. An early Infinity Edge REALLY hurts.

Basically, core items:

[icon=infinity edge size=