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Zeri Build Guide by Stork

ADC Zeri 13.15 Complete MatchUps guides

ADC Zeri 13.15 Complete MatchUps guides

Updated on August 15, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stork Build Guide By Stork 10,814 Views 0 Comments
10,814 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stork Zeri Build Guide By Stork Updated on August 15, 2023
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Zeri 13.15 Complete MatchUps guides

By Stork

Before starting i have to apologize for my english, im a french 15 yo boy and im note perfect at speak english

Who am I ?

Im otp Zeri since S13 with more than 250 ranked game on the champion

I peaked Plat with zeri (#1200 EUW) by spamming her with enchanters

Why do you like this champion?

This champ is by far my favour champ, playing zeri mean have a very aggresive possitionement and some ADC skill like spacing, kitting ect...

Pros / Cons

Pros – What are the benefits of playing this champion?

    Zeri is a carry AD that spike at 2 item, u can reach them realy fast if u farm nicely like at 15-18 minutes.
    Zeri can bully 70% of the lane u play against with nice timming
    With the Q AA u can farm realy easily and have a good CSing?
    U have a good depush too when u E to spray all the wave by 4 AA
    U have heavy mobily by the move speed and the dash especially more when u have navori

Cons – What are the drawbacks of playing this champion?

    U dont have a lot of range, and u have a weak early.
    That mean u have to play with an enchanter to be safe early.
    U cant anymore build bruiser like the other ADC cause of the nerf interaction of the shen.
Runes & Summs
There is two possiblity of runes on zeri.
If u go Lethal + green u can swap overgrowth with revitalize to have more efficent shields if u play with lulu yuumi

About ur summs spell:
I ALWAYS go ghost flash cause i know perfectly my champion then i just wanna chase in early leaves to trade kills cause i play very agressif to be ahead fast.
But u can go cleanse do adopt a safer gameplay and front to back a lot
Zeri's build in 13.15 is very simple.
U have 2 mythics that u can build, U have to choice between Infinity edge, and Navori's.

I highly recommande to go Novari's 80% of ur game, cause that pretty to have more mobilily and catch or be safe during team fight with E resets.

IE is good if u dont have a lot a spell to dodge, or a team that can pell u very well

The first item u wanna rush is Stattik shiv, to depush wave and take plate.
Its ur first spike, when u have boots.
After stattik rush navori or IE
after that u have 2 choices, in one hand u go runnan's, in the other hand u wanna go BT.
I totaly advise against playing PD on zeri this patch.
For the rest of the build go for BT Dominiks, shield bow or Guardian angel.

About the boots, berserker are the best 99% of the time, against a full AD compo with a lot of AA go Platted.
Wall Jump
U prolly know that ur E insn't a simple dash, but he can glide accros a wall.
Then from the lvl 2, when u recall, dont forget to dash a wall to come on lane 5 secondes faster.
I recommande to go practice tools to try some walls that u can glide.
There is my fav jump to come back on lane, cause u lose the mouv speed of the base at the moment u start ur dash.
Zeri's Matchup
There is every matchup u can find on bot lane, and the explaination of them from the zeri's POV.
In comming ....


Yasuo matchup is IMO just unplayable if he's good, he can delete u from the lvl 3 to till' u get 3 item with a defensive item.
If u play zeri u can ban him, ur mid laner could be glad.
If u play against him, play with braum, to CC him well without commit too much.
Lulu is good too cause of her range and polymorph


Kog'maw is one of the really complicated matchup.
He can out range u with his W.
Ur goal is to kill him in lane or CS diff. At least u need to gap him in lane cause he outscale u.
I recommande to play with milio to match range, but poke support are good too in this matchup, like xerath lux ..


Caitlyn is the second bullier laner, she X2 range u, and have huge damage.
I recommande Poke support, milio or Hard engage support like leona nautilus thresh.
U have to play very clean ur lvl 1-2, a good caitlyn with a good support can poke u at mid life early.
Dont get that much poke, just turtle to a allies gank to start bully them.
Freeze and buy potion is a good plan.
If u play with CC supp with range (blitz thresh leona ..) DO NOT GET BULLY.
U have to make her fell threat by ur supp, play for the lvl 2 and play to denie CS to cait.
If u cant apply this plan, nvm guy, just dont get 30 cs diff or 0/4 you will out scale her.
Dont forget ur spike lvl 6 to play sneaky drakes that can change everything


Samira is one of the trickiest matchup of the bot lane.
There is one rule, ABUSE LVL 2 GUYSSSSS !
if u dont literally all in her lvl 2 ur lane is fcked up, u have one of the better lvl 2, matching draven's early.
When samira is pick everyone exept a engage hard cc supp then just pick a poke supp with zeri, lulu and milio are good enchanter at it, lux morg too.
When u get lvl 2 u can litteraly force fight, ghost in, ignite the carry, exhaust him.
U have to play ur cd to force them back without item, making them lossing xp and gold, after the very early plays, just freeze and zone them, care to gank, buy pinks.
Every teammate want to see his samira ahead, then they will gank.
Drake have huge value in this matchup, dont play when ur 6 is on cd, cause her R is 3 cd and she can delete u obvsly.


Vayne is a free lane matchup, she can't really poke u by a Q AA, cause if she do u can Q AA too but yours is by far dealling more damages.
A poke support is really good against vayne, cause u can bully her hard asf, and play to denie xp and cs.
Its a really favorable matchup.
Care to BRK Kraken spike !










Miss Fortune








That's all for the zeri guide, i'll try to make an other guide on an other AD carry.
If anyone have some ideas u can contact me on discord : stork0000

I hope u enjoyed it, have a nice day
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stork
Stork Zeri Guide
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Zeri 13.15 Complete MatchUps guides

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