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Zac Build Guide by Go Getter

Support Zac Support Guide / Behavior and Match ups

Support Zac Support Guide / Behavior and Match ups

Updated on August 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Go Getter Build Guide By Go Getter 5,754 Views 3 Comments
5,754 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Go Getter Zac Build Guide By Go Getter Updated on August 24, 2021
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Runes: Runes

Font of Life

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Zac Support Guide / Behavior and Match ups

By Go Getter
Who are you?
Well I'm just a casual player, I'm not ranked or anything, I just play Draft and goof off but I do it passionately! I love playing Zac and it makes even the worst of games feel great. I've noticed a lack of perspective on this aspect of Zac so I wanted to throw my hat in the ring and present my guide so other people might learn how to support Zac!
There will be those who say you are troll picking!! That you are feeding!! That you aren't doing your job!! DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!! Support Zac is an investment the ADC has to believe in, where you might start off weaker than some tanks you eventually evolve into a kill securing BEAST.

[Support Zac pros]
+ Kills secure where no one has ever secured before!
+Your peel is insanely good
+You often out scale other tanks and become a bigger threat during team fights
+Late game BEEF

[The cons]
-You are squishy till level 6
-You can't stop pokes at all
-Your res is gonna be useless most of the time
-Relies on ADC equally as they rely on you

Support Zac unfortunately suffers a lot from his match ups, you'll find yourself mostly playing safe and you open potential early leads if you give up kills. However I'm here to show you how you can play your best as Support Zac!!
The Early game
The biggest hurdle for Zac and often what decides the rest of the match, what you'll wanna look out for the most is facing up against a mage support like Lux/Brand/Viegar
as they can just do whatever they want to you and you just gotta either dodge or take it. The upside is that they'll often realize this and keep pressure off your ADC in favor of trying to fish out a kill!

I've had surprising amount of success baiting out an early gank by popping Cell Division during the fight and my ADC has success in cleaning up at least one of them while they try to secure the final blow on me. If you're confident in your partner you can even use your weakness to your benefit, don't rely too much on it but you can make some plays with cocky dudes who wanna get up in your stuff!
So another thing to focus on Zac is when exactly should you dive? It's a delicate art and it's so precise I don't think I could competently give a comprehensive guide on all potential possibilies but I'll give you my perspective!

An important thing is to look at your match up, how much can they protect themselves? How much CC they got, do they got a tank support or a mage support? Is the ADC gonna destroy you before yours even realizes you've dived?

You've gotta ask a lot of questions a lot but a big thing to remember is the element of surprise should be your focus and even just the threat of diving on the enemy can be a strong tool. Standing in bushes or just pressing and holding E in the lane and canceling can make the enemy team stay on their toes and make them less aware of when you'll actually plunge in. You wanna avoid going in most of the time early, BUT if you got an ADC who's particularly hungry or aware you can get an early kill.

I find it most easily to snowball off a mage support, seeing as when you dive in later levels like 6, you'll be doing a full combo of E>Q>W>R You'll catch them off guard too as for most of the match you've been backing off and playing timid and then suddenly you flip the script on them.

You'll have the best luck with ADC who have a dive or teleport so they can quickly get to you once you plunge on top of the enemy but even if they cant you can just plan ahead and allow the enemy to push up to tower. As Zac this is an ideal position for a double kill as they've got an entire lane to walk back towards. Zac is also perfect for securing kills with Jungle, if you have a jungle that has a hard time catching people in lane he will LOVE you.
Level 6
So the moment you get your Ult is when you come online, you're ready to gun for your upward slope of scaling, if you got boots by this time you're also sitting pretty with tons of potential. This is where you make those poking dudes pay for bugging you during the first half of the match but again it's important you keep in mind your limits and the capabilities of the enemy team. Generally you don't wanna go roaming unless you're confident of the enemy's positioning, people more skilled than me might manage it but roaming potential as support Zac is insane, you're pretty much a second Jungle.
Mid-Late game
So you're gonna be crazy tanky late game and during team fights you're gonna be a major contender for the greatest kill securerer ever. You'll pretty much sail smooth just like you would jungle Zac, you'll be looking for huge dives and just helping your team where ever possible! Make sure you keep the backline down as well, you don't wanna be CCing the tanks unless they're fed, you'll wanna lock down the ADC and support ideally.
I'm not a competent writer or even the best player, so if you found my guide lacking in places, I trust you'll take the reigns and decide for yourself what information I gave is valuable. Support Zac is just for fun after all and I hope you have fun!

Thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Go Getter
Go Getter Zac Guide
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Zac Support Guide / Behavior and Match ups

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