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Champion pool for ranked

Creator: rag3_qu1t May 28, 2020 12:13am
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Mar 25th, 2020
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Hi, So I'm closing in to level 30 (at level 25 now but I try to play everyday and get the "First Win of the Day" xp. I mainly play Fiora on top lane since I really enjoy her. However, I do want to learn other champs and role because I might get auto-filled for other roles or even for my promo matches, I need to pick another role.

Right now I was thinking to learn Warwick for Jungle and Diana for Mid lane. My first question is, since both of these champions are recognized as "easy" to pick up, how many matches would I need to put in to learn them to play at a decent level?

I also want to have a champion pool of maybe 3 champions just so if Fiora is banned, I can play other champions too. Right now the champions that I own and are considering learning are Maokai, Sett, Darius, Mordekaiser. Some of the other champions that I can buy are Aatrox and Irelia. What 2 of these should I pick up and learn next? Or should I go towards other champions. I do like to play aggressively.

Thank you!
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Oct 19th, 2018
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I'd suggest going for Darius and Mordekaiser. To be fully honest, you can go either of the champions you mentioned, as long as you're comfortable playing them.
Thanks to Janitsu for the sig!
Wicked Cherry
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Sep 1st, 2017
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Hey there,
I'd suggest Irelia if you've taken an interest into her. Aatrox would also be quite a good pick, as well as Sett. If you're looking for other options, I can recommend checking out Jax, Shen and Volibear. :)

As for your other question, I'd say you should try to learn and play them to the degree that you feel that you are quite confident playing them. There's not real number I can say, but try and get a positive win rate (50%+) with them first before heading to ranked. That should be a good indicator. :)

One last little remark on your play style: There's absolutely nothing wrong with playing aggressively but make sure that you can also play and win when you're behind and losing lane. Say you're playing some late game champion into an early gamer, you won't be able to play absolutely aggressively in early.

Hope I could help. :)
Cheers, Wicked Cherry.

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