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Advice-Playing wrong but it is working.

Creator: Vexed Angel September 21, 2011 5:37pm
Vexed Angel
Vexed Angel's Forum Avatar
Sep 21st, 2011
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Just started LoL shortly ago and have found it hard to play a chaarcer in the correct role in low level PVP. It seems usually the really good people you team with want only to KS you, the unhelpable folks won't listen and this more often then not leaves you fending for yourself while your lane partner is waiting to rez for another suicide run. (Even after telling them 3 times they are now 5 levels below the competitors and are useless to attack them head on)

My first main problem is using melee; I find it extremely hard against range to get any LH's which I undestand this means they are doing their job. So I have mainly been playing characters with survival skills (Snare from Teemo shrooms, the flash skill with Ezreal/Tristana) Most everyone I talk with or play with says I am building them all wrong but I am of the mind that I will use what works to suit my situation and later on learn the correct ways when I must compete with Vets.

Now where I need advice is do you folks think I am crippling myself for playing champs a bit different then the are meant to be. Like AD Teemo/Ezreal/Gankplank. I ried Ashe who folks say is natual but she seems weak in ha respect compared to the skills I have to compliment my style with other characters.


Vexed Angel
iBradlee's Forum Avatar
Aug 11th, 2011
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In regards to your first paragraph:
I'm currently level 21, been playing for a bit, and even at my level it seems 90% of people will KS you, without any hesitation whatsoever. It's just something you need to deal with, I guess. But something I will say, is that the people you play with, at higher levels do get SOMEWHAT more tolerable. I remember when I first started (lvl 10 or so) I honestly was thinking about quitting LoL altogether, solely because of the absolute **** community. It has gotten a bit better though, at my current level.

In regards to your melee LHing question:
All I can really suggest is harassing your enemy a bit more. It'll keep 'em on their toes, and make them fear you. That way, when you run up to last hit a minion they may back, afraid that you're gonna come up and smack 'em again. And generally, when you're harassing more, they'll keep their distance, allowing you to LH quite a bit more.

Also, AD Ezreal isn't odd at all. It's how I play him, and I pretty much rape faces with him <3. Just look up some guides/builds on this site, for any champions you play. I guarantee It'll help you a ton.

Good luck!
Dakirokor's Forum Avatar
Aug 17th, 2010
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With regards to people KSing you, im lvl 30 and have been for a while the KSing and in general people being jackasses is just something that you have to deal with. The only time I really ever find people tolerable in this game is when you have been playing with them for a while and you do premades with them, and ranked game which unfortunatly you can't do yet.

The problem with melee champs last hitting is pretty common thats why you see a lot of champions that can only last hit with auto attacks ( Udyr, Tryndamere, Master Yi, etc.) in the jungle where they don't have to worry about ranged champs harrassing them all the time. Another way to solve that would be to build sustain early game, using Master Yi as an example when i play him i max your Wuju Style first but them max your Meditate second since it allows you to deal with the harrass you get when you last hit.

Don't think that just cause some lvl 13 says that you are supposed to play AP Gangplank that he is right. There are certain champions that can be played either way, Teemo for example, but just because you build is different than what someone else is saying it should be doesn't mean that you are wrong. AD Ezreal is great, AD Teemo is good, AD Gangplank is great.

Feel free to throw me a PM if you have any more questions, I have a lot of games under my belt maybe i can help
listick02's Forum Avatar
Sep 17th, 2011
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I actually think that one of the best aspect of this game is the fact the you can build your own charachter, play your own game style and still be competitive. Dont care about all the ragekid and complainers out there: like all the online games, LoL is full of ragekids and whiners that would flame you even if you are scoring 20/0 or your building your champion "correctly". Don't let this trolls ruin your game, abuse the ignore button and enjoy LoL, if you wanna some tips or just play some games with nice people, just add me on friend list :)

Have fun, that's what matters.
<Retired Admin>
PsiGuard's Forum Avatar
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Keep in mind that what you may perceive as a KS in most games is different in LoL. If you're soloing an enemy champion and are about to kill them when your (preferably AD or AP carry) "steals" the kill, THAT'S GOOD. Your team will net more gold from the fight because you'll have a kill AND an assist and not just a kill by itself. The only time I would be irritated by a KS would be being KSed by a support (not easy to do) or if my team mate wastes an unnecessary ultimate or summoner spell. Otherwise just be thankful your ally is getting some gold. If you could have killed your target on your own, chances are they need the gold more than you do. Assists are worth quite a bit anyway.

