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Ziggs Build Guide by Staggermainn

AP Carry Ziggs the true hidden OP Champ

AP Carry Ziggs the true hidden OP Champ

Updated on July 1, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Staggermainn Build Guide By Staggermainn 3,126 Views 0 Comments
3,126 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Staggermainn Ziggs Build Guide By Staggermainn Updated on July 1, 2013
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To start it off I'm Staggermain the Middle lanner for NE Gaming and I main Ziggs Middle. To people who claim Ziggs can't carry he can if you position yourself well and know how to use your spells properly.

Anyways Ziggs relies on early game farm and being passive unless you are versing chmaps your strong against.

If you cant get the hang of Ziggs and you need help don't be afraid to add me and message me on league of legends. My summoner name is Staggermain and I'm on the NA Server.
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Pro's Vs Cons

- You can 1v1 champs and if your good at kitting with him 1v2 as ziggs as well (I've done 1v3 all about the kitting)
- Your burst damage is so great that you can almost instantly kill tanks that's right tanks
- Strong team fights that can immediately change the tide of battle
- Strong tower killing

- Requires practicing and mastering this high skill capped champ
- A lot of timing required to hit
- A lot of farming required all game until build is done
- If caught you could be in trouble if you don't react almost instantly
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Strong Against

Karthus *
Ryze *
Anivia *

*= Extremly strong against

Heimerdinger- Ziggs auto attacks and all spells out range Heimers Turrets use it to your advantage but be careful of his Rockets they can be used against you when you harass his turrets.

Ryze- Ryze is completely out ranged by Ziggs. If Ryze goes for a poke use your auto (with passive) Q and E and then another Q if hes still in range.

Lux- Lux is equal range of Ziggs so its a toss up. To be strong against her you must be good with dodging skill shots.

Karthus- Karthus is out ranged by Ziggs and most times karthus is near his minions use it to your advantage and Q near the minions for AOE poke.

Anivia- Is it a toss up between those two based off of can you dodge her skill shot. If she walls W over the wall. If you can dodge her Q's you can out range her easily for strong poke. Don't be fooled by her passive

Diana- Early game she is yours and she cant do anything about it. Abuse her early game or get abused late game.

Lissandra- She is out ranged by you but she doe have her E to close the gap. If you know she is going in with the E drop your E and W there for easy harassment. Keep in mind your ulti from afar usually wont kill when shes level 6 due to she can ulti herself and take 0 damage.
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Weak Against

Tristana (AP)*

*= Extremely strong against Ziggs

Leblanc- At level 6 she will burst you hard so play safe past 6 but try to poke her from afar in the early levels to try to force early backs to get level advantage on her.

Talon- Talon is naturally strong against most squishy mids. play passive and use your long range to farm don't try to fight him without a gank.

Kassadin- Kass past level 6 naturally he will own the lane against Ziggs. Pre 6 talk to your jungler to try to gank him and get level advantage on him and shut him down early game.

Ahri- Ziggs is not strong against ahri in most cases. Keep away from your minion if you can dodge skills shots because it forces her to either use her q to try to poke at you or use it to farm rather then both. Per level 6 talk to your jungler to gank for level advantage because once she gets her ulti you cant disengage her if your not next to your tower.

Ap Tristana- Try to avoid her at all costs till late game because I cant find a way to best her in lanning phase especially level 6 she has more burst then ziggs untill you get the void staff, Death cap, and Lich bane.

Gragas- He will hurt a lot early game and with his tanky spell poking him will do very little. Just farm as long as you can while dodging his Q. Late game your team fight power will drastically pass Gragas' if he isnt fed.

Lux- Lux is equal range of Ziggs so its a toss up. To be strong against her you must be good with dodging skill shots.

Diana- Early game she is yours and she cant do anything about it. Abuse her early game or get abused late game.

Katarina- Early game be abusive to kat all she can do is Q to you and if she dares shumpoo to you. If she does blow her up. Pre 6 you out damage her and out range her use it to your advantage.

Zed- Dodge his Q early game and abuse him. After level 6 he will all in you as much as he can when he ultis you drop your W and time it to break the gap to waste his ulti.
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Try to be mana saving early game. Eventually (around 11 minutes if you build right) Your Q will kill all mage minions and E Q will kill all melee minions. Ziggs farm is strong use that to your advantage and push lanes quickly when teammate can't.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Staggermainn
Staggermainn Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs the true hidden OP Champ

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