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How to make the jump from low to high elo

Creator: LeKung June 3, 2018 10:03am
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Apr 12th, 2018
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Hey. Im currently leveling my 3 accounts on EUW. I've been playing for a long time but im bored of wasting my time being hardstuck at mediocre ELO and playing with basically no higher knowledge of the game.

Its pretty hard to describe my problem in 3-4 sentences, but the thing is that i've always played with my brain turned into a sleeping mode, completly not paying attention to mini map, constantly dying in 1v2/3 trades not knowing when to push, when to freeze, when to take objectives, when to roam, which lane should i push, when should i back. My macro gaming is on silver 5 level, but in exchange my skill is i believe on diamond 1 level.

Also the problem is that im afraid of trying to play hard champions like azir, aurelion sol, gangplank, zoe, - basically every new champion or every reworked one.

The question is- how can i make the leap from like d5-d3 (which i consider mediocre elo) to master tier or challenger? I'd like to play in a amateur team and win a couple of mini-tournaments.

What tips would you give me or what youtube/mobafire guides would you recommend for me? Basically on every subject- especially on setting up the macros, how to practice my skills on any champion. Because tbh the champions that i am good at are like orianna, kayle, karthus- and thats it. And i have no idea how to be good at all mid lane champions like the competitive players do.

I hope u understood my trashy english and you'r willing to help me.
Thanks. Hopefully if my skills improve i will upload some good montages in upcoming months.
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Jun 2nd, 2018
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I actually do this for money but i want to help you on this one.

First of all, this is a team game, that's why checking minimap is pretty important even if it's not your duty.
To improve this, I advice you to play support because in other lanes, you become selfish, you just want to run after kills. By playing support, you will learn when to check minimap, where to use totem, when to attack and stop. Btw, don't play support Brand, Blitz, Malphite. Try Taric (my fav), Braum, Lulu, Janna... Hope this helps :)

My page:
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Jun 14th, 2018
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Cool, thank you for sharing!
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Feb 5th, 2018
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A big thing that helped me was watching youtubers that post full gameplays and talk you through all of their decisions. I know there is solorenektononly for top laners, pants are dragon for jg, and bunnyfufu for supports. I encourage to watch each lane it helps to know matchups and jg paths even if you don't play those lanes!
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Sep 13th, 2018
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Thanks for the tips. Good job
The world of lol cosplay
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Jan 7th, 2019
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Basically what is happening is you need to work on your Macroplay. You actually do not need to learn complex champions to climb higher. People make it to Challenger playing only one champion on many different servers. Let's get right into it.

An example of how we can make macroplays versus their team is to setup a slow push going bottom lane pressure the objective in the toplane such as rift herald, baron, or top towers. If the enemy chooses to send all 5 to stop you do not start the objective instead do nothing at all. By doing nothing our team has already gained a small advantage. All that Experience and gold will be lost for the enemy team and you will begin to notice your team will start getting higher levels relative to the enemy team by making plays like this.

If they choose to only send 4 to stop you then try to take a team fight it will be a 5 v 4 and you will have a big advantage. Do not be afraid to back off if you force a teleport as this is already a victory. Also if your team is far enough ahead do not be afraid to start the objective (if only 4 are present) If they decide to try to stop you everyone should stop the objective and immediately turn on the enemy team fighting your favorable 4 versus 5.

Equally a slow push can be set up in the toplane this may be used in the same way to gain advantages using the bottom side of the map. By using many of these small advantages they will eventually add up giving our team a gold and experience lead allowing the game to be closed out easier and effectively without risking throws or falling behind.

Turret plating is so important during the pre-season it is the key to victory. Turret plating is way too good for snowballing and closing games out early with superior macro play. If you ever get the opportunity to get that i'd prioritize it over most objectives the amount of gold swing it gives your team is insane. I know this is just a few tips but I hope it helps. I use this to consistently climb through high elo to the top of players
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Apr 9th, 2019
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Firstly you need to establish a habit to look on map every 3-4 seconds. Mini map gives Huuuumongous amount of information. I can assure you that most of macro movements are made cause of info given by mini map. For example if you don't see assassin champion on minimap, he will probably is going to find a kill. You can make a lot of assumption by just looking on mini map every few second because apart from farming there are not so many good options in the early game. I may sound simple but if you made yourself to think about, it will improve a lot.
You should make your brain start thinking. It will be a pain and you will be doing very slowly. But it is necessary to get better.
Note: you will definitely will start making micro mistakes and losing a lot when you try to think while playing. But some time after you will be better.
Try to play every champion and understand how he "wants to play"(it is very important). By playing champions you don't want you improve your overall game sense and you will be prepared against them in the future. Don't be afraid of losing, be afraid of getting no knowledge form your loss.
Good luck, bro!
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Most good informations are already explained here, but if you look at some guides on here, like for example some of PsiGuard (Jungle guides), Jovy (Support guides), Goliathgames (Top guides), Yamikaze (Mid guides), VaporaDark (little bit of everything) or if not even Vicious Skittle (Adc guides), they all have guides that are pretty in depth and focuses a lot on teaching readers what's important and what's good to know but also what to do in order to have fun. I really recommend checking some of them out, and i mention all of them since i don't know exactly what kind of roles you play, i think that these can really help you out when it comes to climbing or knowing what to do in order to climb. :)
Thanks to Jovy for the sig!
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Jul 29th, 2016
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I learned everything about lane management from old videos of SoloRenektonOnly, before he went full sell out mode.
So that's deffinetly good way to learn how to manipulate state of lane.
Hopefully it will help you too.

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