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Unofficial Patch 9.2 Summary

Creator: FatelBlade January 23, 2019 6:31pm
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Jan 5th, 2012
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Hello and welcome to the Unofficial Mobafire League of Legends 9.2 summary!
We’re going to be taking you through the ups, the down, and the shake em all abouts of this absolute unit of a patch!

Champion Changes
We can’t go through every single champion change (since I’m only one guy and get paid a pittance) but I’ll make sure to hit up anything I deem worth mentioning!

Up in the top lane, we have nerfs to Aatrox, who’ll have a longer cooldown on his Umbral Dash as well as having the ratios on his The Darkin Blade reduced. Yorick, that guy you see sometimes (not really though) has been hit with what we like to call the BUFF BAT! His ghouls will be worth less gold, his ghouls will spawn faster, and he’ll have slightly more control over his Eulogy of the Isles, being able to keep her around him until he frees her to split-push! Also, that punk Jax lost some base AD and damage on his Leap Strike but will still be perma-ban!

Chopping through the jungle, what we see are plenty of small changes that make this format of patch summary hard to make enjoyable! Kayn had plenty of changes to his passive, The Darkin Scythe and now the ability to transform is much sleeker and much less clunky! Our favorite Dragon Goddess (her armor is modest) Shyvana was also given some buffs. Now her passive, Fury of the Dragonborn allows her to deal 20% bonus damage to dragons, and her Flame Breath allows for more max health per hit.

Down to the bottom lane, there isn’t really much to say, so I’ll just kind of list them. Zyra has less mana regen, Rakan lost armor in order to have his The Quickness change (max-range hits later, short range hits earlier). Brand’s passive, Blaze deals less damage per second. Nothing else worth mentioning.

In the midlane, we also have two change that many will enjoy! Irelia’s ultimate, Vanguard’s Edge will no longer disarm! Instead, it will have a higher slow and damage. Also, Galio has received nerfs across the board! His Winds of War costs more mana and does much less damage! His Justice Punch also does less damage early game. Kassadin has lost armor and armor growth, Cassiopeia’s Miasma is nerfed across the board, and Neeko lost the slow on her Pop Blossom. Oh yeah, Sylas will also be released.

Item Changes
Oblivion Orb now costs 1600 guild and gives 20 ap. MPEN untouched.
Morellonomicon now has a combine cost of 550, and gives 70 ap. MPEN untouched.
Sunfire Cape now has a gold cost of 2750 instead of 2900. Nice.

Rune Changes

Overheal had a lot of changes that look annoying to write out but the gist is it got buffed for self-healing and nerfed for allied healing.
Legend: Bloodline now provides 0.6% per stack (instead of 0.8%) but can stack up to 20 times, leading to a total max lifesteal of 12%.
Cut Down now provides 4%-10% more damage based on the target’s max health (10%-100% more max health).
Absolute Focus now just gives less AP and AD.
The adaptive damage is now 9, and the armor/magic resist is now 5/8, respectively.

Summoner Spells
Ignite does less damage, but now has a shorter cooldown as well.

Game Pacing
Baron buff now scales accelerating with time, and I think is better but there are a lot of numbers so who knows. Also towers are tankier.

Jungle Changes
**** got nerfed, yo.
Thank you Jovy for this bomb *** sig!
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Dec 8th, 2013
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What are your thoughts on the jungle changes and how will it impact my favorite childrens animation: The Jungle Book directed by Wolfgang Reitherman

Special thanks to Jovy for the signature! Check out her shop
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Jan 5th, 2012
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That book be burnt my nigga
Thanks to jhoijhoi for the awesome PsiGuard-loving sig!

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