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Ahri Build Guide by Fruxo

Middle gold

✔️ How to be a Charm

By Fruxo | Updated on October 14, 2019
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Runes: Standard Page

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #8 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Ability Order Fox-Fire Max Second

1 2

Champion Build Guide

✔️ How to be a Charm

By Fruxo

Hello Summoner! and welcome to my guide to Ahri. Whether you are new to League of Legends or a knowledgeable veteran, if you have come to learn about Ahri then you have come to the right place! I have poured all of the knowledge i’ve experienced over time and I always keep trying to put in some more.

I’ll be trying to keep this guide along with my other guides constantly updated over time with any changes that may come to Ahri, and I'm always trying to make it look as visually tempting as I can to help with reading for you viewers out there. If you have any questions about the guide or about Ahri in general, then feel free to ask in the discussion section and if you like the guide, giving this guide an up-vote or giving me a +Rep will help greatly.

My Fruxo02

My Summoner name is Smoking Bone and this is my hopefully detailed enough guide to one of my most favorite Mid laners ever in this game, Ahri. I started playing League on the EU West server around the middle of Season 3 and very quickly became addicted to the game. Before League, I primarily played other games that fit my interests, however, League was my first ever experience with a MOBA, which is why I became addicted very heavily towards it.

Sadly I wasn’t playing the game during Season 1 or 2 so I have missed out on a lot of things that were in the game at that point, but during Season 3 is where I started to play and quickly fell in love with the game. I mainly played normals either alone or in most cases together with friends as I found that more enjoyable, it wasn’t until the start of Season 4 that I even bothered touching ranked.

When I started playing League I didn’t really play many champions and in most cases i’d just pick randoms so that I could learn new ones in hopes to find one I like. When I saw Ahri however, I decided to buy her because I loved her design and her kit seemed fun. This is where I instantly found a love for the champion. As of today i'm a super big Ahri enthusiast and she's one of my most played champions ever. That's because at the time I was either switching between Ahri or Vi which was my second most enjoyable and only champion in the Jungle role, it was one for Mid and one for Jungle, both of them was equally as enjoyable to play. During the seasons after Season 4 I only really played for fun and it was mostly just to get a grasp of the game.

It wasn’t until Season 6 where I actually started to pick up ranked which is where I ended up at Silver 1, which to me seemed like a pretty bad elo to be in, however at the time I didn’t know that I was actually roughly as average as almost every other player in this game. During Season 7 is where I peaked Gold 3 though, which was a really big accomplishment for me at the time as I never really had much time to be able to play LoL. As of right now i’m mainly playing for fun in Gold, trying to push myself to new heights.

Many people think I'm an OTP or “one trick pony” because of the fact that I pretty much only play Ahri, and yes that's pretty true, I mostly only play Ahri, but it's actually not the case. Other champions that I can play to an identical, or to an average standard are Vi but it's also Xayah, Irelia, Kai'Sa and Lux.

So that's a bit of my background and who I am, now it's time for you to dig deep into the treasure of knowledge I have poured into this guide. Good luck, and I hope you find something useful from me!

You may be asking the question "why should I even trust this guide?" and yes, that's a completely reasonable statement. While I don't really have all that much to back up my words, I've been Gold every Season since Season 7 where I peaked Gold 3 during the time I was playing a lot during that season, and yet i’m still trying to reach new heights myself to get further with one of the champions that I love the absolute most. I've been playing Ahri since Season 3 with the vast majority of my games with her. That makes almost 6 years of Ahri experience through every meta and every stage that League has been through. So even though i'm pretty low in a ranked state, I still hope i'm able to help you in some way!

Now you might be wondering, why should I even bother playing Ahri in the first place? And that's a perfectly reasonable statement. Ahri is one of those mages where you'll always be able to have fun and do whatever you want to do when you're playing games. If that's to outplay your opponent with your Charm, or to be a very dangerous threat throughout the whole game. She's able to solo kill almost any mid lane champion without the need of help, and has reliable escape tools to avoid ganks. Some matchups are going to be hard though like Yasuo and some are going to be much easier like LeBlanc. There's always going to be champions where Ahri can easily win lane, or that completely counters her. But that's what's enjoyable.

Ahri's main weakness is that she's very squishy throughout the entire game. She's also very vulnerable to anything if her Charm is on cooldown since she can't dodge incoming ganks, especially pre-6. Her damage is also centered around one target so she can blow up someone completely, but then she has to wait for abilities again, making her vulnerable. Although having these 2 cons, she's still shining like the sun on a bright day through every phase of the game as long as she isn't falling behind.

Like said, Ahri is very strong during all stages of the game as she can easily solo kill her opponents in the early-game once she hits her level 3 combo. Her Charm is deadly if it hits and can either result in a straight kill or half the health bar gone from the enemy laner. Her mid-game gets much stronger as she builds up her items to stay relevant throughout the game. Not forgetting about the fact that she has one of the best escaping and chasing tools in her kit, Spirit Rush. During the late-game however, she becomes a dominant force to be reckoned with as she can burst down any squishy in her way and make massive dents to Tanks as well. I think these factors alone is good enough to make up for her squishy and single targeting CC weakness, which in itself isn't actually all that weak to be fully honest.

+ High Outplay Potential
+ Good Poke in Lane
+ Very High Damage
+ Is Decently Mobile
+ Good Sustain Together with Her Passive
+ Very Fun to Play
Ahri has some amazing damage throughout the whole game. She can also roam really well after reaching level 6 thanks to Spirit Rush. She has sustained health gains from her Q passive and she scales really well after a couple of items. Your Charm is like a kiss from heaven, if you hit it onto an opponent then they just instantly vanish after your combo and you get some gold for it. It's almost like they're rewarding you for giving them a kiss by giving you some gold back in return. Isn't that kind?

Like I mentioned a few times before, Ahri's biggest weakness is her unreliable CC spell, Charm and the fact that she's pretty squishy. This because she becomes vulnerable to anything from ganks to CC if her Charm is on cooldown, especially pre-6 when she doesn't have her ultimate. She's also sorta squishy, so any form of champion that does their massive damage all at once, will mess you up, like Diana.
- Q + E are both Semi Hard Skillshots
- Very Squishy
- No Escape If R + Flash Is on Cooldown
- Relies Heavily on Hitting Her E
- Very Mana-hungry at Early Levels
- Only Truly Safe post-6

Flash is one of the most crucial and important spells of any champion. It's very important for Ahri as she doesn't have many escapes at all except ultimate, and it'll always be handy to have when you're getting ganked by the enemy team and your Charm isn't enough to save you. It's also really handy to have in most tricky situations if you manage to mess up abilities or you absolutely have to get out but your Spirit Rush is on cooldown.

One of my most favorite spells to use against champions like Cassiopeia or Zoe in order to remove their annoying CC spells like Sleepy Trouble Bubble or Petrifying Gaze for a few examples. The spell doesn't remove Suppression or Airborne but even without that it's still an amazing spell. Also great to use against difficult to dodge champions like Veigar or against champions that'll delete you if you get hit by their hard CC like for example Lux. It can also be used to remove both the effects of Ignite and Exhaust which is a really handy thing to have in games.
Exhaust is a spell that's useful against champions like Zed and Yasuo, this is because of the fact that it slows them down and makes their damage much weaker when they're going for an all-in. However, you can still take Ignite as your spell instead of this one if you're confident enough that you'll win lane, but in most cases, Exhaust is always one of the better choices against those matchups. This is also because it's better in melee matchups because they'll be in range of the spell, unlike ranged matchups where it's almost impossible to apply (in time). It's just a great choice for matchups that can bully you hard.

Teleport gives you the option to recall and return to lane immediately and it grants you the ability to have more impact on the map as you'll have a much bigger global presence. But, Ignite is way better as a spell for all-ins and in most matchups you'll be going for that spell instead. However in matchups where you can't really kill all that well (such as Ryze or Malzahar because of their abilities to push out waves really fast before you can do anything). In these cases, Teleport is much better as you can help out your side laners instead and you'll be able to get back to lane so that you won't lose any CS. It's just a great spell if you really can't make any plays at all in your lane.
Ignite is by far my most favorite spell ever. With this spell you can decide to go very aggressive on a trade or all-in, if you can only manage to get your opponent to decently low health then you'll be able to finish them off with this spell so that you can get that kill + gold you desperately need. However, unless you're completely sure you'll get the kill without using the spell, then save it. Otherwise use it to secure getting that kill. You can also use this spell against matchups like Vladimir where you need to save it during teamfights. This because Ignite completely cuts a lot of healing. Once casted it applies grievous wounds (which decreases healing by 40%). So when you're facing matchups where you need to remove their healing, then this is amazing for that exact purpose.

Electrocute provides plenty of burst damage and you can consistently proc it in lane with your abilities. Because of the fact that Electrocute is a good rune for you, you ideally want to be looking to proc it everytime it's off cooldown. You'll be able to proc it either by using three different abilities, or just autoing your laner three times, any opportunity you get to proc it in lane is definitely going to be worth it. Just proc it, and back off to avoid any sort of unnecessary damage from the enemy.

Sudden Impact gives you a lot of extra magic penetration when you use your Spirit Rush for an all-in. It increases your burst damage a lot and can make a big difference. You essentially have no rune in this slot until you hit level 6 though, but when Spirit Rush is down you don't tend to look for engages or teamfights anyway, unless they are forced and you have no other choice but to fight.

Eyeball Collection provides consistent AP which is really beneficial for you as you need it in order to get takedowns and to stay relevant throughout the game, Eyeball Collection is very recommended as a rune for it's consistency. Because of your ability to deal lots of damage you should be able to stack this up pretty easily unless you're behind.

Ravenous Hunter is a really great rune but its effects are not as significant on Ahri as it could be on other champions due to how Ahri has access to plenty of healing during the later phases already thanks to Essence Theft. However, it can still be very useful for the early game, and more healing is always a good option to have across all stages of the game no matter if you're ahead or behind.

Transcendence: This rune is a really good secondary tree option in your rune page for Ahri as it's just straight up 10% CDR when you hit level 10. There is a pretty big downside to this rune as it doesn’t do anything before level 10 compared to other choices. Level 10 is around the time during the game where Ahri gets a big powerspike, and so being granted the 10% CDR here is good timing, another major point is that you get the free CDR right before you hit level 2 on your Spirit Rush.

Manaflow Band: The laning phase has become much more important now so instead of the usual Scorch that you would take, we'll use Manaflow Band instead for the good mana that it gives. Of course Scorch is still a good rune to use as well, however, having enough mana for combos during teamfights is very important, this rune helps with covering that minor problem that Scorch would otherwise fail to do.

The most important rune in this path! In lane, you can use autoattacks to slow down your enemy and hit both ticks of your Orb of Deception. If they are exposed, you can also use the rune to help you land a Charm. Once you get your core items ( Twin Shadows, Hextech GLP-800), you'll be able to catch people from afar and potentially slow down an entire team, setting yourself up for a Charm and your teammates for a fight. You'll lose some damage, but that's fine.

This rune is literally equal to 300 gold! But it does come with the drawback of not being able to buy any kind of boots before the 10 minute mark. Perfect Timing is better in some matchups where you absolutely need to rush Zhonya's Hourglass (like with Zed) and would like to have access to the active early on without committing 600 gold for it. Otherwise, Magical Footwear is superior in the sense that it contributes more gold and can be obtained earlier if you get enough takedowns.

Biscuit Delivery gives you even more sustain in lane. Recommended second rune if you take Inspiration as your Primary Path. This rune could be good with Time Warp Tonic as your biscuits will be stronger along with your potions but it isn't worth it.

Cosmic Insight is the best choice in the third row and there's a good reason for it. The CDR that this rune gives is amazing for you and is for sure a keeper. The Item CDR in particular is also really great to have early as you won't have any kind of CDR of that choice until you've built Hextech GLP-800, not only this but it'll also reduce the item active already as soon as you build your first item thanks to this rune.

Minion Dematerializer: This is the only other rune that is good on Ahri if you remove the other choices mentioned above, it let's you instantly remove cannon minions as well as getting the gold for it, and you don't have to do anything. However, it only gives you a limited amount of these and so you can only clear a few cannon minions with it, but it's still a really good rune to take if you don't feel like Biscuit Delivery is going to be necessary. I mean come on, who doesn't want increased damage on minions?

Cheap Shot: Is a really good rune to pick up for the Glacial Augment rune page. This is because it's crucial for you in order to be able to deal more damage whenever your targets are slowed down thanks to the bonus true damage. You shouldn't pick this rune in the Electrocute page as it'll give far less damage compared to Sudden Impact, which is why it'll benefit you the most right here.

Ingenious Hunter: This rune is good for a lot of item actives, hence the reason why it's great for the Glacial Augment build because it revolves around item actives such as Hextech GLP-800 or Twin Shadows with more. If you're in a hard matchup like Xerath where you can't really roam a lot and has to stay in lane because he can push it out really fast, Ultimate Hunter won't really benefit you as you can't roam. This is the reason as to why you'll go Ingenious Hunter so that you can get item CDR for teamfights while farming in lane since you're already stuck there.

