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Zed Build Guide by JacobPoissant

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JacobPoissant

Zed and his many choices

JacobPoissant Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guild I will explain my item, mastery, and rune choices. I will also explain all the little details about how I play Zed.

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I like to start my build off with boots and health post like most other people. When i get enough money to buy a Vampiric Scepter and the second tier of my boots I B and buy that. I like to get the Vampiric Scepter as early as possible so that I can stay in lane and farm for longer even when taking some poke damage. Once my boots are done I rush for a Ravenous Hydra too get some health regeneration and for the passive that makes it an incredible farming tool. After the Ravenous Hydra I go for the BloodThirster for the damage and the sustain in fights that the life steal gives you. Once done the BloodThirster I i get the Infinity Edge for the damage and critical that lets you just create those red health bars that are so enjoyable to see. Since my main damage items out of the way already I like to get some attack speed too increase how fast I can do that damage with a Zephyr and some health with a Trinity Force.

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For my masteries I go into the offensive tree full getting all the AD masteries there are and then I get 9 points in the defensive tree because Zed is quite the squishy champ. I like to get the destruction mastery under the offense tree because with Zed I like to be able to push a lane and quickly take out a turret or two while the other team is distracted else where and this master help out with that. I like the Frenzy mastery because once you get the Infinity Edge you land critical hits fairly often and this gives you a good bit of attack speed.

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For my runes I like too get flat attack damage marks for the early game damage, scaling health seals so that once you get your Trinity Force they increase your health by more, and flat cooldown reduction glyphs so that you can poke more often with your shuriken more often early game. For quintessences I go with 2 flat AD and 1 flat attack speed for the early game damage.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is preaty basic I start with Razor Shuriken for the poke and then I put a point into Living Shadow to increase my early game poke capabilities I then put a point into Shadow Slash for any fights and minion farming. I then max my Razor Shuriken first putting points into my ult when available. After maxing my Razor Shuriken I max Shadow Slash then Living Shadow.

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Early game farming with Zed is simple you just last hit each and every minion and pop your E when there are a lot of low healthy around. The only problem with that is when there is a ranged poking at you every time you go in for a minion kill so what you can do if that is happening is last his minions with your Razor Shuriken from further away. This method is harder and uses up your energy but it works. Once you get your Ravenous Hydra it is very simple to farm and clear minion waves with the AoE passive and active and E.