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Guides of the Week! (S9 Week 32)

Creator: PsiGuard August 8, 2019 6:44pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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✔️ How to be a Charm by @ Fruxo
Fruxo's Ahri guide is brand new this week and it's obvious that it's been a lot of time and work in the making. Just a quick glance at the scroll bar lets you know the sheer size of the guide you're about to read. It's a relief to see that the guide is coded quite nicely as it makes it much easier to get through, or to skim if you're looking for specific information.

Due to the amount of content, it's tough to pick just one section to highlight. I'd definitely recommend checking out the laning sections, as Fruxo includes a nice combination of tips and examples to give you some actionable advice for your early game. Wave management is a big part of laning as well, so don't skip that part! If you're new to Ahri or are looking to clean up your mechanics, check out both the simple and advanced combo sections as well.

An in-depth look inside the Void Prophet's mind by @ Chromuro
Few guides feature as much color and nicely themed graphics as Chromuro's Malzahar guide. Aesthetics aside, you can tell you're in the hands of an experienced guide author when scrolling through this champion breakdown. Chromuro covers all the typical chapters you'd expect from a detailed guide, as well as some Malzahar-specific sections like the dedicated Voidlings chapter.

Malzahar is a great champion for newer mid laners or players that like a lot of setup power and crowd control to synergize with their teammates. This is a great primer for any prospetive Malzahar player, so definitely give it a look if you're interested in picking up the champion.

Vapora Dark In-Depth Twitch Guide by @ Vapora Dark
Vapora is an author who needs no introduction. As an avid assassin and ADC player, it makes perfect sense that he'd have a lot of experience on Twitch. Twitch is the ADC that's closest to an assassin, so you'll get the benefit of Vapora's assassin playstyle and general ADC tips to help you succeed. Twitch is also really strong for solo queue at the moment, so now's the best time to consider picking him up if he piques your interest.

My recommended reading for this guide is the Gameplay chapter. A Twitch master will know how to succeed in both the laning phase as well as mid-game picks and team fights. This chapter includes both mechanical tips and mindset advice for playing Twitch to his fullest potential. There are also a number of example videos and gameplay commentaries in the guide if you're looking for some gameplay to emulate directly.

If you liked any of these guides, be sure to give the authors a vote and comment with your thoughts! See you again next week. :)
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