Ultimate Hunter: This particular rune is actually really good, it gives you plenty of roaming power which is amazing against matchups where you won't be able to pick up all that many kills in your lane, and you need to be able to do something else rather than just farming in your lane. It gives you a better global presence as you can use your ultimate more often. Ultimate Hunter allows you to make plays way more frequently. Great against matchups like Yasuo or Kassadin where you can get a lot of roam potentials frequently thanks to the CDR that'll come on your Spirit Rush as soon as you pushed your wave into their turret, making it easier to roam to help your other lanes.

Now Rune shards differ during matchups but they are quite similiar when it comes for AP and AD matchups on Ahri. Adaptive is for both the first and second rune because of the great damage that it gives for you. Lastly you can follow it with either an Armor stat shard as your last one or Magic Resist. If you face any kind of AP matchup like LeBlanc then go Magic Resist, otherwise it's Armor all the time incase of AD matchups, and sometimes you might even have to pick Health for mixed damage matchups.

Vastayan Grace

Whenever Ahri hits a Champion 2 times within a short period of time, she briefly gains movement speed.

My Thoughts
One ability may provide mulitiple ability hits. Ahri's Vastayan Grace is easily triggered by landing both ticks of Orb of Deception or at least 2 Fox-Fire bolts onto an enemy champion. The movement speed is nice for dodging skillshots and kiting, but most of the time it's difficult to feel it's presence.

Orb of Deception

Deals magic damage on the way out, and true damage on the way back. Ahri's abilities generate Essence Theft stacks when they hit enemies (max 2 per cast). At 9 stacks, Ahri's next Orb of Deception that lands a hit will restore health for each enemy that got hit.

My Thoughts
Ahri's Orb of Deception is what gives her strong waveclear and harass. From Level 9 onwards, you should be able to consistently one-shot the caster minions by landing both hits of your Orb of Deception onto them. The best time to use her Orb of Deception is when an enemy is going for a last hit. With careful aiming and positioning, you should be able to land both ticks at the same time.

It's very important for you to know the range of Orb of Deception. This because the key to the ability is hitting your enemy at the tip, it'll ensure both instances of damage from the ability are indeed applied. Whenever you're learning the range of Orb of Deception. Keep in mind that the actual length of the ability is about an orbs length longer than what the indicator shows. At times you won't always manage to land your Orb of Deception at the tip, make sure that you reposition the returning route by moving, flashing or using your ultimate so that you can still ensure both ticks of the ability.

You can adjust Orb of Deception's returning path by using Flash or your Spirit Rush. Positioning right next to the enemy (with the enemy between your orb and you) will guarantee the true damage hit. Be careful when using Orb of Deception to harass though, as it may push the wave and put you in a dangerous spot vulnerable to ganks.

Keep in mind that this is your scouting tool as not only will it make a sound when it hits an enemy but it'll also grant you a stack of your Essence Theft passive (which can be shown when it goes up). Orb of Deception is also the ideal tool to break spell shields such as Banshee's Veil as only the first pass through will be absorbed and the return will still deal damage.

With efficient use of your abilities in lane it's possible for Essence Theft to activate every third cast. If you really need some health in lane, Fox-Fire is the most mana efficient way to quickly stack up your Orb of Deception passive. Another safe way to get some quick stacks is to throw your Orb of Deception over the wall at raptors. Keep in mind that you heal for each enemy hit, so obviously hitting an entire minion wave with your Orb of Deception is the most efficient way of using your Essence Theft passive.

It's really easy to keep track of when you'll have your Essence Theft passive as Ahri's Orb will glow green when it's active, giving you the necessary option of knowing when you should use Orb of Deception on the wave to get health back. Otherwise the orb would glow blue and it would just be a normal Orb of Deception instead. Keep in mind that the easiest way to stack your passive is by using Fox-Fire, although it shouldn't be used too often.

When you're trying to stack your passive, be careful with your mana bar as well, as it can be quickly depleted if you aimlessly use your Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire whenever they're off cooldown. It's better to be as mana effecient as possible when using your abilities to land harass while trying to generate charges and keeping a good mana bar.


Releases Fox-Fire's that seek nearby enemies and deals magic damage. Enemies hit with multiple Fox-Fire's take 30% damage from each additional one beyond the first. Fox-Fire prioritizes champions recently hit by Charm, then enemies Ahri recently attacked. If Fox-Fire cannot find a priority target, it targets champions over the nearest enemy if possible.

My Thoughts
Fox-Fire has received a mini rework a while ago and now it's much easier to land all 3 Fox-Fire bolts onto an enemy champion in lane. Before, you'd have to stand very close to an enemy champion in order to land all 3 bolts. Now, each fire has an independent range, a good rule that didn't exist before but does now is always to auto attack before casting the ability as all of your fox-fires will be in range and it'll deal damage directly to the target. Otherwise it'd just go to minions if you didn't auto attack beforehand.

The bolts will all fire onto a target within 725 range of Ahri (not the bolts themselves) as long as it has been autoattacked or Charm'd by her less than 3 seconds ago. If there are no appropriate targets in range, then each bolt will fly to the nearest target within 550 units of itself, prioritizing champions and then targets autoattacked by Ahri. If your goal is to land all 3 bolts onto something, then the effective range (with Ahri as the center) is far less than 550.

Since Fox-Fire has no cast time, you can use it as you're auto-attacking and then immediately back off to avoid minion aggro. Your Fox-Fire will fire at the enemy even if you back off, as your auto-attack range is 550 while your Fox-Fire range is 725, giving you a great amount of poke without taking to much damage in return.

Keep in mind that your Fox-Fire will only be launched towards enemies that you have vision on. This means that if your enemy is for example walking into a bush and you just used Fox-Fire, it'll mean you either have to find a way to quickly get into the bush before the ability runs out or you need to be prepared to ward it.

This also means that because each bolt from Fox-Fire is considered a single spell, one bolt is all that's needed to break a spell shield from Banshee's Veil while the other two bolts will still be able to deal damage while also proccing full spell vamp.


Blows a kiss dealing magic damage, if hit, charms the enemy towards Ahri for a few seconds.

My Thoughts
Ahri's most iconic ability, Charm. This is what makes her so threatening at times. Your Charm sets up your Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire and allows you to deal a lot of burst damage. The CC duration at even rank 1 will guarantee both hits of your Orb of Deception as long as you're standing sufficiently far away from an enemy (around 400 units). It's best to use the ability first in order to maximize your burst potential, and you should use Charm first if you only have a small window to one-shot an enemy carry. But in some cases it can be a better idea to hold on to it and use your other abilities first.

Don't be afraid to make attempts to land this ability in lane, even if you're uncertain about whether you can land it or not. Because of it's lowered mana cost, it's no longer as punishing to miss it as it used to be. Simply play safer for the next 12 seconds if you do indeed miss it. However, if you're aware that the enemy Jungler is nearby, then save it for that incoming gank.

At times if your team is very short on CC, you might definitely want to max Charm second instead of Fox-Fire to have the duration of the targets charmed much longer. However this only applies if your team doesn't have much CC as you technically lose a lot of burst potential since you aren't maxing/levelling up your Fox-Fire like normally.

Ideally, you want to start off combos by landing a Charm (maybe using one charge of your Spirit Rush to engage beforehand), as it maximizes your burst potential. But there are situations where it's difficult to land it, and it's okay to use other abilities before your Charm.

During trades your opponent might fear the Charm itself more than anything else that you can throw at them. This means that if you're deciding to trade with them, it's always a good idea to just walk up and save your Charm. Instead just auto attack them, this'll ensure that they'll have no clue when you're about to cast the ability. Which'll mean that when you do indeed cast it, you can easily hit it, proc your combos and you'll get a lot of free auto attacks with that trade just by waiting a bit longer.

Spirit Rush

Nimbly dashes forward firing Essence Bolts at nearby enemies dealing magic damage, can be cast up to 3 times within a few seconds before going on cooldown.

My Thoughts
In order to be an effective Ahri player, you'll need to be able to use Spirit Rush to it's fullest potential. This means being able to gain a positional value at the same time as dealing damage with the ability. Although you can use Spirit Rush defensively, it's a much better idea to use it offensively to gain an advantage on your opponents, and securing kills easier.

Spirit Rush is what allows Ahri to be able to play safe and make plays. Having three dashes for a duel, skirmish, or a teamfight allows her to dodge enemy skillshots while putting herself into a position to land her Charm and other abilities. You can use the ability to chase down immobile enemies who tries to flee from you with only their Flash. You can also dash over walls and flank from unexpected locations to kill an enemy.

This ability is one of the most powerful ganking tools in the game. As soon as you hit level 6, you should generally try and push out your wave and look for roaming potentials to other lanes. Her Spirit Rush is what gives a lot of reliability to her roams. In addition to it's strong mobility, it's also a source of reliable damage. The bolts will always prioritize enemy champions in it's range. However, don't use up all three charges at once, unless the damage from the ability is sufficient to kill your target. It's best to hold onto your charges and use them to stay in range and set up your other abilities. Keep in mind that you have 10 seconds to use your remaining charges of the ability, so use them! Early on, the ability doesn't do a lot of damage, so don't overestimate your burst with your Spirit Rush. Focus more on it's utility. If, however, you're absolutely confident that one cast of your Spirit Rush will kill your target, you can cast it right on top of your current location and the bolts will come out faster.

Without your Spirit Rush, you're very vulnerable to ganks and all-ins and your playmaking ability is very limited. In lane, while your Spirit Rush is on cooldown, you must be very careful about certain abilities that can cost you your life. Examples of these are Fizz's Chum the Waters, Orianna's Command: Shockwave and Lux's Final Spark, with many more. Also, try to make good uses of your Charm and Flash in order to get out of sticky situations when you don't have this ability available.

You can use Spirit Rush to get over most walls on the rift. However, it's considered a dash and not a blink ability, so you won't be able to make it over the larger walls. Similar to Fox-Fire, Spirit Rush will only fire it's bolts if your target is in your vision. If they go into a bush, your bolts will not fire and you would have wasted a charge of your Spirit Rush, this means ward the bushes or dash inside of them to be able to use the bolts to their potentials.

> > >

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is your most optimal skill path as you'll be maxing Orb of Deception first out of your basic abilities as it deals a ton of damage and it's your best poke and wave clear tool out of all your abilities. After that you'll max Fox-Fire for more damage so you can increase your damage output after hitting your Charm and to maximize your damage potential. Lastly max your Charm and of course take those points on your Spirit Rush whenever it's available to you.

> > >

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is the second skill path that you can use where you max Orb of Deception first again. But instead you'll be maxing Charm to increase the CC duration of the ability, great for team comps where you need to have more CC. By maxing this ability, the Charm duration will be much longer and the cooldown will be reduced. Lastly max your Fox-Fire and take points on your Spirit Rush whenever it's available to you just like usually.

There are many many items that can be built on Ahri because of the huge amount of Ability Power items that are in the game as well as other items that work really well with any type of champion. In this section I will try to go into as much detail as I can about each item choice and the situations where they can or should be built. Starting items will start, followed by two different build paths that you can choose from before moving onto her core, situational & trinket items with a few misconceptions at the end to finish off the items section.

+15 Ability Power
+60 Health

UNIQUE Passive: +5 mana regen per 5 seconds
UNIQUE Passive: +5 on-hit damage vs minions

Doran's Ring is by far one of the most standard starting items for Ahri as it’s really useful in all her matchups. It provides you with plenty of early AP as well as health to make your laning phase much better. The passive that this item gives is also really good as you restore mana every second and you’ll deal more damage towards minions. Sure, some mana regen may not sound like a lot but it adds up. Thanks to this item and it's mana regen passive, you’ll be able to get a free Orb of Deception pretty much every single minute.

The extra HP that Doran's Ring gives is also a pretty big deal during the laning phase and the early levels as it’ll soak up a lot of the damage that you’ll take from one of your opponents abilities or all of the damage from an auto attack. Even though 60 health may sound like nothing, it becomes way more than you would think.

I’d recommend going for a Dark Seal on your first back. This item is a big thing as Dark Seal is not only going to be much cheaper, but you get the opportunity to start snowballing your lane after takedowns. The healing passive on potions is also a big thing as during the early laning you'll still buy a Health Potion or 2 on each back, unless you decide to directly go for Refillable Potion instead. However, you can still skip going this item and instead just rush Lost Chapter instead, especially if you’re behind early on.

Generally speaking, a Doran's Ring is the best starting item for Ahri and you'll see most players go with this start every single game that they play.

Regenerates 5 health points every half-second for a
total of 15 seconds, restoring a total of 150 health.

Limited to 5 potions at one time and also to one type of Healing Potion.
This means you cannot buy any Health Potions if you decided to buy
Refillable Potion and vice versa.

