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Suggestions to make MOBAfire a better place

Creator: Tecnology March 15, 2013 9:18pm
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Dec 18th, 2012
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I'm Tecnology, and I was busy trying to find the real reasons why the majority of the community of League of Legends in general not very fond of the guides contained in mobafire. Below I will list reasons and possible solutions for this.

1.MOBAfire not have an adequate quality control. Recently there has been a function of mobafire some guides that are high ELO people are highlighted. Among these guides, there are troll guides. A clear example of this:
Probably, this is not a troll build, but it is a troll guide.
The best solution to this problem would be a better investment in quality control. Guides authors highlight high bond that are really good and approve guides authors TIER Gold or lower that are really good. That would be up to a kind of reward for those who make a good guide, and so be it encouraging people to frequently update your guide, so he could always be highlighted.

2.Removing the Cheat Sheet. Yes, it can bring sudden changes to the guides, but people will just stop looking for stats that the main build of guide gives, and started looking for the same information guide.

3.Encourage the community to make guides. That would bring far more guides and more opportunities for those who want to make a guide. If the system was implemented approved guides and guides featured, more people would want to make guides, and thereby could emerge a guide that exceeds your information and build.

That's it, think of my suggestions, and sorry for my bad English.
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Mar 20th, 2011
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Hi Technology, some interesting ideas there :) I'll address your post by points corrosponding to your own:

1a) I have never in my life seen that guide, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Now that we know about it, I'm sure something can be done, like removing it from the high elo section. Generally speaking, high elo authors do write decent guides, so it's always a shame when one chooses to troll.

1b) We do have a system like that, it's called the Scout System , wherein quality guides are given a Scout Point by users of Rank and get featured on the front page. You'll find that tab next to the High Elo tab, called Scouted.

2) Removing the Cheat Sheet will only have a negative effect on guides. Many authors simply want to set up a cheat sheet for their own personal use, or for friends, so removing this option actually discourages the community to make guides, which was your point three.

3) We do try to encourage the community to make guides, but I do agree that the "Craft a Guide" button perhaps needs to be a little bigger, or more prominent. Perhaps even links at the end of guides saying something like, "Make your own!" to prompt users to give it a go, would be beneficial towards more users publishing new guides.

Thanks for posting, and keep up the suggestions! It's great to hear opinions from people that we don't often hear from :)
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Mar 21st, 2012
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About 2: pro players are mostly only interested in the sheet cheats so removing it will remove audience. Furthurmore, in some cases people just need the Sheet, be it quick game or just a glance of "how you build this guy nowadays"

3. We have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many guides. Like literally, people play one game, do 10/7 and think "time to make a guide". We already have tools and people encouraging, we need quality not quantity
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