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Help with melee AD

Creator: Max Carter July 7, 2011 7:03pm
Max Carter
Max Carter's Forum Avatar
Feb 7th, 2011
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Sorry guys, this is the 3rd post I'm asking for help... The fact is I always played on solo queue alone and without friends, just with guides and some bad scores... But now, with this forum i'm getting better: I'm forming and expanding my gameplay... Learning Nasus solo top, and doing good, learning soraka supporter, and doing really well, 4 wins 1 loose! All due to the help here on the forum with build, runes, etc! Thx so much guys

So, I can play supporter Soraka, Solo lane Off-Tank Nasus, Amumu Jungler or Udyr Jungler, But now I want to play a duo-laning AD champ, I don't like rangeds because I just prefer melee...

Help me with my choices? Without looking too much because I'll sleep soon I saw:

Master Yi gap-closer, heal, AD boost, AS and MS boost, great chaser and pusher etc... I already have him
Sion 80% prefer AP sion? He have great bursts but AP will waste his AD damage boost and AS+Lifesteal ultimate... And won't farm health points... So I prefer to building him more like an off-tank? Or is this wrong? I already have him
Tryndamere critical chance + critical chance + damage + a bit more of critical chance + heal + gap-closer/escape + slow + ****ing ultimate - seems awesome

So what would you recomend? I don't want melee Ad like irelia, I want High DPS/AD/Crit champs, for killing someone very fast on teamfights or pushing turrets etc...

For this playstyle I have
Marks ArmP or flat Crit Chance
Seals Flat Armor for early game, mana regen per level (use this on sion) or health per level
Glyphs MR/lvl only '-'
Quint Flat HP for early or 2 MR/lvl + 1 Arm/lvl or Flat AS (10%)

What would you recommend on: Champ - Build - Runes? Thx...
Thx for Nyoike for this sig! Tanks FTW s2
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Jun 26th, 2011
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If you're looking for a strong DPS with decent survivability, try someone like Sion, Renekton, Poppy, Irelia, Garen, Jarvan IV or Olaf. Xin Zhao and Lee Sin can also work here.

If you're looking for a glass DPS with low health but high damage, Master Yi, Gangplank and Tryndamere are great picks. Pantheon can also fit here, but he's getting buffed soon so you may want to wait to try him. These might be the champions you're looking for, as they generally work best in lane and have amazing damage potential.

If you want amazing ganks and high DPS, try Nocturne or Shaco. Both of these champions function best in the jungle (especially Shaco), so you'll probably want those flat armor seals.

If you're looking for a strong, survivable jungler, try out Trundle, Warwick, or Udyr.

That about covers most of the melee AD champions. Look through their stats and abilities to see which ones you're interested in, then check out a couple builds. A couple of champions are bound to be free every week, so be sure to try each of them at least once when they are free to play.

I can't give you any specific advice on how to build these champions, they're simply too diverse. Just look up some of the top builds on a champion to figure out what kind of role they fill best, and which items are good choices. Good luck finding a DPS that suits you!
Thanks to Hoppermh for the sig!
Max Carter
Max Carter's Forum Avatar
Feb 7th, 2011
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Thx for the advices, but glass-champs dont work for me...

the DPS with decent survability, from all of those I would be interested in Sion or Lee Sin, maybe Xin Zhao. They aren't squishy and are good AD champs

Glass DPS I would have scores on 0, like deaths and kills on the same level, as I noticed on Master Yi... Probally because I'm playing kinda wrong... And I would choose Master Yi or Tryndamere

I don't like Nocturne... Shaco I never played... He seems to be very good, awesome spells and tricks

Jungler I use Udyr or Amumu, but I searched about Trundle and he seems very good too, but I don't like very much his spells

Edit: As I'm looking more for a diferent playstyle, Trundle is out because he's more off-tanker or tanky-dps
Lee Sin (Shield, but he's more like a caster DPS, not an auto-attacker dps as I want)

For jungle: Shaco
Or laning: Master Yi (Good R and E), Tryndamere (Every spells is good), Sion (stun, shield, AD buff, ultimate), Xin Zhao (knock and high damage with Q)
Experts... Should I try them and choose whatever I want or start with the easier? (Easier in many ways: learning, game experience -skills-, utility for the team, etc...) Wich would be?

I think every auto-attacker should have Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer/ Youmuu's Ghostblade
As the game goes over, Black Cleaver to high penetration. And at least one defensive item. Lifesteal is a "must" too? Or a build without it still good? Is lifesteal too important for building early?

And the boots, on my tanks/off tanks, I ALWAYS get Merc's Treads because it's awesome... On AD Carriers, should I get it too? or only with 5/6 CC's or more? Or priorize Graves?
Thx for Nyoike for this sig! Tanks FTW s2
Max Carter
Max Carter's Forum Avatar
Feb 7th, 2011
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I think I'm having problems with my build... I'll not buy champs anymore, I'll use what I have, and they are:

Master Yi

My rune set is:
ArmP quints and marks
Mana regen per level seals
MR per level glyphs

And Is offensive three good? I don't see much power on it... only in the damage buff...

As master yi I fell everything going fine, good damage, awesome chasing and AS with ult, but I'm not really killing, and the early phase is SOO hard...
As Sion I got yoummu, but didn't fell its good, CD = Non-regardless item... Again problems with build?
As Tristana I went mid, and got hard time with Yorick, now he's buffed and is very strong. Or I'm not used to low-armors champs... Then the game was a ****, no tank on my team, premade teammates so I was probally against premades too... And my team didn't speak... only PL... I could only get graves + dorans blade + vampiric specter and half Infinity Edge...

Can someone help me with the build? What should I priorize for early/mid/late? Damage? AS? Crit Chance? Lifesteal? Survability (Wich survability item)? CC ( Frozen Mallet)? :/

I know all these things are on guides, but they're very different, with different build, perspectives, for players who know this area, and I never, NEVER played full AD :/

ooh, more 1 question: All you guys know that thing "please, focus bla-bla"... Lets imagine "bla-bla" is a champion, and he's our main target, but "bla-bla" is ranged, how do I get to him without the melee jumping on me and killing me very easy? Or should I stay back getting the nearest champion? If I get to close they will jump on me and kill me real fast... I think
Thx for Nyoike for this sig! Tanks FTW s2
L1LShadow's Forum Avatar
Jun 26th, 2011
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For Master Yi, he does a lot of damage even if all he has is a phantom dancer, make sure you come in late(r) so you get targeted less. Especially against the squishies he hurts. For his early game, start out with Doran's Ring so that you can free farm with alpha strike and heal yourself with meditate. Stay passive and just use your alpha strike. However, keep your mana above half.

For Sion, youmuu's ghostblade's potential is unleashed when you use it's active. I think getting 2 phantom dancer on him is good because hes already beefy from his health passive and he has a lot of damage from his third skill. He also needs that speed or else he is worthless. If you plan on getting ghostblade then just get only 1 phantom dancer for item space. Frozen mallet also helps because he is able to slow them and he will be much beefier than he already is.

Tristana doesn't need that much attack speed because of her rapid fire. Don't get Grieves unless you want to be glass cannon. But get boots then zeal, maybe a vampiric scepter, then start your infinity edge. That way you get extra stats to help you get infinity edge faster.

If you are physical damage then it is a good idea to position yourself and come a little late even if you are ranged because they will target you if they see you at the start of a battle. For master yi, since he is so fast, you can easily come from behind through a safe route and kill their hiding squishy champions. If you come late and they jump on you just run or kite, if they chase you then you pretty much sacrifice you not doing damage for them not doing damage. If not then just go back in and etc.

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