Moving onwards on our list we have the good old Health Potion. Health Potions are probably if not the most important item that you can get when you start the game. This is because it allows you to take damage, trade with the enemy all while recovering health that you’ve lost. If you were to skip buying potions, any kind of damage that you’ll take in lane like minion damage or damage from abilities will pretty much be permanent long term damage because the base health regen early on is really low, especially for Mages. Ahri has by far a really low if not one of the lowest base health regens of only 6.5 at level 1.

If you use the typical Doran's Ring start, you’ll be able to afford 2 Health potions which when combined with your Orb of Deception’s passive, Essence Theft, gives you some great early-game sustain that will let you survive. It’s important to note that for the first couple of times that you recall, you should always buy a few Health Potions, like one or two as it makes it much easier for you and harder for the enemy as they can’t really push you out of lane or kill you as you can keep healing back the damage that they are able to deal to you. However, don’t buy too many potions. They may be a very cheap item but the cost will start to pile up if you buy a lot of them, especially during times when you don’t really need that many.

If you do however need more healing during the laning phase, like for examples you’re facing a lane such as Xerath or Yasuo. Generally champions that can really punish you if you position wrong as well as being able to trade very well, then it can be a good idea to pick up a Refillable Potion on your first or second back instead of wasting so much of your gold on more Health Potions. One stone example of this is Azir as you’ll always need potions to be able to survive lane thanks to his frequent poke. Refillable Potion is a great option for this as it’ll give you two potions during lane that you can use to refill your health, but it’ll also refill at shop, giving you new potions. This way for only 150g, you’ll always have potions when you recall and head back to lane, without having to buy new ones. This is also great because if you're ahead, you can upgrade this item to Corrupting Potion which'll give you Mana as well as health and gives you an even stronger lane presence.

Consumes a charge to place an invisible
Stealth Ward which'll reveal the surrounding area.

Duration: 90-120 seconds (based on level)
Cooldown: It'll store one charge every 240-120 seconds
(based on level), up to 2 maximum charges.

The Warding Totem is much like the old Vision Ward in that it's an item that grants vision whenever you place it the only difference is that it's now completely free, and infintely more useful. The Warding Totem is by far the best Trinket that you can buy and should buy whenever you start your game. You'll be able to ward around your lane to get vision in case any enemy ganks might happen, if you want to keep track of the enemy Jungler, or if you just want to be able to keep track of your own laner. It’s just a great trinket because it’s a free ward at level 1 that can be placed whenever you so choose. The duration of this totem will however increase with champion level and the cooldown will significantly decrease to the point where you’ll pretty much always have at least 1 ward up all the time. It can also store 3 charges of Wards so if you feel like you don’t want to ward your lane just yet, you don’t have to, it’s better to save them up a little bit, see where the jungler starts, and then decide to place your wards for maximum protection.

It’s also just a great and simple thing as you can get vision near a side where your jungler is. Making you safe from any potential ganks coming from the other side, and if the jungler decides to come from your warded side, your own jungler will be able to help you. This simple ward can also give you the necessary information on where the enemy Jungler started, and what their game plan is like for example where they’re looking to gank first.

In this section, I'll be talking about the different building paths that you can go on Ahri as they will always differ from game to game. Sometimes you'll need to protect yourself against AP, and sometimes AD, it all depends on the matchup and the game. Down below i'll be talking about general items that you need to pick up whenever you're facing a specific matchup.

When you're facing AD, you'll go for Doran's Ring + Boots of Speed + Seeker's Armguard, which can follow into either starting and finishing Luden's Echo or rushing Zhonya's Hourglass. If it's for AP then you'll be building Doran's Ring + Boots of Speed + Lost Chapter followed up by a Null-Magic Mantle that can be built into a Banshee's Veil. I'll be talking more about the specifics of Lost Chapter, Seeker's Armguard and Null-Magic Mantle down below. Followed up by Control Wards and Boots of Speed as an ending to the build paths.

+20 Ability Power
+30 Armor

UNIQUE Passive: Killing a unit grants 0.5 bonus
ability power and armor, stacking up to 30 times for a
max of 15 bonus ability power and armor.

Seeker's Armguard is by far one of the best items as it only costs 1100 gold and it’s the most useful item that you can go whenever you’re facing any type of AD mid laners. The entire poing of going Seeker's Armguard against AD is because the armor the item provides will reduce their burst and poke damage. This is important in some matchups such as Zed or Talon as you would get destroyed if you don't have any bonus armor. This especially applies if they build Magic Resist against you like Mercury's Treads or Hexdrinker for examples.

It isn't necessary to finish the stacking passive that Seeker's Armguard has before you finish Zhonya's Hourglass as the stacks will be lost once you upgrade the item (and Zhonya's Hourglass gives more AP & as much armor as the stacked seeker's anyways). However, it’s common sense to try and finish your item if you’re building any form of stacking items in the game. You want to be able to finish it as soon as you can in order to get that extra armor. This can also lead to you not having to rush for a Zhonya's Hourglass just yet because the armor from Seeker’s is enough to sustain you until you have your Luden's Echo. Seeker's Armguard is easily stacked by killing units so, during the laning phase, it’s very ideal for you to have the item built and already stacking.

Like I’ve mentioned before, sometimes you don’t have to finish the item into a Zhonya's Hourglass as you’ll only get a little bit more AP, the CDR as well as the item active, but no more armor. Having to spend 1800 gold extra for that may not always be worth it unless you really need the item active for a particular matchup such as Zed and his Death Mark or Fizz and his Chum the Waters etc. After you’ve built Seeker's Armguard and you aren’t in a matchup where you need the item active yet, you can postpone Zhonya’s until later and focus on your main core item such as Luden's Echo instead.

+40 Ability Power
+300 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: Haste: +10% Cooldown Reduction
UNIQUE Passive: Restores 20% of your
maximum mana over 3 seconds upon leveling.

Lost Chapter is the best item that you can build in the early game. Although you might not think so at first glance, I can promise you that it’s true. Lost Chapter costs 1300 gold and it's the standard building item unless you get Seeker's Armguard. As soon as you have enough gold, you should look to back and grab your first key component which is Lost Chapter as it's very important for your core item. The only exception to this is if you got pushed out of lane or you're behind. If this is the case, then go for 2 Amplifying Tome’s instead as it's still going to be very valuable for you even if you don't have the full Chapter just yet.

The reason you’d want to go for Lost Chapter first is because of the big mana sustain that it provides for you. You’ll basically never have any sort of mana problems after you’ve bought Lost Chapter as it’ll always restore 20% of your maximum mana whenever you level up, granting you the ability to stay in lane much more thanks to that mana. It also just gives you 300 extra mana as well which just makes your mana pool better.

Let’s also take the stats into consideration as well. Lost Chapter also provides you with 40 Ability Power and the 10% CDR. The AP is actually quite a lot for being just a simple starting item such as this one. However, the CDR is even more useful for your abilities. The cooldown on Ahri’s Spirit Rush at level 1 is also quite a long cooldown early on so this’ll be of more use as it can reduce the cooldown by a lot more than it would at ranks 2 or 3.

Limited to only 1 pair of boots.

UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement:
+25 Movement Speed.

When it comes to any form of mobility in League of Legends, boots is the item that gives that purpose. Boots of Speed is the basic boots and is in general the best ones in order to start getting mobility. Movement speed is by far one of the most essential stats that you can get during a game and as a mid laner it becomes really great to have it in case of making roams easier & quicker.

Boots are a very valuable item for the whole purpose of giving mobility. Thanks to this mobility, you’re able to dodge skill-shots from champions such as Xerath, or against champions that needs to stay on you in order to deal damage like Yasuo. However, this does mean that boots aren’t always going to be the most important item against all matchups because some are all or at least mostly point and click like Annie. However, this generally means that the time where you’re going to be building your boots, will always change depending on the matchup that you’re facing.

When it comes to Ahri herself, she values mobility a lot more than a lot of other champions because of the fact that she’s so squishy, but it’s also because she’s really effective at kiting as well as being able to catch up with someone and stay onto them thanks to Spirit Rush. Movespeed is technically an indirect defensive stat as it completely allows anyone to be able to have it easier when it comes to dodging abilities or getting away from champions that are trying to chase you down, making it even more perfect for Ahri to have. Thanks to the set of boots, it’ll boost Ahri’s kill potential even more as one of her key weaknesses is her lack of mobility when she doesn’t have her Spirit Rush.

Places a visible Control Ward at a target location, granting
vision over the surrounding area + revealing any camouflaged
champions and revealing & disabling any enemy wards or traps.

Control Wards are limited to 1 per player, 2 per inventory
and they last forever until destroyed using 4 auto attacks.

When it comes to Control Wards, they’ll both reveal and disable nearby enemy traps as well as any Wards within it’s range. This is by far one of the reasons they are so valuable both towards you as well as your teammates. Just by using this ward you’re able to completely render the enemies vision useless in that bush etc. and it’s a very effective thing to do in lane. It helps you and your team massively as you can make attempts happen to either catch targets, to get an objective, or to gain a vision advantage during a fight by having this Control Ward sitting inside of a bush. You can also decide to use this ward to bait your laner into trying to take it and then destroy them in the meantime with auto attacks or even abilities.

One thing to note about this ward is that any camouflaged enemies such as Evelynn and her post-6 Demon Shade passive as well as Twitch’s Ambush or Rengar’s Thrill of the Hunt will be revealed from these wards. However, invisible enemy champion abilities such as Twilight Shroud, Shadow Assault, Void Assault or Deceive with many more won’t be revealed at all. However, what these camouflaged champions have in common is that the time they can be camouflaged and unseen is much longer than those that can only be invisible. This makes Control Wards good against them because they will cover a much bigger area, giving them a much higher chance of being spotted by that Control Ward before they can initiate a gank onto you.

It’s extremely important to take this into consideration as otherwise if you don’t use any Control Wards, junglers like Evelynn or Twitch can just easily be able to get to your lane, get behind you and force you to spend Flash or Spirit Rush. Mainly because of the fact that Evelynn for example, is always going to be camouflaged out of combat post-6 because of her Demon Shade passive.

These are the items that i'll focus on trying to pick up on Ahri in any given game as they provide great damage & sustain. However, of course, this build isn’t set in stone and you might have to change it up a bit in order to make it fit for the kind of game that you're in. This is only the general build that any Ahri player would or more accurately, should, go on her.

Something you may notice once you start to scroll down is that the second major item in here is indeed a question mark. This is completely intended, and it's because this item is situational. The choice here comes a lot down to personal preference, playstyle & matchups.

You may also find yourself itemizing a core item before situationals like Morellonomicon (the 3rd of your core) if you don't need a situational like Banshee's Veil just yet in the game and you need the help of morello in your matchup. However, if doing so, a situational item should always be built as soon as Morello is finished.

+90 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+600 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: +10% Cooldown Reduction
UNIQUE Passive: Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges,
the next ability hit will deal 100 (+ 10% AP) bonus magic damage to up
to 4 targets on hit. Also applies spell effects.

If you think about some other Mages, they might not need the power that this item gives. However, as for Ahri, this is by far one of the best first items that she could ever get. Luden's Echo is just such a great AP item for Ahri because of how much you get from it. This item will grant you a good mix of both utility and damage while also providing you with a really useful passive. It's quite an expensive item though for 3200g, but that’s so worth the gold because of the stats and passives it provides.

The CDR is great because it’ll reduce your abilities by a massive amount. The extra uptime is great for keeping your damage consistent, you're able to deal damage to your targets and/or the whole enemy team, rather than being forced to wait a lot for abilities to come back up so that you can use another rotation of spells against them. Charm is also very important to consider as the CDR will put it below 10 seconds, granting you the ability to get 2 casts of Charm which means 2 rotation of abilities during the time that you have Spirit Rush available as it lasts for exactly 10 seconds. Not only this, but having Charm up quicker will make your source of CC much bigger for your team during both trades and teamfights.

The item provides you with extra damage whenever you hit an enemy with one of your spells. Generally speaking, it’ll amplify her burst damage and make her assassinations easier to pull off against some squishy targets that you might encounter such as Ezreal.

The other thing about Luden’s passive that people tend to forget is that it’ll make wave clearing as well as shoving waves much easier for her. Her Orb of Deception is one of the abilities that is key to any sort of wave clear that Ahri has, and it makes it one of the most powerful abilities for farming in general. It’ll make killing minion waves much easier as it speeds up the process it takes to clear them. This alone boosts her ability to shove the wave faster which opens up a lot of roaming potentials without losing gold or experience.

+18 Magic Penetration

UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement
+45 Movement Speed

When it comes to boots then Ahri doesn’t actually have as many options as you might think at first. Sorcerer's Shoes cost 1100 gold and are by far the best goto boots for Ahri. There isn’t actually much you can say about these boots other than that they are perfect for maximizing her damage output and they are usually a pretty obvious pick for most mages as they grant magic penetration.

Of course, Sorcerer's Shoes aren’t the only choice for Ahri but i’d rate them as one of the best ones by far on her because of the magic pen. Because Ahri is a burst mage, a large part of how she’s played is about trying and being able to assassinate different targets, or to take them to a low amount of health so that they won’t be as useful during fights, all within one rotation of your spells. In about 90% of games you should always be going for these.

