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Ehm .. why would you not have people to leash...

Creator: Hamduden August 15, 2011 5:24am
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Jul 30th, 2011
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It all comes down to what people percieve as being a leash, some people do it very wrong wen they are just trying to help. If you want check out the jungling section of my Skarner guide, I have a little tid-bit on what is a good leash and a bad leash. EXP is only leeched if they are too close in the vicinity when it dies, an auto attack or a skill to get the golems attention will not lose the jungler exp as long as they are far away enough. That is why people attack it from behing the wall, because the golem is prompted to chase a rather far distance which takes away quite a bit of aggro for the jungler whilst he get in a few hits.
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Aug 10th, 2010
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I jungle as Tryn...and seem to run into incredibly dumb people who think Tryn starts at blue. Or even needs blue to jungle effectively....But to stay on topic, I've had bad leashes. ***** not fun, but I can't think of when I wouldn't ask for a leash if I was using Udyr or WW.
Six Nails
Six Nails's Forum Avatar
Jun 1st, 2011
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one time some one asked me to leash and i just walked up, hit it with my stun (im sion) and just walked away.

2 minutes later he was raging at me for ruining it. what EXACTLY do you do to leash? i thought it was just as simple as hitting it and then walking away.

am i dumb or is he? is there a video of it lol?
<Magic Man>
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May 1st, 2011
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I can't think of how people can ruin a leash.
Normally the person in mid leashes because of their range, and the monster proceeds to run behind the wall, giving a perfect amount of time for the jungler to hit the monster...

Maybe the jungler is bad and accidently resets the monster when you hit it making it longer than usual.

So basically I find no fault in the leasher unless you steal the exp.

Jebus McAzn
<Retired Moderator>
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Really the only downside to leashing is that you MAY miss 1 CS or even some XP if you're the mid laner and you're giving a decent leash. Other than that it's almost always good to leash, even for wolves or small golems. You usually don't want to leash Wraiths though because the jungler typically smites the big wraith and he'll save time without one.
Nighthawk's Forum Avatar
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Dec 7th, 2010
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Cause your to boss to need a leash.

Xenasis's Forum Avatar
Jan 14th, 2011
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Only times you shouldn't get a leash -

You're not even starting at blue anyway
Bad team mates who can't leash properly
You're Shaco
TheJohn's Forum Avatar
Jan 25th, 2011
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Leashing is as simple as a gay slap:

You hit and run.
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