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[Suggestion] Discussion Bar Tools

Creator: jhoijhoi October 28, 2017 10:34pm
Could the Discussion Bar Tools be updated/revamped?
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Mar 20th, 2011
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The current discussion bar tools are a bit outdated/look meh in general. Also, there are just things missing that you'd assume would be there, and then options that exist that really shouldn't be there and options that don't even work (looking at you, picks/bans). Also, ctrl+I isn't is for italics, not images, so unsure of why hovering over insert images shows ctrl+I? Also, saying "ctrl+B" indicates ctrl+shift+b, because the B is capitalised, when you only need to use an uncapitalised b.

I was looking at the comment tools on the League website and they have a limited and useful selection. Perhaps something similar could be implemented for MobaFire.

Instead of having the champion/summoners/items split up, you could just have one icon. People will soon learn that it's easier to double-bracket things, but at least they'll realise the option is available to them.

I think it'd also be neat to have a ? button that would redirect you to common short-cut codes.

Things I think don't need to be there:
> Underline
> Headers
> Embed video AND image (just choose a symbol for embedding something)
> Bullet point
> Scorecard
> Picks/Bans

Things I wish were there:
> ? (help button/redirects to common commands)
> Wiki/BBCode icon (can type a champion, summoner spell, rune/mastery, item, ability etc and insert it)
> Tag someone (@ symbol?)

Dunno, just another small thing that MobaFire could improve if/when they feel necessary.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Thanks for the feedback Jai. I definitely think there's some room for improvement in this tool.
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