The only times in which you won’t be going for them is if you absolutely have to itemize defensive boots. Those kinds of choices are either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi but they’ll come as very situational buys and I’ll explain when to get each one in their respective sections of the guide.

When deciding to buy tier 2 boots will always differ from game to game. The most optimal time to pick up Sorcerer's Shoes is after you’ve finished your first core item ( Luden's Echo / Hextech GLP-800) but against a few matchups you'll have have to get boots much earlier. It depends on the situation at hand whether you should get boots. Either you prepare to roam or you're ahead in the lane > get boots after your core item, or you're in a hard matchup > get them earlier. As long as you don’t forget about buying tier 2 boots after your first core item then you can decide on your own how you want to build them before that point.

Zhonya's Hourglass?
Banshee's Veil?
Lich Bane?
Twin Shadows?
Mejai's Soulstealer?

This is the point where the core build will always change from game to game, player to player & elo to elo based on your preference of item that you need during a situation, your preferred playstyle or specific matchups in which an item calls for. Twin Shadows, Lich Bane, Spellbinder, Mejai's and Morello are the 6 standard choices, with Zhonya’s Hourglass and Banshee's being the more situational ones.

I'll go over each item a little bit covering what each one will be able to do for Ahri and also any kind of situation that makes each choice shine the most. However, these are only quick descriptions, these items will be explained in much more detail in their actual sections of the guide.
  • Twin Shadows is an item that gives you a great amount of AP, more CDR and movespeed at a really low cost. It’ll allow you to hit 30% CDR at only 2 items and the bonus movespeed makes it great for roaming to other lanes. The active also makes it much easier to chase down targets so that landing your Charm becomes a much easier task. Build it if you can't do anything in your own lane and prepare to roam & aid other lanes.
  • Lich Bane is pretty similar to Twin, only difference is that it has more AP & mana but costs way more because of its build path. It makes up for that high cost though thanks to the 10% CDR and its passive that grants higher consistent damage for her in general. If you’re stomping lane, you can easily pick this up to snowball faster.
  • Morellonomicon is what grants her a lot of burst damage with the high amount of magic penetration that it provides. The health is also an added bonus in order to make you harder to kill and the grievous wounds is a great addition for reducing any enemy healing. If you do indeed choose this item as your secondary item, skip the next core item (where Morello would be) or replace it with one of the other choices here depending on the situation at hand.
  • Spellbinder is an item that you can pick up if you're looking for a glass-cannon kind of build. It lets you destroy squishy champions such as Lucian and it'll be even more useful if their whole team is squishy.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer is a really great item if you're able to stack Dark Seal. It lets you snowball lane thanks to the extra AP and you'll be a strong force throughout the game. Try to build it if you're ahead & able to keep your stacks.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass is mainly used for any heavy AD matchups when you need the armor to survive the lane such as Talon. The item active is also a great thing to have because it can nullify an ultimate such as Fizz's Chum the Waters or Zed's Death Mark entirely and can save your life multiple times against any matchup that you might struggle in.
  • Banshee's Veil is mainly used for survivability against any heavy AP matchup such as LeBlanc or Syndra thanks to the Magic Resist that it provides. Its passive is also amazing for being able to nullify one ability entirely, making it a great item against a Morgana or Veigar with more.
All of these secondary item choices will be able to grant Ahri 10% more CDR (except Morellonomicon), which makes it incredibly easy to hit the 30% CDR (max with the use of Transcendence) at a very early stage in the game and it's often how Ahri is best played during any form of game.

+70 Ability Power
+300 Health

UNIQUE Passive: +15 Magic Penetration
UNIQUE Passive: Magic damage dealt to champions
inflicts them with Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds

This item is by far one of the best items that you can pick up for Ahri. The reason for this is because it’s a great item that provides additional burst for your abilities thanks to the high amount of AP as well as the magic penetration passive from the item. It also gives a really small amount of survivability in lane thanks to the 300 extra health. But the other passive is one of the best things as it cuts any sort of enemy healing because of the grievous wounds that it'll apply to enemy targets that you damage.

What to note about Morellonomicon is that deciding to build it both as a 3rd item and 4th item in your build. The magic pen and AP will help you to snowball your lane faster, the health will make you less squishy and the passive will help winning against heavy healing lanes easier. Usually i’d try to pick up this item as soon as I finish my third item unless I need it as a 2nd item.

The passive that cuts healing is a beautiful addition to this item and it’s good whenever you’re against a champion with some form of healing such as Vladimir, Soraka, Swain, Renekton or Kayn. It can also be good if your laner takes Heal as one of their summoner spells or if anyone builds lifesteal items as the grievous wounds will be applied to those things as well, making it less useful for them. It's also because of the fact that the enemy ADC will to 99% always have Heal or any form of Lifesteal Items such as Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King, Morello will give you a much easier time taking those champions out of the game.

+70 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Magic damage ignores 40%
of the target's magic resistance. This applies
before magic penetration.

When it comes to this item, you’re going to pretty much need it during every single game that you play. You’ll never be able to escape not purchasing this item. At some point during the game, the enemy team will start to stack magic resist against you and the tanks will also start to build magic resist as well which is going to be well above 100, it’s not going to be like your fellow mid laner that you’re facing with that low 50-60 magic resist and being prepared for that is the key to winning, it also gives you AP! Keep in mind though that it does get applied before your magic pen. A lot of different champions such as Galio also gain magic resist per level, so when the mid game arrives, they’ll already have some MR to block most of your damage without even having any items yet.

What you should be looking for when deciding to buy Void Staff is to look at the enemies items and look for any potential magic resist items that might make problems for you. If you see that 1 or 2 of them (could be the Top and Jungle for quick examples) are building some magic resist, or that the rest of the team is starting to get some MR boots ( Mercury's Treads), then you can decide to build Void to counter that. You should always try to aim to get Void at least as a 4th item (including boots) depending on when they start to build MR. However, as long as you’re able to pick up the item at some point during your build, you’ll be completely fine.

+120 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Your total amount
of ability power is increased by 40%

Moving onto our last and final item for the core is Rabadon's Deathcap. This item is by far the best possible item that you can buy on Ahri and any other Mage for that same reason as well because of the fact that it gives A LOT of raw ability power and damage. By buying a Deathcap, you’re able to significantly increase your AP by a massive amount thanks to its passive which boosts that ability power. This means that even though you get 120 ability power from the item which is insane, you also get even more than that because of the amplifying passive.

However, the reason as to why you’ll build this item last is because it costs an insane amount of gold, going as far as 3600g. Being one of the most expensive items in the game. Not only this but it's not actually that good to build it before that because you won't have that much AP yet so the passive will be less useful for you.

Having this said, this item is a really good investment and you should always try to pick it up. Building Rabadon's Deathcap will essentially mean that you’ll have the maximum amount of Ability Power that you can possibly have (not including Elixir of Sorcery or any other jungle/objective buffs) and it’ll maximise your damage output from all your abilities.

If you don't feel like you should go Sorcerer's Shoes or that you absolutely need to itemize defensive boots, then you'll have a secondary option that you can choose from, depending on the game that you're in. I'll try to explain this choice as much as I can so that you'll understand when to pick it up.

+25 Magic Resistance

UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement
+45 Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive: +30% Tenacity

Mercury's Treads are going to be your best secondary choice for boots as they are actually really good on her despite her being a Mage. Ahri is half assassin as we already knew from before, which means that she suffers from the same problems as any other Assassin . If you get locked down and CC’d then you’re dead without being able to do anything. These boots are a really great help because they make it so that the duration of any crowd control isn’t all that long. I would heavily recommend that you build Mercury's Treads against champions that have stun abilities such as Syndra or Veigar. They don’t just reduce CC but they do also give you a lot of magic resist which is good against any of the AP matchups that you might encounter.

There are lots of champions in the game that rely heavily on their crowd control in order to set up their combos or just to be able to burst you down in an instant like Lux, being able to break free sooner from those stuns can often decide if you either die or only take minimal damage.

These are all other possible early items that you can build on Ahri that are sometimes required in order to survive the lane or against a specific matchup. You can go many games without buying any of these situational items and just stomp your lane entirely, or you could need multiple ones (like Zhonya's + Banshee's for a Fizz) in order to survive and carry/help your team without losing the lane.

These specific items can be very useful and often very crucial as they provide some form of defense attribute or a specific counter to any form of champion that you might face. I’ll try to explain each item choice in this section, and also some situations where they’re good to pick up.

+80 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+600 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: +10% Cooldown Reduction
UNIQUE Active: Fires a spray of icy bolts that explode, dealing 100 - 200 (based on level) (+ 35% AP) magic damage and slowing by 40%, decaying over 1 second, to the first units hit (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items).

Since Hextech GLP-800 is another first item for Ahri, if you already have Luden's, then skip this item completely. You should also never buy Hextech Protobelt-01 if you get this item since they share the same cooldown.

You typically get this item together with the Glacial Augment page as it'll enhance Hextech GLP-800's active and the cooldown will be reduced thanks to the rest of your runes. If you were to compare these 2 main items it would mainly come down to Luden’s passive vs GLP’s item active. The difference is that Luden’s is more for wave clear and burst, while GLP is good for aiding your team in form of slows, while giving guaranteed damage thanks to the AP and CDR.

I would personally say that Luden's Echo is a much better item as it allows you to waveclear extremely fast and it enhances your roaming potentials, and there’s also no risk to the Luden’s proc compared to the GLP active that you can completely miss on targets, not only this but it has a 40 second cooldown and you’re able to get off a lot of Luden’s Procs in that period of time. It doesn’t really matter which one you decide to go for though because their stats are pretty much identical. Both of the items are excellent choices in the end and it’ll come up to player preference for this item choice.

+60 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+300 Health

UNIQUE Active: Dash forward, firing out seven bolts
that deal 75 - 150 (based on level) (+ 25% AP) magic
damage (40 second cooldown). champions & monsters hit
by multiple bolts take 10% damage per additional bolt.

When it comes to Hextech Protobelt-01, it’s actually a really good item for Ahri believe it or not. For only being a 2500 gold item as the main reason for building it in the first place is because of the item active.

The item active is simply said a very small dash that shoots out rockets. These rockets actually deal a lot of damage and so it increases her burst potential at the same time. You can also use the active onto minions if you want to be able to clear a wave quickly to either roam or to siege for a turret as the rockets deals enough damage to take out an entire wave (apart from the cannon minions). The small dash from the active can also be extremely useful for both offensive and also defensive purposes. It can give you that extra range to catch up to a target or it can be used to help you in getting away if you’re being chased, or if you simply just want to dodge a particular ability. The only downside to the item active is that you can’t use any abilities during the dash.

The cooldown for the item active is also pretty low only sitting at 40 seconds, so you’ll be able to use it quite often and you won’t really get punished if you do waste it at times trying to clear minions for example. With some item CDR this active will become even lower so it’ll be even more useful during games.

You can decide to rush Hextech Protobelt-01 as your first item as soon as you've finished Lost Chapter in order to be able to snowball the lane faster, this becomes especially good against laners like Corki who do mixed damage so armor and magic resist won't really have much of an effect on him. But this does mean that as soon as you finish it (not including boots), you'll need to get your Luden's Echo. The only real disadvantage with rushing protobelt > luden's is that it's going to take up an extra item slot which'll make it tricky when you need certain items.

+75 Ability Power
+45 Armor
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Active: Places yourself in stasis for 2.5 seconds,
rendering yourself invulnerable, but unable to move, attack,
cast spells, or use items (120 second cooldown).

When it comes to Zhonya's Hourglass it's actually a really great item to have against a lot of matchups. The main reason to build this item isn’t for the stats, it’s for the insane and extremely powerful item active. By being able to make yourself enter stasis for 2.5 seconds is a huge thing for countering abilities that would otherwise completely kill you because they aren’t dodgeable. This is the entire reason as to why Zhonya's Hourglass isn’t just limited to only AD matchups and it’s also why the Armor isn’t just the only important part about the item.

As far as AD matchups go, that’s like pretty much to be able to dodge Zed and his Death Mark. In fact, almost all matchups where Zhonya’s could be your life saver or to be able to outplay and win lane is actually vs a lot of AP champions. Some of the examples of abilities that you can dodge is going to be down below: There are also many other champions elsewhere on the map that the active is great against. A few concrete examples being Rengar because you can dodge the exact moment he jumps onto you, preventing any damage taken unlike being completely 1-shot otherwise. But also from Evelynn, Irelia or Talon etc. since you can dodge their ultimates ( Last Caress / Vanguard's Edge / Shadow Assault) if you’re able to time it well whenever they want to use it. For Evelynn that’d be her last ability to finish you off, for Irelia it'd be used as a combo ability and for Talon you only use the item active as soon as he goes out of invis to get onto you. Other than champion abilities you can also save yourself from summoner spells that would damage over time.