Melee champions take some practice to adjust to. Pick some one with a good ranged poke and/or a built-in sustain mechanism. Gangplank is a nice melee because your Parrrley is spammable and can be used for last-hitting. Make sure you build him AD/crit, and maybe an Atma's Impaler + Warmog's Armor for survivability.

Teemo can be played AD, AS/AP, or full AP. Gangplank can be played glass DPS or tanky DPS. Ezreal can be played AP, AD or hybrid, though AD is usually better. Ashe has a weak early game, but is a very strong late-game carry with a lot of utility and a great ult for initiation. Don't underestimate her, she's one of the best AD carries out there.

Like iBradlee said, look through the builds and guides on the site. A lot of them will answer your champion-specific questions and give you good builds to work with. If you're winning with "bad" builds, you'd probably do much better with "good" builds anyway. In time, your enemies won't be so easily defeated with sub-optimal play.

Final note: don't follow builds and guides like a rulebook. Read them, learn from them, note the similarities and differences, then figure out what suits your style best. Feel free to experiment with different items, masteries and strategies to find out which is most effective to you.
Thanks to Nyoike for the sig!
DuffTime's Forum Avatar
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Oct 31st, 2010
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Kill steal does not exist.

Assist gold is rewarded based on how much damage is dealt, so if someone takes the kill at the last second, it's more gold in your team's pocket.


Also, the most important part about a kill is not that your team gets gold, instead it's that your opponents ARE NOT GETTING GOLD or experience.

That is the strongest aspect about landing a kill.


Now, you have to play like you're 1v5 at your lvl. Pick a good strong champion who is capable of repeated 1v1 action.

I recommend a very sturdy, and fast, tanky DPS like Yi.

Build your Yi as follows;

Wriggles / Merc Tread's / Triforce / Atma's / Warmogg's / Force of Nature.

If the game is going too long, buy red and green pots, and then if it keeps going, sell your wriggles later and buy a Bloodthirster or an Infinity Edge.

Since you have balanced stats and built in damage you should win most 1v1's and kill most squishy champions very quickly.
Vexed Angel
Vexed Angel's Forum Avatar
Sep 21st, 2011
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Thanks for all the encouragement, wasn't so much complaining about KS'ing as I get pleny of assist gold it was more meant to show that the good folks care only about their ratio. (at my level)

Ya I have been playing everything trying out all the different champs more to learn more about how they will attack me as well as game mechanics of each champ and maybe get insight into their tacics.

The new Dom map rocks it's like in your face AB. Found for me anyway amumu and annie have worked well. @psiguard thanks I build my teemo more AS/ap with on hit effects for added damage with heavy lifesteal for jungling in between ganks. Working well for me.

Again thanks for all the advice!
GoliathGTX's Forum Avatar
Jul 30th, 2011
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1. Save your skill for last hit if you are that pissed off. On the other hand, you can just accept that they KS you, as long as you are the one breaking the enemy's Nexus in the end, it is still a win. Of course, some can be real *** playing support and KSing a carry for example, in that case you might as well save up a skill for the last hit to KS(kill secure) it back.

2. For melee champion, try to harass your opponent so they fear you. If you have skill that can close the gap in and harass them, do that especially since you usually get HP regen item with melee champion so you are actually winning a blow by blow trade because you can keep on regenerate HP and hit on the ranged champion. And last hit only so you can try to draw your enemy(especially when they just auto-attack all the time) to the tower and farm safely there. This is very workable at the lower level since you just need to charge in without fear and hit them hard and usually they will fear you back most of the time.

3. No champion is meant to be played in one way only, be creative and you will discover more things. Innovator > Follower, at least for me. Also, that three champions you listed are perfectly AD-able. Not to mention AP Teemo is not useful in high level game because people are more aware than the newer players that will step on your mushroom without any clue. And I thought Gangplank are supposed to be AD Or Critplank and not AP.

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