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My Morde Guide

Creator: Differentiate#71999 June 2, 2011 4:12pm
May 20th, 2011
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Hey guys,

This is my Mordekaiser build:

I had a couple of questions on it.

The comments on my build emphasise the significance of Frozen Heart as a useful armor item with a nice passive. My thoughts on this are that there is a significant mana component wasted while Rylai's and Randuin's provide the slow that Frozen Heart offers. So in actual fact, the only reason you'd buy it, is for the CDR. Do you guys think that it's worth it?

Also a couple of more general questions:
1) How do I get my guide recommended and shown on the homepage?
2) How do I center align text in my guide?
3) How many votes do I need to be on the "Star Rookies" list?

Thanks in advance!
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Recommended is a vet's choice I'm afraid. No way to get it short of bribery or having them like your guide.

I think the code for center is [center] and then [/center] but I'm not entirely sure.

No idea how many votes is needed for Star Rookie list.

Randuin's and Rylai's are better for Morde IMO because one provides "mana" to him while the other is a good tank item in general. I would get Randuin's. That's just my opinion.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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yes the code is [center] [/center].

To get on the top 10 rated guides of the month on the front page, you just need it to get recognized. It is not about how many votes, it depends on the other guides out that month (any competition) and if you get a lot of upvotes. You can't get this without it being seen though.

Most of the time, the lowest score on there is low 80%s. That is around 20/20 upvotes, which rarely happens. So you will need more upvotes to counterweigh the downvotes.

Have fun :)

Thanks to TRUeLM, Plastictree, Scrax, Xiaowiriamu, foggy12, JahGFX, jhoijhoi, msrobinson, JEFFY40HANDS, Nyoike, MissMaw, and me :) for the sigs!
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Oct 5th, 2010
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Frozen Heart can be worthwhile IF the enemy is really heavy on AD/AS.

But in my opinion, Randuin's Omen would be better, since you're not a champion that needs to be providing auras. The health, on-hit slows, and AS reduction as well as active make it a much more effective purchase.

For recommends, it's up to Veterans to evaluate your guide. Luck of the draw.
For getting on the charts, just hope you get enough good votes.
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May 20th, 2011
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Thanks for the answers.
And @Junsupport, those were my exact thoughts in writing those guides.

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