+75 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+60 Magic Resistance

UNIQUE Passive: Grants a spell shield that blocks the
next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage
is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds.

As for Banshee's Veil, it’s one of the best items for Ahri when you’re facing a lot of magic damage or a high amount of magic burst. The stats that it grants is really good to pick up when you need an item that gives both defense and offense all at the same time.

For 3000 gold, you’re able to get raw AP that'll give you the offense that you need
for your damage. Because you're squishy, you need a way to make up for that, which is in damage, the CDR is also great for getting you to 30% as well. When it comes to defense then the 60 Magic resist along with the shield passive is also the key things that’ll prevent you from being killed or blown up by any kind of AP champion that you’ll come across like for example a burst mage such as Syndra or LeBlanc. It can also be there to block key stuns that would get you killed, like Veigar and his Event Horizon.

You can either decide to rush this item as soon as you've finished Lost Chapter in case the matchup is really difficult so that you can have the magic resist to protect you. The only time this’ll change is if you’re in games where you don’t need it as soon as possible and you can postpone it as a 2nd item after finishing your luden's.

+80 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+250 Mana
+7% Movementspeed

UNIQUE Passive: After using an ability, your next basic
attack deals 75% base AD (+ 50% AP) on-hit bonus
magic damage (1.5 second cooldown).

When it comes to Lich Bane, it’s actually a really good item for Ahri. It synergises with her kit really well and the stats that it provides are also really great on her. The passive is however the main reason as to why you would get this item in the first place as it’ll provide her with another source of consistent damage.

It'll empower your autoattacks between the use of spells and your ultimate Spirit Rush is one good example of this. You should autoattack everytime you use your ultimate to use the Lich Procs to its best potential. This will increase your overall damage and make it more consistent.

If you’re in a few matchups where you aren’t able to get close at all to the enemy that often like for example Viktor or Vel'Koz then Lich Bane will definitely lose its effectiveness and it’ll start to become useless. However, when you’re committing to any sort of all-in or during teamfights, you’re always going to be in range of the enemy in order to be able to utilise the empowered auto from the passive. This means that whenever you think that teamfights are going to start to break out, pick up this item you can proc it a lot during those fights.

+70 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+7% Movementspeed

UNIQUE Active: Summons 2 Spooky Ghosts that hunt down nearby champions,
revealing them and Haunting them on contact. Haunted enemies are slowed
by 40% for up to 5 seconds based on the distance the ghosts travel. (90 second cooldown)

Twin Shadows is a beautiful item for Ahri and it gives her all of the stats that she could ever want, as well as a very effective active all for a really low cost of just 2400 gold. The movement speed is a great addition to the item as it makes her ability to roam around the map even better, as well as the other benefits that comes with faster movement such as being able to dodge particular spells.

Luden's Echo or Hextech GLP-800 into Twin Shadows is a great way to get stronger while making your roams even more effective and you can clear waves much faster. If you can’t make any plays in your own lane, then pick up the item and prepare for roams as soon as your wave is pushed. This item is the best roaming kit that you could ever want and it’s much better for that exact purpose because it’s much a cheaper item.

The item active is also really effective and great to have as well. It can be used to either scout the area if you don’t have vision which is really useful as you can avoid ganks. It can also be used to chase opponents and kill them, help you to get away by slowing them down, while also helping you to land your Charm more easily. All using the item active.

+120 Ability Power
+10% Movementspeed

UNIQUE Passive: Nearby allied and enemy spellcasts charge Spellbinder up to a cap (100 maximum)
UNIQUE Active: Gain a maximum of 30% decaying movement speed and 100 ability power for 4 seconds, based on charges spent (60 second cooldown)

If you’re looking for an item to delete squishy champions, then Spellbinder is exactly the one that you’re looking for. It’s good because Ahri greatly benefits from all of the stats that the item provides. It’s one of the highest AP giving items at a complete 120 ability power (sharing the same AP with Rabadon's Deathcap), but also the extra power that it grants along with the utility from the 10% extra movementspeed.

Movement speed is one of the stats that favors Ahri a whole lot as she’s both an assassin and a heavy roamer, having the movespeed in order to get those roams working and the assassinations going well is something that this item will be able to aid you with. It’ll allow you to roam a lot around the whole map and it also helps to counter Ahri’s weakness of being a really squishy mage by making her much more annoying to catch thanks to the extra movespeed.

If you're looking for a glass-cannon build then you should definitely pick this item as your secondary choice. The only downside is that it can be countered by CC which'll waste the active. It's definitely going to come down to personal preference for this item.

+20 Ability Power
+200 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 4 Glory per
champion kill or 2 Glory per assist, up to 25 Glory total.
Upon dying, you lose 10 stacks of Glory.

UNIQUE Passive: Grants 5 ability power per Glory.
Grants 10% movement speed if you have at least 10 Glory.

Mejai's Soulstealer is one of those very high risk but high reward kind of items. You get great AP from the item and you also get 10% movement speed if you have 10 stacks or more so it’s going to help you a whole lot with dodging abilities, chasing or being at the right place for teamfights. Either you’re able to stack it in which you’re going to deal massive damage to the enemy team and you can snowball extremely fast, or you can’t stack it at all because you keep dying and so you've wasted your gold. In general, this is basically just Win or Lose, either you stomp or you lose your advantage.

If you’re able to stack Dark Seal to 10 stacks, you can decide whether or not to upgrade it. The decision is basically self-explanatory, are you ahead?, can you snowball?, will you be able to keep your lead?, will you die a lot? If those things are true, then by all means build it and carry the game. However, if you don’t feel like you’re going to be able to continue stacking it, or you just die too much, skip going for the item. Sell the Dark Seal and just go for something more useful like a Morellonomicon, it’ll benefit you way more.

These are all other possible late items that you can build on Ahri instead of Rabadon's Deathcap that are sometimes required in order to both win teamfights or in order to stomp against a specific matchup. You can go many games without buying any of these situational items and just pick up a Rabadon's, or you could need one of these choices in order to win, the choice is up to you. I’ll try to explain each item choice in this section, and also some situations where they’re good to pick up.

Keep in mind that these are only really situational items. If they aren't a lot of tanks or you aren't fighting against an AP melee laner, then Rabadon's Deathcap is always going to be the item you'll go, there's no question about it. It gives you stronger damage and is just better than any other item unless you specifically need to change it for something else. Out of 500 games you'll be building Deathcap as a last final major item for almost 95% of those games because of its damage.

+75 Ability Power
+300 Health

UNIQUE Passive: Damaging champions increases the
damage you deal by 2% per second until exiting combat (cap at 10%).

UNIQUE Passive: Dealing spell damage burns enemies
for 1.5% of their maximum health per second. Lasts for 3 seconds. If their movement
is impaired, they take 2.5% of their maximum health per second instead.

As for Liandry's Torment, it’s also a really great item for its stats as it still gives you plenty of Ability power along with Health. However, this isn’t the important part as the main reason for building it is because fights are long and the passives will help kill Tanks . Whenever you hit enemies with abilities or autos, your overall damage will be increased all the time until you exit combat which is something that most people underestimate.

+10% Cooldown Reduction
+350 Health
+55 Magic Resistance
+300 Mana

UNIQUE Passive: Restore mana equal to 15% of damage taken from champions.
Restore health equal to 20% of mana spent, up to 25 health per cast.

UNIQUE Aura: Enemy champions within
325 range take 15% more magic damage.

Abyssal Mask is a really beautiful item for Melee AP matchups as the aura that it gives. This because it's better to build it against melee then against ranged. First of all, the stats are great as you still get the 10% CDR so you won’t lose any of your CDR and you can still hit the cap even if you don't get a utility item like Banshee's Veil. The Health and Mana is great for aiding you during the game and the bonus MR is beautiful for making AP matchups deal no damage towards you. You should pick this up as a 5th or 6th item depending on when you need rabadon's or if you need abyssal more before you get deathcap.

The first passive is really good to have. You restore mana from every piece of damage that you take, while restoring health equal to some of the mana that you spend as well. This means that you’ll never run out of mana because you’ll have both Luden's Echo and Abyssal Mask to aid you.

Now for the Aura that the item provides. The reason why the item becomes so good against Melee is because of this specific thing. When enemy champions are close to you, they’ll take way more magic damage. This essentially means that if an Ekko charges into you with Phase Dive, you can Charm him and literally destroy him because of your damage amplifier from Charm and this one really unique aura.

During the early game phase it's going to be all about competing and trading with the enemy laner. Especially during this phase you'll be looking to farm and trade with your opponent, either by harassing whenever the time comes or by last-hitting minions in order to keep farm intact and gold and experience in your wallet. It can also involve both pushing and poking as you can easily poke with your Orb of Deception, but it can also backfire and unintentionally push the wave out. Ahri can push pretty fast early on thanks to her Orb of Deception.

You want to push the wave into the enemy tower if you're against champions that struggle to CS under tower early on like Anivia. If you're not facing that kind of matchup then you should always let the wave push towards you, (by letting the enemy laner push the lane first). This way you're able to CS easily without interruptions as you're safe from ganks thanks to being close to your turret. But you can also easily set up ganks with your ally Jungler and it can turn your lane into your favor very easily without you having to do anything for it to happen.

Now, Ahri is not a lane bully and has never been one to be honest. So don't feel like you have to always damage your opponent every single time, it's more worth farming up and getting items as your powerspikes comes at later stages of the game. Having this said, you can still be aggressive in lane, going for aggressive trades or generally just trying to zone of the enemy off CS is always a great option but sometimes you'll have to play a rather passive playstyle instead and farming or roaming is going to benefit you more instead. It all comes up to the game, if they play passive, you play aggressive and vice versa. You'll be able to get your fellow laners ahead and not just ahead but also into a good spot just by being able to roam. If you can't roam, just farm in your lane and don't get in a position for an enemy gank.
Because of the fact that Ahri's abilities are really mana-heavy early on, try not to aimlessly use and waste your abilities when you don't need to. You can go for trades with your Charm once you hit level 3 or go for some quick poke using Orb of Deception as long as it hits. Other than that, be mana efficient as otherwise your mana bar will get depleted extremely fast, forcing you to back early. Do not use your Fox-Fire or Orb of Deception as soon as they come back from their cooldowns, especially when it's unreliable whether or not they're going to even hit the target. The best time to waste some mana for a Charm is when you're trying to go for a kill, or when your ally Jungler is about to gank your lane, otherwise it's much better to save it for moments like these that might appear later on in the game.
Ahri is pretty decent in 2v2 skirmishes, assuming the fact that you actually land your Charm onto the target. This is also really good because you're able to push your lane fast which grants you the ability to have lane priority in most situations. If your Jungler decides to go for an aggressive invade is just one of the many examples of why lane priority is good to have, because you can back him up faster than the enemy can. Like mentioned a lot of times before, once you reach level 6 and unlock Spirit Rush, you'll have the potential to 1v1 most laners. You should poke them down with Orb of Deception (the mana rule doesn't apply here because post-6 you'll have a really decent mana supply thanks to the Lost Chapter passive giving you mana when you level up). You can also start trades off by throwing the occasional Charm and if any of these land on the opponent then it's your chance to go in for a trade or all-in.

Keep in mind that you have very great roaming gap closers thanks to your Spirit Rush's three dashes that it provides. There are only some lanes that'll push you in hard like for example Anivia especially after level 6 as her Glacial Storm is the wave clearing tool in itself. But if you aren't in a matchup like this where you have to stay in lane all the time to not lose CS, then try to look for roams at all times. Asking your Jungler if you can get the blue buff in this situation is really good as it's necessary to counter the push and keep up with your enemy laners CS.

When you’re fighting around the Dragon pit or Herald, it’ll pretty much always be in your favor as long as you have your ultimate. This is mainly because of the ability to dash over walls (making use of the terrain to get picks) both aggressively or if you’re looking to escape. This is great because you can easily use your ultimate to engage, kill a squishy target with the rest of your rotation abilities, and then safely get out thanks to the last charges coming from your ultimate.

During the Mid game Ahri really shines once she has two or three items. You have insane potential to one shot squishies and make picks with your team. You have the option to farm side lanes to pick up farm whenever you have your Spirit Rush available because it keeps you safe. You can also put pressure by pushing Mid forcing two or three enemies to your lane and it'll open up chances for your other laners to come back if they're behind. Even if you're behind and your team is doing well, you'll still grant your team CC with your Charm so grouping is still fine in this phase. If you're fed and have purchased a Rabadon's Deathcap, you can go ham on the enemy team and output as much damage as possible during trades and teamfights, this in order to allow your team to clean up. In teamfights you want to focus on picking out squishies or peeling for your ADC. Try and get multiple hits with Orb of Deception when enemies align or group together. However, these are only a few things that you can do during the mid-game. One of the most important parts of this phase is roaming to assist other lanes.

