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Always die as Ashe :(

Creator: Aeacus11 August 21, 2011 7:03pm
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Mar 6th, 2011
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Hey guys, been playing for a while now, bit just today started playing Ashe because surprisingly I never play the AD carry (and when I do, I typically play a melée dps). Anyway, it's been tough going. I ALWAYS die/feed early game. There's only been two games that I made it to late game, got items, and totally wrecked. Even in those games I was like 0/3/1 or 0/4/2 early. I am looking for some tips/advice/strategy to help me early game as Ashe! Thanks?
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Feb 20th, 2011
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positioning, positioning, positioning
As an AD carry you have 3 important tasks:

And that's about it. The key to any AD carry is to avoid damage whenever possible. If you're having trouble avoiding enemy skills, stay out of range or buy Boots + 3 Health Potions at the start, this will keep you alive a lot longer. Also, remember to harass, the opponent will be harassing you, that is guaranteed. If you don't harass back, they will gain a health advantage and at some point they WILL dive you for the kill, and likely make it out alive. Volley spam, but manage your mana properly, save volley to harass the enemy, and learn to last hit with your auto attack, it's easy with Ashe.
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Aug 11th, 2011
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I'm decently new-ish, and I normally wouldn't be giving advise, BUT I actually was pseudo-maining Ashe for awhile, and had pretty much the same problem. It's actually surprisingly easy to fix, though. Basically, this is what I did, personally, and it helped TREMENDOUSLY. I just about always come out positive, except for the rare occasion that I have a complete **** team.

Anyways, this part of how I fixed MY problem with Ashe:

- DON'T play super aggressive, especially early game. As I'm sure you know, Ashe is squishy as hell. Keep your distance. Positioning is EVERYTHING; literally the difference between scoring a kill or two early game, and dying in your lane over and over.

- SPAM Volly to harass/farm, again, especially early game. You can "lead" your enemy with it, by staying far enough away from your opponent (Where it shows your Volly won't QUITE reach them) and firing when you see/think he's gonna walk towards it. Keeps you out of harm's way, while still doing damage. All about positioning.

- Pretty self-explanatory, but check out a guide or two, for items. Boots of Swiftness helped me especially early game, to help keep my distance from others.

- In MY opinion, Flash and Ghost work GREAT on Ashe. If you ever accidentally over-extend, or just need to GTFO immediately, they both work like a charm :)

-Farm!! Ashe is great at it. Make sure you're last-hitting! Makes all the difference in the world. Buying a couple Health Potions at the start of the match, will help you continue to lane/farm for a good little while, as well as fix any "Mistakes" you make

-Oh, and FARMMMMMMMMMMM some more :)

That's about it, really. Learning to do this stuff, led me to GREAT success with Ashe, given I had the right team to back me up. And even when my team sucked, I led them quite successfully. Not bad, for a new player :)

Good Luck!

EDIT: Ah, looks like theBMB beat me to it. Pretty close to the same advise, though :)
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Pretty much what those two said.

Though if you're having a weak early game and don't have enough for a B. F. Sword yet, sometimes buying a couple hp pots and a Doran's Blade or two can get you back in the game. Just remember it'll slow down your build.

Oh, and +Rep from me to iBradlee. That's a lot of great advice.
Thanks to Jovy for the sig!
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Jan 8th, 2011
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for starters as ad carry dont pick ashe imo because she is one of the toughest out there cus of her really weak earlygame
i would recommend playing caitlyn or tristana because cait has a huge range for early farming (and thats your only purpose earlygame and tristana because she has high damage earlygame and can be devastating (plus her lategame is ridiculous). MF is another great option because she can doubleup harass from great distance and deals extreme damage early and can secure dragon most of the time because her ultimate wrecks faces early - midgame
greez sam
EDIT: lane with a support that can protect you (if your ally isnt really good i would recommend soraka or sona for him to keep you healthy and be able to survive harass you might be taking because you werent careful enaugh)
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iEatEmoKids's Forum Avatar
Aug 22nd, 2011
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I somewhat agree with what the above said. If you're having trouble as a ranged AD Carry early game, you need to pick champions that have great escape mechanisms. Those champions are Tristana, Corki, Ezreal, and Caitlyn. They all have knock-back skills which allow them to bypass walls. Vayne sort of works too; she can't tumble over walls but it allows her to dodge sudden skill shots (Lux's Pew Pew Lazors for example).

Inexperienced Ashes and MFs tend to feed early game due to their lack of escapes. And no, slowing opponents does not count as an escape.
GoliathGTX's Forum Avatar
Jul 30th, 2011
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Don't overextend. Look at the map all the time for missing heroes. Positioning. Don't be greedy and chase if you are not 100% sure you can get the kill or when many heroes are missing.

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