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Zac Build Guide by Coach Myga

Jungle Zac Jungle Guide Season 13! Masters+ Zac player - Coach Myga

Jungle Zac Jungle Guide Season 13! Masters+ Zac player - Coach Myga

Updated on May 23, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga Build Guide By Coach Myga 17 2 108,265 Views 0 Comments
17 2 108,265 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga Zac Build Guide By Coach Myga Updated on May 23, 2024
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Runes: Best VS Burst Comp

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Font of Life

Legend: Tenacity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


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Bread & Butter!
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

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Champion Build Guide

Zac Jungle Guide Season 13! Masters+ Zac player - Coach Myga

By Coach Myga
About Me!
Hello guys, my name is Myga - I am League of Legends coach with multiple years coaching experience. I primarily play carry junglers like Graves, Kindred, Kha'Zix & Ekko. Over many years playing at Masters/Grand Master Level (S7 onwards), and also 1000's of smurfing/boosting games I think I have developed an edge with these champions that I can share with you. In this Zac Jungle guide I hope to give you the very basics that will help you begin on your Zac Jungle improvement journey!

If you want to take your improvement to the next level, come join my coaching community where you will be surrounded by other players who are also positive & tryharding to improve. You will be able to submit your clips & VOD Reviews where I will make you a custom VOD review video so that you know exactly what you need to do to improve!
Pro's & Con's
- Very good engage tool champion
- Can be good situationally at making picks
- Fits well into team compositions
- Lots of CC
- Tank that deals damage
- Scales with Game Knowledge & Macro

- Can be punished in early game by strong junglers
- Bad Duelist especially early game
- Enemy champions with CC especially knock ups/backs are very effective versus Zac.
Jungle Paths!
Zac is a jungler that can use off meta paths to avoid enemy junglers and to get a lead. Due to Zac's weak dueling nature in the early game, many enemy junglers will look to either try and steal your camps, kill you, or disrupt your pathing. It's extremely important for all Zac junglers to know the ways you can get Level 3 in League of Legends! Below I will list all the possible ways you can get level 3, and then I will list some example clear paths that are practical to use in everyday games!

Red - Gromp - Blue
Blue - Gromp - Red.
Raptors - Red - Krugs
Red - Krugs - Raptors
Blue - Gromp - Wolves
Wolves - Blue - Gromp
Red - Blue - Red (3x Buff)

When you're thinking about pathing in the Jungle you want to try to think about how you can naviage the map with the fewest steps. This means you don't want to path back over yourself.

Because of this, it's best to not start solo if you don't need to. If you can get a leash, I would recommend starting on a buff & then trying to path as efficiently as possible. This only works in games where the enemy jungler will struggle to invade you!

Current clear that I find best;

Red - Krugs - Raptors (This then allows for level 3 mid gank if viable/ often is not viable, but keep this in mind. This is general knowledge, can be used on all champions.).

Then Wolves - Gromp - Blue. This will give you level 4 and allow you to look for ganks.

Examples of off meta clears;

Wolves start solo -> Blue -> Gromp -> Raptors -> Red -> Krugs.
Raptors start solo -> Red -> Krugs -> Wolves -> Gromp -> Blue.
If you want access to even more content that will help you improve at Zac & jungling as a whole you can follow me on other socials where I post exclusive content!

Thank you all for the support & I look forward to helping and coaching many new players learn League of Legends
In-depth Explanation of Summoner Spell Choices!
First things first. Flash goes on F!

Now that's out of the way;

Flash: Flash is the best summoner spell in the majority of games. It has a good baseline & is very familiar for most players to use. Flash is good versus high CC & versus team comps where if you get caught out of position you instantly die. It can also be great for R + Flash combination in the backline & for Q + Flash Auto to knock two members up.

Ignite: Ignite can give you an edge in some of the harder match ups & also gives early access to Grevious Wounds. Ignite can only be taken when Flash is not needed, so you need to be versing safer champions & R+Flash combo must be of less use in this game.

Exhaust: Exhaust is a very good alternative to ignite. It scales better & the damage reduction offered is huge. Exhaust can also help verses some of the harder match ups for Zac, but again you must be in a safer game to take this summoner spell!
Game Plans!
Early Game!
In the early game as Zac you have a few main objectives. The first one is to try to avoid your first clear being disturbed too much! You want to analyze the enemy team composition and figure out how you can path to avoid the enemy jungler either killing you or taking your camps.

The second focus in the early game is to get level 4 as quickly as possible. This is when your strength really starts to ramp up. When Zac has two (2) points in his E his ganks become potent & improve from this point onwards!

Zac is a great ganking champion, so if you can gank a lane & get their flash, or even better a kill & flash you then want to continue to punish that lanes lack of Flash!

Mid Game
In the Mid game you want to hopefully leverage the lead you got in the early game to continue looking for picks & starting team fights/skirmishes. Make sure not to dive too deep into the enemy team composition as you can still be killed easily in some circumstances. Be careful not to E deep onto a fed carry that can easily dodge your E, else you risk death!

You also want to continue creating a Gold & XP lead throughout the mid game! Don't neglect killing your camps.

Late Game!

In the late game you be mainly focussed on starting good skirmishes & team fights for your team, and getting picks. You want to play around the vision your team has, and look for engages. Often times this will be around objectives, so remember to get to the objective before it spawns & be in position to punish the enemies! In the late game it's often best to look for picks on enemy Midlane, Support or ADC. You must base this off the game state, in certain games certain champions will be of more value!
Video Examples!
In the future I will be posting example educational commentary from some of my Masters+ games & potentially a game in all ranks. I will also post a clear guide at some point in the future and upload it here for you folks to use in your games!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga
Coach Myga Zac Guide
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Zac Jungle Guide Season 13! Masters+ Zac player - Coach Myga

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