Roaming for the early game is amazing for Ahri as she can completely turn a losing lane around. However, keep in mind to always shove your lane to the enemy tower before leaving and going for any sort of roaming, this is because then the enemy laner has to stay for the CS or they'll miss out on gold and experience. Ahri is very quick at pushing out her waves during the mid-game because of her Orb of Deception. Another important note to keep in mind before going for a roam is to make sure that the enemy won't be able to see you when you're going for your roam. That means you need to be out of sight from any enemy champions, minions, towers and wards as well, because if not, the enemy team will know that you're coming and the roam will fail. Which means you've just wasted your time. One of the things that you can do to be unseen by wards is to avoid the common places where enemies place down their wards like for example in the pixelbrush, the lane bushes or the bushes at river closest to Top and Bot.
When you decide to roam, it's very recommended that your Spirit Rush is available. Why? Because Ahri is completely nothing without her ultimate but she's everything when she has it. This is because she's able to make many plays and take out enemies with ease, so you have to have it available or most roams won't go as planned. Of course, you can still roam without your ultimate. However, even when the enemies are at low health already, Spirit Rush completely removes any sort of chance of anything going wrong. Roaming is great because it doesn't just benefit you, it does also benefit your team as you can turn a losing lane into a winning lane just by roaming once or twice. Either you'll be focusing to shut down your laner and carry the game yourself, or you can roam and help your other lanes to be able to snowball the game that way instead. Roaming is by far one of the best things in order to get a lane back into the game when you aren't able to make any plays in your own lane, especially against some matchups where this becomes hard.
Even with all of this said, roaming isn't always going to be a good idea all the time. Like mentioned before, if you're confident that you can easily pick up kills and farm your lane, then it's usually better to stay in your lane and shut the enemy laner down instead of going to roams that might just fail in the end. It can also be a very bad idea to roam if you're against a laner that can push the lane back towards you very hard and fast, giving you no chances to roam at all unless you want to lose CS. An example of this kind of matchup is Xerath with his Arcanopulse and Eye of Destruction. Who is able to instantly shove the wave to your turret before you're able to go to any other lane. Because of this, during matchups like these, you'll just have to stay in your lane instead so that you don't lose any gold and experience. Only try to go for roams when your wave is pushed in, that way you won't lose anything and you're able to impact the map.

When it comes to teamfighting during the late game, Ahri doesn't break a sweat. Your main goal is to have a perfect teamfight positioning and to be able to create a lot of chaos in the enemy backline. This means you'll be lurking on the sides and waiting for that one moment for you to strike. Don't engage onto Tanks as you'll waste the element of surprise and in most cases it’s just going to backfire. Instead, try to be a little bit patient and wait for the enemy backline to come closer and then you can strike. There could be an exception of this rule in some cases, for example when you're facing any form of Assassin on the enemy team, it may be better for you if you're at the backline so that you can peel and deal with them in order to help your ADC. Afterwards you'll be using the remaining of your abilities to deal with the rest of the enemy backline. At this point in the game, try to pick up at least 1 Control Ward and place it on the side bushes where you expect fights to happen. Just remember, try to avoid Tanks at all cost at first, instead focus down the enemy backline and any Assassin in your way. Further down below you'll be able to find two different play styles that you can take as Ahri during any form of teamfight that might occur depending on how it's being played out on both parties.
One of the playstyles that you can use for Ahri during teamfights is a Passive and more strategical playstyle. It's by far the most common style and is used by a lot of Ahri players out there as it's a really effective way to play out both trades and fights. So, the general idea is to not participate in the fight until later on when the Tanks has been taken care of. You'll be using your abilities to clear the frontline together with your allies until a good moment opens up so that you can dash in to finish off the backline. You need to be able to use Spirit Rush to position safely in order to stay out of possible danger from their frontline (we don't want a fed Cho'Gath for example to just come and kill you with his Feast only because you were too careless to understand that it was going to happen). You HAVE to save up your abilities until you see a moment where you can safely dash into the backline to kill a key carry as otherwise you won't be able to pick up a kill (and you might want to get Electrocute to proc on a target that isn't a [[Tank]).

Ahri is pretty okay in teamfights because she can use her Orb of Deception to kite enemy champions while using her Charm to peel for her team. This way she's able to support her ADC and make her untouchable like the wind by charming the enemy frontliners. You have to be very aware though of where enemies are positioned when you play Ahri as you're really good at punishing people for mispositioning thanks to your Spirit Rush and Charm. This is a good playstyle because you can easily protect and make sure that your ADC stays alive to carry the teamfight into your favor (we definitely don't want a Zed to just come in and use his Death Mark onto your ADC and completely delete her from the game all at once now do we?).
You can also play a more Aggressive playstyle with your teammates initiating the fight before you come into play. They'll take care of the frontline while you use your Spirit Rush from out of sight (like a bush) in order to Charm and obliterate one key carry for that specific fight. If you're able to do this right then you'll be able to win that teamfight (or atleast you should) which can secure an objective that could be really important to finish the game. Or you can decide to siege turrets together with your team. You can also decide to stay at the backline and wait for the moment in order to engage. It could either be by staying and letting your allies take out the frontliners, or the key target that you're trying to assassinate mispositions and gives you a perfect engage right away.

This is by far a high risk high reward kind of playstyle as it can backfire, meaning that either you aren't able to get the frontliners down or the carry doesn't misposition. However, if it manages to work then that can completely decide the entire game. With this said though, you'll mostly be using the passive way more as it's just one of the best playstyles to go for as it's safe & dangerous at the same time since you're peeling for your ADC, one of the carries that'll deal massive damage if you can keep them alive.

Freezing is a very important part of wave management, although it's not used very often when it comes to games and is only very situational. A freeze keeps minion waves in a spot that is safe for you and/or dangerous for your opponent, which can open up ganking potentials as they have to overextend to get CS. You'll want to be looking to freeze waves when:
  • You're stronger than your opponent and want to make them risk dying in order to farm
  • The enemy Jungler is nearby and waiting for you to overextend
  • Your Jungler is pathing to your lane and you want to set up a gank
  • It's dangerous for you to farm so you want to be closer to your turret
  • Your opponent has little roam threat and you want to deny them from farming

Now comes the question people will ask, how do I make a freeze? First of all, you'll need the lane to always be pushing towards you. You want to let your minion wave die, and then prevent the other wave from crashing into your turret which you can easily accomplish by dragging the minions a bit to the side of the lane or by just tanking them until your own minions arrive. It sounds very simple, but there are rules that you'll need to follow. You need to let the opposing wave have a number advantage based on the position that you want to make your freeze. As the freeze gets further from the middle, you'll need to keep more enemy minions alive in order to maintain the freeze.

Some things to note about freezing though is that you shouldn't freeze to often as it'll allow your opponent to roam to other lanes. The midlane is very short and so there is a lot less risk with walking up in order to break a freeze. Sometimes you might also find it better to make small freezes in order to build your lead as both options are equally as good in order to get small leads in lane. As soon as your laner fully commits to their roam, be prepared to transition your freeze into a fast push so that you'll be able to deny them gold/experience while they're roaming to other lanes.

While freezing is a really good tactic to get leads in lane, you'll mostly be using slow pushes in all of your games. Slow pushing is when you don't waste any abilities onto the minion waves, you can trade as long as it doesn't interrupt the wave. The only thing that you'll do is to last-hit the minions so that you don't lose out on gold/experience. This kind of wave management is great because you're able to slowly build up a big wave. In a sense, slow pushing is the flipside of the same coin as freezing. While it uses the exact same concept of determining which way the lane is going to push, your main goal is to make it push towards the enemy turret instead of yours. You want the wave to be able to push naturally based on its position and the number of minions. Some advantages that you'll get just by slow pushing the waves are but not limited to:
  • You'll have a minion wave advantage making it harder for your opponents to trade
  • With the pressure of a bigger wave you can play aggressively and deny farm
  • By crashing bigger waves into the enemy turret you give yourself larger time windows to either deep ward or roam
  • If you can find solo kills or ganks while slow pushing you can transition into a fast push and deny more minions
  • While it won't deny as much farm as freezing, you don't have to take any damage to slow push a wave
The main disadvantage of slowpushing is that it can become harder to lasthit minions. The slowpush in itself takes some time to built up of course, but can be almost impossible to accomplish if the enemy has a long-ranged waveclear. It can also mess up your slow push if the enemy thins the wave enough so that they can setup a freeze instead.

Fast pushing is the other wave management tool and is the complete opposite of slow pushing. You'll use abilities to quickly kill the minions and push your wave out as fast as possible so that you can crash into the enemy turret. This is great because it opens up a lot of options for you, either roam, ward etc. etc. and while you're doing that, the enemy laner has to stay at lane or they'll lose out on gold and experience. The more tricky side of this is knowing when to use it, you generally want to fast push your lane if:
  • You want to recall or impact the map by roaming
  • To pressure your opponent and deny CS if they're a champion like Anivia who can't farm under turret early
  • To set up a dive with your Jungler on the enemy laner
  • For an early level advantage for your level 6 all-in
  • To have lane priority before a neutral objective spawns
  • To deny the enemy laner from recalling
  • To counter an opponent's fast push so they can't roam
  • Your opponent leaves lane and you want to deny as much CS and XP as possible
  • Break a freeze
  • Their tier 1 turret is low and you want to take that objective
With all of this said, there are a few things that you need to worry about while you're fast pushing a wave. The first and most obvious one is to always be careful of incoming ganks, having to constantly use your abilities in order to clear the opposing wave will leave you in a very vulnerable position in the lane with no cooldowns or mana to escape a gank. You should also keep in mind that once you've already committed to a fast push, there's no turning back, if it doesn't work then it can single-handedly lose you the lane. If the minions doesn't reach the enemy tower then the opposing laner can create a freeze at that spot in order to deny you from farming instead.

When it comes to ranged mages in the lane, they all have a very similar play pattern that you can use to strategize and play around. You can harass your laner when they're trying to commit for CS. If you got low health minions in your minion wave and they don't have any, you're able to posture a bit more aggressive as you know that they'll want to approach the wave to get farm and gold. This'll alone force the enemy laner to make a decision that can cause them one positive outcome and one negative outcome. Either they can take harass and last-hit the minion, or they can take a trade and miss the last-hit. But there are many champions and abilities that change the dynamic of this, particularly in mid lane, but the core concept stays the same and is always changeable depending on the matchup.

Always be aware of champions that can throw an AoE ability towards you to try and last-hit the minion while getting free damage onto you, and position accordingly. Again, casting your Orb of Deception when your laner commits for CS is one of the easiest ways to land it in lane while also stacking up the healing passive stacks. You can also use Orb of Deception to punish them for walking up to CS without cover of their minion wave. In order to hit your Charm onto them you'll have to position so that minions aren't in the way, Flash can be used to surprise enemies together with your Charm if necessary. However, once you reach level 6 and unlock Spirit Rush, hitting Charm onto your enemy will become much easier. Even if they're ranged you can still use the simple Fox-Fire technique, (which is mentioned below) to get more damage onto your opponent as long as you auto attack them before casting the ability and the clip below will showcase how easy and useful this can be. Also, the new rune additions supports you a lot as well as you can easily proc Electrocute and Manaflow Band from simple combos like these.

Notice in the clip above that I auto attack the Sona before I cast my Fox-Fire, the only difference is that I had enough mana to spare so that I could cast Orb of Deception along with the rest of the damage coming from my other abilities. This was because my wave was pushed in to their turret and I wanted to be able to recall. Because of the one auto attack I did before casting any ability, I was able to get all three of my Fox-Fire's onto Sona while I was walking back as the range on the ability is much higher then your overall range.
When it comes to lane positioning: You can stand in the minion wave to never get hit by skillshot CCs like Xerath's Shocking Orb. However, doing so allows your opponent to wave clear and poke you at the same time with their other non-CC abilities such as Arcanopulse and Eye of Destruction for examples. By forcing the opposing mid laner to choose either to push the wave or trying to get damage on you is a really favorable position. Either you'll never get harassed or you'll cause the enemy laner to lose wave control and CS while they're trying to look for inconsistent damage on you. Having this said, some matchups will break this concept of thinking when it comes to lane positioning. Matchups like Viktor with his Death Ray or Lux with her Lucent Singularity will make it hard as their large effective area allows them to harass you while efficiently farming as well. It'll require you to be more careful so that you can either dodge the abilities early, or never be in position to be hit along with the minions that they want to CS, which in most cases are always the caster minions at the back.
I'd recommend staying outside of the minion wave if you're against a laner that can easily harass through it like Anivia, and only stand inside or behind your minions if you're against someone that can't use abilities through it like for example Karma. This'll allow you to get better angles to harass your enemies as you can use Orb of Deception to poke through the minions onto champions that can't harass back through the minion wave. While also using Charm to harass ones that can harass you back no matter if minions are in the way or not. However, keep in mind what side of the map the enemy Jungler could be and where your ally one is so that you can play more towards the safer side, while avoiding the enemy Jungler as much as possible and getting harass off towards your laner. This because it's way easier to setup a countergank if you're playing on the same side as your Jungler if the enemy one wants to try and gank your lane.

