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Ziggs Build Guide by dannydson

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dannydson

Ziggs: Face melted.

dannydson Last updated on April 22, 2012
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okay if your csing well please use the first part build. if you are recking use the second. This build is centerallized around. Ziggs has some of the best aoe damage and team fight potential in the game. Along with his massive singal target brust damage early game he also can reck multiple people with almost the exact same amount of damage to both of them.

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okay for some reason i have runes that aren't available with mobifire rune section make so if u can switch the flat mana regen glyphs to flat ap and flat ap seals to flat mana regen glyphs it's much better that way. I generally choose these for early game domination or if they have damage runes too which they more than likely do it is nice to be on even playing ground. The mana regen glyphs are very helpfully mixed with a Dorans ring because though Ziggs isn't a large mana burn it is nice to have more lane sustainability to stick around and cs for longer

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There are two item sets I have shown you above. one for when you farm well and one for when you get fed well. For the first build i presented to you, you take a Doran's Ring first for the mana regen and ability power that will give you the ability to spam you Bouncing Bomb for great harassment damage. The second and the boots are for latter early-mid game sustain for when larger encounters start to happen you won't run out of mana while also getting enough damage to be worth anything to your team. The Rod of Ages (though Rylai's Crystal Scepter works well for long range kiting purposes also)is need earlier for the great continuous sustain it provides while continuing to increase in usefulness as the game goes on. The Lich Bane is a great addition purely because of his passive Short Fuse and also the addition of some small magic resist. The Zhoyna's Hourglass is mainly because of the large amount of ap it will give you but the armor is helpful and if you use the active after unloading all your spells it will pop you back up with your Bouncing Bomb and only a couple seconds left on your Hexplosive Minefield. And the Viod Staff will allow you to now take carrys an tanks apart.

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Items continued

okay when i'm wrecking I get the Lich Bane and Void Staff earlier. The reason is because Lich Bane provides so much more damage and the Void Staff is much more useful at this point because they more than likely will all have a magic resist item. The Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the fact that if you are doing very well they will be focusing you and it helps if all your spells slow so you can kite with you long ranged spells. AND the Will of the Ancients is to turn your burst damage you do into a massive heal for your self. Consider your ulti doing 800 damage to 5 people then now 20% of 4000 damage is coming straight to your health bars. Which also works well with zhoynai's hourglass if you have ad carrys on your tail switch it with the Void Staff.

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please make sure early game your not spamming your aoe spells to farm it is so easy to farm with just regular attacks that you can use your spells and passive to harass with zone them will be much more effective. Though when your opponent in mid is in range of minions and the burst of your bouncing bombs it is often helpful to hit the minion so the damage will pop quicker and give your enemy a smaller chance of dodging. whatever you do DON'R USE Satchel Charge FOR FARMING!!!!!!!!!

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Team Work

Ziggs Like i said is one of the best team fighters because of his massive aoe burst damage. I have melted whole teams that have ran into the wrong bush. Though you must remeber your not the only one on your team, and you don't just throw all you spells out there and hope it works. your lead spell is your Hexplosive minefeild to slow their team down try and get as many carrys stuck in this. your Bouncing Bomb should be to target one or two high damage dealers on their team. Save your Satchel Charge for three things. 1. getting some on away from you and you away from him. 2. throwing in his path to bounce him backwards to your team.3 to keep some on stuck in your ulti. you ulti is best used when they are all cluttered in an area in which it can hsve the most affect on the most people continue to watch for this moment throughout the team fight. Ziggs is not an initiate so do not come into the fight until a couple have already entered. But though you aren't a support remember you can save your ally champions very well with your two cc spells.

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anti gank and pro ganker.

Ziggs is very good at getting away from ganks. He has great movement speed early game and he has his satchel charge and minefield.But as the image above shows you need to know when ganks are likely to happen to be able to get off well and there is little reason to fully cross river considering your ridiculous range. When being ganked always place your mines some were they can slow both the other mid lane and the ganker. then place your satchel charge between the closest person to you and yourself. this will bounce them back and you forward then turn and throw you bouncing bomb to show damaging ability and discourage them from ganking your lane i have often gotten double kills off of ganking attempts because all of the utilities you use to get always also to massive early game damage and the people will a lot of the time blindly chase you assuming you can when an early game 2v1 when your abilities do enough to both of them if you can kite well enough. Ziggs is a pro ganker because even if the enemy team is hugging tower you can harass very well and provide large multi-person damge to a large crowd and also if they are pushed up you can slow them down with minefield and pop them back to you with satchel cahrge.

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Unique Skills

Ziggs is a pure skill shot champion making him very difficult to use but don't be discouraged he also has some of the largest potential in the game as far as becoming great with him or being a whole level above the others who use him. Always remember you have so many things you can do with your satchel charge such as jumps walls knock forward, knock back etc. and that you bouncing bomb can go ridiculous distance when thrown at full length and doesn't meet and collusion i have killed countless people in the fog of war just by throwing my bouncing bomb at max length assuming where they are being. Also watch out for ganks about to happen or low health champions that got away because a well placed ulti is a huge difference in a fight and can mean a couple extra kills to help you beat the other mid.

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This is my Ziggs build i'be been playing him since the first day he came out and he has became my favorite champion because of how much fun and how usefully he is. He is also my best champion and no i won't say that on all the builds i make. Ziggs is one of the highest ap burst damage champions but he is skill shot so rather you make or miss the skill shot can be life, death or kills,but again don't be discourage from playing him if your not good the first few times with his abilities you'll get them down. I hope my guide helped you please comment and vote on my build :D