Whenever you're playing against any sort of melee mid laner, your playstyle will change from taking small winning trades with your Charm and consistently shoving the minion wave like with ranged to playing around windows of skill and the opponents mistakes. Ahri is pretty favored when it comes to most early-level melee matchups and can keep her lane going like she wants to even after the opposing laner gains levels (with only a few exceptions). You want to prioritize auto attacking and using your Orb of Deception on the enemy laner during the early levels. Once you hit level 3, you'll be able to start fully harassing your opponent with your combo. Ahri's level 3 powerspike is great because it lets her 1v1 almost every single melee champion in the game and will be able to put out more damage in trades then the other laner. However, if you manage to get hit by a full level 3 combo from a melee, they're going to completely outtrade you, like for example against Zed if he manages to hit every single shuriken from his Razor Shuriken ability. With all of this said, the level 3 powerspike is a great time to try and gain some sort of health lead and to remove future all-in attempts that the enemy laner wants to try and make, especially Zed in this case. The clip below should showcase one example of how you can utilize this because of the fact that you're ranged.

It doesn't show in the clip above but i've focused on auto attacking and zoning the Ekko away from the minions early on so that he loses experience and gold. In the clip I also use my Orb of Deception together with auto attacks to get even more damage onto him as I auto whenever he tries to walk up and get CS from the minions that are under his turret. Of course during some melee matchups you won't be able to do this, but almost every single melee matchup, you win the early game every time until they reach level 3-4.
Keeping in mind that freezing is also a very important thing to know, more so than against ranged champions since you can zone your melee opponent away from reaching the minion wave with their auto attacks, which means they'll ultimately lose more gold and experience then a ranged champion would do. By making a freeze next to your turret it'll make it really difficult for melee champions to be able to kill you, this because they'll have to turret dive you in order to do so. While also having the usual benefits of setting up ganks for your Jungler because the enemy has to overextend for CS while protecting you from the enemy Jungler as well. Pretty much any kind of melee champion's gameplan (like Zed) is to make the wave push (or if they push it towards you then you can freeze and chill), pick up CS while avoiding harass and to look for burst trades/all-ins. If you freeze the wave in a position where it benefits you, you can put them in a place where they have to decide either to go for a burst trade on you and lose lasthit, or to use their harassment abilities to get the minions.
However, of course there are individual champions that'll start to become pretty creepy at different times. For some example, Yasuo is going to be a threat for you from level 2 onwards as he can use Sweeping Blade to instantly get to you and trade with Steel Tempest, while another champion such as Kassadin can only really commit to any fight/trade if his Riftwalk is available and he has the mana to use it multiple times. Trying to commit to risky harass when the enemy just hit their starting powerspikes can backfire in so many ways and you'll end up dead while the enemy can start to quickly snowball the lane because of that risky play. However, even if some has great powerspikes, most melee mid laners have really long cooldowns on some of their abilities that you can abuse and play around once they're on cooldown. Like for example Zed's Living Shadow, you'll have to respect it when it's up and dodge to avoid the damage, afterwards you'll have a big window to trade back and get more damage onto him while his abilities are on cooldown.
Generally speaking, any melee champion is going to be much better at getting lane kills than you, so play around their gameplan of trying to get early kills on you, avoiding their damage, throwing your Charm, and getting damage off. Farm while you're waiting for them to overcommit, overextend, waste an important cooldown or even position in a way where you can punish them completely thanks to your Charm and Spirit Rush. This is especially important after level 6 where a lot of melee champions will get many 1v1 potentials and a really high-impact on their combat ultimates. For examples, Fizz's Chum the Waters, Zed's Death Mark, Diana's Lunar Rush and Katarina's Death Lotus with many more. The same kind of ideas apply to ranged matchups as well, but against melee ones they're even more important to keep in mind as they can completely cost you your life if you aren't careful.

We've just talked about the individual laning phase for both this section and the previous one about ranged champions that you might face. Think of these as a general outline of how your laning phase should play out "on paper" instead of a distinct guide. Not all champions you'll face will have the same general laning phase concepts and behaviours as they're all completely unique from each other, some are hard and some are easier. Which is one of the charms of playing such a complex game as League of Legends. This is only general knowledge in which you can use to improve a matchup more then what's just explained here.

So, before we talk about combos or anything more i'll be trying to explain a lot of different laning tips. Basically, down below will be some recommended tips to keep in mind when you're in lane playing as Ahri or any other mid lane champion for that matter, and it's great because you can use it to your advantage in order to win against the laner that you're facing.

1) Do They Have Mobility Spells?

It's always very important to keep in mind which mobility spells your matchup has. For example, if they have a way to escape, you have to make them waste that ability before you go in for a trade with your Charm or an all-in with your Spirit Rush. Otherwise they can just use it to escape you or dodge your Charm immediately. Once they've used up one of their mobility spells, try to keep track of when it comes back up so that you can plan when to go in and when not to. This in order to efficiently pick up kills while they can't do anything about it. The clip below should give you a good example of what this can look like and how you can use it to your advantage.

Notice that after I used my Orb of Deception I saw that the LeBlanc used her only form of mobility spell that she had, Distortion. Because of that, a window just opened for me to go in with my Spirit Rush to use my Charm on her to get that really easy kill as I already knew that her Mimic ultimate was on cooldown because i've kept track of when she used it the last time. That way I was able to quickly get a kill and a lead in the lane because she couldn't use Mimic Distortion to try and get away again.

It's so important and simple just to look at what they have for mobility spells as it can result in you getting a free kill or they completely dodging your abilities so that it backfires and you're dead instead. Some laners like Xerath for example, don't even have a mobility spell, which makes that matchup way easier to win than for example Zed.

2) Ultimate Available?

It's important to keep track of abilities, it's the exact same for ultimates as they're even more dangerous than the normal abilities. Once an enemy has used their ultimate, keep track of when it was used the last time and use it to your advantage. Either to outplay your opponent yourself for a solo kill, or to ask your Jungler for a gank to be able to get a lead in the lane.

In the clip above I was just about to walk back to lane in which where I saw that the Vel'Koz is walking back into a bush where I just warded. Because of this I quickly threw a Charm onto him because I knew that he couldn't dodge it, and because of that I was able to quickly burst him down with the rest of my abilities. I already knew that he still had his Life Form Disintegration Ray so if I could burst his health down fast enough, he wouldn't have enough time to counter it with his ultimate, which is what I did and it resulted in me getting a free kill.

It's important to keep in mind what ultimates enemies have and when it's available, during the clip I was lucky that the Vel'Koz was already low, however if it was a Zed, he could of just used his Living Shadow + Death Mark and instantly kill me before I can finish him off because of the fact that it deals a lot of damage. It's great to keep in mind as well if you're against a laner like Lux or Xerath who sometimes save their ultimate until you're low health ready to recall, in order to catch you off guard. This also brings me straight to my next point and tip to keep in mind when you're in lane.

3) Summoner Spells?

What Summoner spells does your matchup have, and how can it affect you and your all-ins? During the clip that I showed above when it came to Vel'Koz and his ultimate. He also had Barrier, now I already knew that he had that summoner spell because he never used it before. But, I did know that he used his Flash which is where I was able to use my Charm advantage to catch him out and kill him. Thanks to his Barrier, I did also have to auto him a few more times after i've finished my rotation of spells, otherwise he would of lived and the Ignite that I casted on him wouldn't have been enough.

Keep track of what spells they have, and how it can impact your lane and kill potential. If they have Exhaust, what can you do to avoid an all-in to turn into their favor because of that Exhaust? If they have Cleanse, how would you go into that lane with what mindset and what gameplan to avoid and counterplay that? With many more things obviously, keeping track of what summoners they have is the key to making your laning much better as otherwise you might die because you were careless of that particular summoner spell.

4) Do They Have Hard CC?

Pretty simple, does your laner have very hard CC or soft CC instead? Laners like Veigar is one concrete example of a laner with Hard CC as his Event Horizon can stun enemies letting him completely burst them down with his other abilities. Unlike someone such as Xerath who has a more soft CC, Shocking Orb as it's not instant or delayed, is easily seen and also avoidable. Other examples like Lissandra with her Ring of Frost which is an instant CC, or her Frozen Tomb which is another example of a Hard CC that you might encounter.

Notice that I freely gave up one minion (even though I randomly autoattacked it for no reason) to use the chance that was given to me and Charm the Veigar, this because I knew that my Gragas was already near and prepared to gank. Even without me getting a gank, I could still have killed him because of my Charm and the damage amplifier from it. The gank only made the process faster and I could start to push out the wave faster thanks to it. It's also good to keep in mind that your Spirit Rush is a great ability that you can use to dodge any form of CC coming towards you, assuming that you have it available of course. Lux is also one example with her Light Binding starting off every single one of her insane combos (unless it's just an E + R combo straight away).

5) Bushes Available?

Do you have any bushes that you can use to your advantage? If so then use them! It's amazing. You have 2 bushes in the mid lane that you can use as a way to trick your laner into thinking you're about to roam. This can allow you to sneak up on them to get a kill onto your laner instead while being hidden thanks to the bush. Of course this does work in any kind of bush as if you're roaming down Bot and then preparing to come back Mid but you know that your laner is there waiting. You can always go to a bush and wait for your opponent to come to give a surprise, although this rule is somewhat situational and sometimes it isn't as necessary as the other tips explained above.

In the clip above I went into a bush that wasn't warded so the enemy team didn't know where I was. The Nami came to facecheck the bush, now at the time I did see the Oracle Lens so I was preparing to leave just in case. But I decided in the end to throw my Charm, which hit her, so I bursted her down and then escaped with the rest of my Spirit Rush dashes that I had. Using bushes to your advantage can give you unexpected kills and gold that can give you a huge lead in lane, so make use of them if you can!

Before we go into any matchups or anything else, I'm going to try to list and explain all possible Ahri combos that I've experienced over time.

In this combo section, AA stands for auto attack and Q, W, E, and R are abilities and shows with icons, same with other abilities such as Flash.

More combos will be added into this section whenever I find new ones that are worth putting in. So it might not be all that many combos right now, but don't worry because more will come in the future!

NOTE: Make sure to always fit in an auto attack before you decide to use your Fox-Fire as otherwise all three of them won't target your opponent. However, if you do hit your Charm first, they'll automatically target the champion for you.

ANOTHER NOTE: If this list of combos confuses you, then just focus on the Basic combos until you master them and get a hang of how Ahri works, then you can move onto the more advanced ones.

Combo #1
Flash Variations

You can use your Flash to extend the range of your Charm which is a great combo to use if you want to surprise your opponents. You can also use Flash to redirect your charm if you want to hit someone in the back but there is minions or champions in your way. The clip below should explain what a combo like this could look like:

Notice that the LeBlanc used her Mimic as she had it from her Distortion, so because of this I waited in case she would actually go back to that spot, which she did. Even if she didn't go there it wouldn't have changed anything for me as I can just travel back to lane and i'll be safe. However, she did go back in which I used the combo to surprise her and get the kill. All you have to do is to press Charm before you use your Flash, this way the ability will get a bigger range as you'll Flash before using an ability, which results in what is showed in the clip above.

As with the extended range from the Charm + Flash combo mentioned above, you can also use it to extend the range of your Orb of Deception. This combo is great if you want to be able to catch someone out to get a kill or to get them low enough to cast Ignite. It's great if you don't have access to your Charm, like for example it's on cooldown because you missed it before, or there is minions in the way and you can't cast Charm in the first place but you still want to be able to get the kill.

In the clip above, I couldn't cast my Charm onto the Kassadin because number one, it was on cooldown and number two, the minions were a pain and in the way. My Ignite was also on cooldown as I tried to kill him before. However, I used this opportunity to Flash and use my Orb of Deception on him (again using the ability and then flashing as the ability will cast when the Flash ends). This in order to surprise him and be able to fit in an auto before he can react which results in the kill. He does waste his own Flash to try and get away, however it was already to late and the auto that I managed to fit in was enough to kill him.

There is also one more variation of the Flash combos that you can use, however it's much more inferior compared to the other two, but it's still good to know about it. Even though the Charm combo is one of the best combos out of these three, this combo relies on being able to get the fox-fires that comes out of your Spirit Rush onto your opponent as fast as possible. Basically meaning, you'll use your Spirit Rush and then instantly Flash onto your enemy to redirect the fox-fires and make them all target the enemy. This way you can easily make sure that all three dashes and fox-fires will hit the target if they're already low from your previous set of abilities. These three combos are amazing as they give the opponent a very minimum time in order to react to your engage, which can result in either a messed up Cleanse, very slow Flash or being completely dead to your combo.

Combo #2
Long Range Engage

> >

This is a combo that you can use if you see an enemy that is alone and you want to be able to surprise kill them from afar. It's also amazing to use as a setup for an engage from very long range as you can use your Spirit Rush dashes to get in the range for a Charm + Flash without the enemy opponent being able to react of when you're coming. The clip below will show an example of what this can look like, however it differs from game to game.

Notice that I started with Spirit Rush to get in range for my Charm + Flash? Of course in this situation, they knew that I was there because the bush next to me was warded. However, this concept for the combo works in any scenario and is completely one of the best combos to use when you're out of sight.

Combo #3
Basic Trade

> > AA >

This is your basic trading and harassing combo that you'll be using every single game against your enemy opponent. It's great because you can start with your Charm and hit it. Once it hits you'll be able to cast either Orb of Deception + Fox-Fire and then an auto or Orb of Deception + auto attack and then Fox-Fire. Doesn't matter though, concept is the same. The only difference is that you have the time to easily fit in an auto no matter which ability comes first, your fox-fires will already target champions because of the Charm that you landed first. This combo is great because you can easily proc Electrocute fast and to be able to deal a lot of burst in one go.

In this scenario I was facing a Qiyana. She was trying to get onto me to begin a trade with her Audacity so I first had to dodge her incoming Edge of Ixtal damage. However, after that she used Terrashape to get the terrain element on her Edge of Ixtal, which I had to take straight to the face as I didn't want to dodge it. However, because of this I also had a window to throw my Charm, easily being able to hit it and using my other abilities for a great burst.

Combo #4
Who Cares About Minions

AA > > > AA

Now, when it comes to this combo. It's great if you're in a tight situation where you can't use your Charm for example when minions are completely in your way. Because of this, you can use another technique that makes use of auto attacking your opponent so that Fox-Fire will focus champions (because you don't have Charm in order to do that). The Orb of Deception is also an added ability that you can fit in (if you have the time) to make the combo even better. It's an awesome combo if you want to put out damage but can't rely on Charm to pull it off, especially in the early game. The clip below will showcase what a combo like this could look like:

I started off with auto attacking the Kassadin, after that I cast Orb of Deception for extra damage. In this case I was able to hit one tick of it. However, after that I cast my Fox-Fire and backed off as the fox-fires were travelling. This is great because you can cast Fox-Fire as your last ability in this trade and all three fox-fires will still hit your target, this because they have a higher range than Ahri's overall range.

Combo #5
Hidden Kiss

Onto this combo which is the last one in this section and is by far one of the easiest ones. The Hidden Kiss combo is called this because you're able to completely hide your Charm when you're using your Spirit Rush in the same direction as where you casted Charm. This is good because it can ensure that your target gets CC'd without them expecting it as your ultimate is hiding it. This can also be a good engage if your Flash isn't up yet and you want to be able to CC your opponents from nowhere. The clip below will showcase what a combo like this should look like:

Combo #1
Full Burst Combo

> > > > AA >

> > > > AA >

Now there are two variations of the full combo, one using the Charm as the starter when you're out of sight from the enemy and the other one uses the Spirit Rush to start it off if you're in sight with the enemy opponent or team. This is the max amount of damage that you can do on Ahri all at once, however it's still very flexible and there'll probably be even more then just these two variations. However, these are the general full combo rotations and the clip below shows one of the examples of how this full combo can work, and it's only an example.

Combo #2
The Drive-By

> > > >

> > > >

Now this combo does also have two different variations to it, ones using the Charm again as the starter when you're out of sight from the enemy and the other one uses the Spirit Rush to start it off if you dash in and then charm. This is a great combo as you can surprise your enemy from nowhere, burst them down and easily be able to get back out to safety thanks to your Spirit Rush. Which is why it's called The "Drive-By". These are the general drive-by rotations and the clip below shows one of the examples of how this combo can work, and it's only an example. You'll have to utilize the terrain to your advantage to be able to make this combo work to its best potential.

Combo #3
Kiss Me One More Time Baby

> > > > AA > >

> > > > > AA >

Yup, you've seen right, this combo does also have two different variations to it. One of them is using the Basic Trade combo to kill the enemy, and one uses your Spirit Rush as the main ability. This is a great combo as you can instantly burst down squishies from nowhere. It's great to use during teamfights but also during the laning phase and when you're trying to take down objectives. These are the general "kiss me one more time" rotations and the clip below shows one of the examples of how this combo can work, and it's only an example. You'll have to use your surroundings to your advantage to be able to make this combo work to its best potential.

Infernal Drake
Infernal Drake is by far the best drake because of its strong power boost. If you see the chance, then contest for the dragon at all costs together with your team. In the early game the increased stats from the buff won't do much, but the Infernal Drake's late game power is massive, especially together with Aspect of The Dragon.

Ocean Drake
Ocean Drake increases your overall sustain, which can be really good when you're on the defensive but also when you're the aggressor.

Mountain Drake
Mountain Drake is really strong during the late game, and it'll make it much easier to take down Baron Nashor for your team if needs be. Mountain Drake will also help out and make it easier whenever you're pushing down turrets.

Cloud Drake
Cloud Drake will be useful for both teams, the leading team can both create pressure, split push, or rotate around the map faster for positioning, while teams that are behind can still use it to expand vision, respond to split pushing, or position defensively.

Elder Drake
The Elder Drake's buff called Aspect of The Dragon will boost all other dragon buffs for your team, meaning the more drakes you have, the more effective this buff will be.

So to end it off shortly, there are four types of dragons, when you kill them it'll give a permanent Dragon buff as well as a Dragon stack which can be stacked up depending on the drakes you kill of the same sort. This'll grant different effects based on the dragon that you've killed. Elder Dragon however, will only grant a temporary buff called Aspect of the Dragon. Elder Dragon's after the first one on the same team will grant the buff called Empowered Aspect of the Dragon instead, which is twice as strong, and lasts longer.

Best way to take any type of drake during a game is to either sneak it if your wave is pushed, Jungler is about to do it, and the enemy botlane hasn't gotten back to lane yet. Or if the enemy team's Jungler is dead you may be able to see a chance to take drake out with your friendly Jungler and the rest of your team.

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster in the game. Killing Baron Nashor will grant a buff called Hand of Baron . The best way to take out Baron Nashor is when your team manages to get an Ace on the enemy team, or if you're trying to force it, although forcing it could go wrong because your Jungler might miss Smite etc. and you could lose it, so it's a very risky choice but if it works out it'll be a very valuable asset to your team.

Hand of Baron lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes, so take advantage of that early on to make plays that are 100% safe as you don't want to lose the buff. Its main use is for sieging down turrets so you'll need it in order to do so. The buff massively increases attack damage and ability power but it also has an aura that affects nearby minions in order to make them very strong. As well as a recall time decrease.

When it comes to Ahri during this phase of the game where Baron Nashor is one of the most important objectives to get your hands on, keep in mind not to waste Charm on anything. You need this specific ability as it's a really important CC to have when the enemy team arrives in order to contest Baron, and if they don't come then atleast you're prepared.

You should also avoid wasting to many spells on the objective as your mana bar will get depleted very fast, a few Orb of Deception's are fine, but that's it. If you don't follow this then once your opponents arrive, you'll have no mana to stop them from taking the objective.

Taking out towers is both necessary in order to win the game, but also in order to be able to control the map and give pressure. Taking out towers is incredibly good in order to be able to get other objectives like the Dragon to boost your team and to make it easier to fight in teamfights. The best time to take out towers is after you've successfully killed your enemy laner, or if your opponent is recalling and your wave is about to push into their turret. Keep in mind that even if you don't kill the enemy laner, you can still blow their summoner spells and health which can force them to recall.
Turret Platings: Turrets has something that we refer to as "platings". There are 5 platings that you can get and they'll reward you with gold whenever you destroy them (you can see how much health each plating has by looking at the tower health). If you aren't able to ward/roam to another lane, then always try to whack down the tower either when your opponent isn't present in lane or if they're trying to CS under the tower. This is because the bonus gold is going to be really good.

Tower Dives: When it comes to tower dives. It's important to be careful, Ahri has a really good escape thanks to her ultimate, but she can still easily die to turrets because she's super squishy, and even more in the early game. In situations like these you'll have to decide on your own whether you'll live and it's worth going for a tower dive either alone or together with your Jungler , or if it's not going to be, since situations like these differs from game to game.

Roaming: Roaming is when you go to other lanes to assist them in order to either turn that lane into a winning lane, or to help them snowball even more. If your laner isn't present in lane (either based or roamed). If he roams, you either follow if you have vision of him & enemy jungler or you stay in lane if you don't. You can also roam to the other side of the map (if that's possible) to get that lane ahead (like Top for example) while your Bot lane is currently losing, or you stay in lane and whack that turret. You should be looking to roam at least 1-2 times per game post 5 mins as it can turn any lane into a winning state, as long as you aren't doing it way too often (we don't want you to get behind yourself now do we).

Let's say you got solo killed early by the enemy laner or got ganked by the enemy jungler. Now you're staring at your 0-2 score and wondering if it's even possible or worth the effort to get back into the game at all. And of course there is many ways to get back.

First of all let’s say you got solo killed, because you’re already behind you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to all-in the enemy laner because they’re way stronger than you and you’re going to lose. You can trade however, only do so when you know that you can easily hit your Charm in order to get your combo off so that you can back off after it to avoid damage that can put you more behind. You’ll need to try and freeze the lane near your turret so that you're able to safeky pick up CS.

Like i’ve just mentioned, this goes the exact same when it comes to ganks. Because you’ve just gotten ganked and you died because of it. The first thing to do is to play passive so that you can avoid the risk of getting ganked once more, this means no aggressive trades. This is because if you do get ganked again and you die yet again, it’s going to be even harder to get back into the game. If it gets really difficult to lane then you can also try to call your Jungler to come and gank you in hopes that you'll be able to get back.

Generally speaking, once you’re put behind which is either from getting solo killed, ganked or generally messing up the laning phase. Your first choice is always to play passive and put all of your focus into farming instead of trying to trade with the enemy. Keep in mind that about 15 CS is the same as getting one kill, so even if you’re 0-3 and the enemy is 3-0, you can get back just by farming the lane and pinging your teammates to back whenever your laner wants to look for roams.

Let's change the situation now. You were the one that solo killed the enemy laner or you were getting a gank that worked and you’re now ahead of your enemy laner. Now you're 1-0 and wondering what to do next in order to be able to use your lead to the best way possible.

Firstly, because you’re ahead you can start to snowball your enemy laner. You should be able to kill them easily 1v1 at any moment thanks to you already being ahead of them. With this said, you can win lane and carry the game but you still need to be careful not to die yourself or from a gank as one of those can put your lead back to zero instantly.

Try to look for roams, but keep in mind that your wave needs to be pushed into the enemy laners turret before looking to roam to another lane. This is because your wave will push back towards you when you’re done roaming, which means you won’t lose that much CS and you’re able to catch the wave as you’re getting back. All of this, and you’re able to put your other lanes ahead by giving them a roam. Having this said, don’t force roams, if your wave is pushed and you can’t see any lanes that is roamable, then don’t do it. Just stay in lane and continue farming up.

The strongest and most important factor to keep in mind, is to not lose your lead. This basically means you shouldn’t casually just go in and risk dying as you’ll give the enemy a bounty when you die which can give them a lot of gold and get them back in the game. You need your lead in order to be able to carry your team, if you lose it, who’s the one that’s going to be able to win the game for you?

This particular section of the guide is going to be dedicated to all of the other cool tricks that you can do on Ahri that haven't been mentioned in the guide before such as warding spots, cool tricks with your Charm etc. This section will be updated with new stuff and tricks that seems important to put in here as it'll be valuable for you readers to see. It'll also contain general advice on stuff that you can do on Ahri that can be really useful to know when you're playing your games!

Another great tip about Ahri’s ultimate, Spirit Rush is the fact that it’s an amazing tool that you can use to get over terrain. You’ll be able to dash through almost any wall currently in the game (except really big ones of course) with just one use of your Spirit Rush which is a great thing to know as this can setup potential surprise kills. Either, you’ll be able to make use of the terrain to kill your enemy laner when they can’t see you, or you can use it to surprise the Jungler when they’re in sight doing the Rift Scuttler for example. It’s also a really great thing to have if your team is contesting Dragon as you can easily dash in from a wall, burst someone down and then dash back out again without taking much damage from it. Spirit Rush is by far one of the most underrated abilities in her kit and to be fully honest, it shouldn’t ever be underestimated.

When it comes to your Spirit Rush, do you ever decide to use it in another way then to dash into a specific direction? Most Ahri players don’t really see that Spirit Rush has more ways of using it than just to dash into a specific pattern. When you’re using Spirit Rush in your combo which starts with Charm, you can actually spend the first dash of your ultimate at the exact spot of where you stand. Basically, it means that you won’t be dashing anywhere however you’ll still get the damage off on your enemy. Think of it as a second pair of fox-fires because your ultimate is pretty much just Fox-Fire with three extra dashes. The reasoning behind Ulting where you stand is because when you Charm anyone, they’ll already be walking towards you and you won’t be very far away from them. After sending out your Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire, you’ll want to use the damage from your Spirit Rush to burst them down as much as possible while being charmed.

Most Ahri players will dash into different directions with the ultimate in order to get the damage off as part of the nuke and it isn’t technically anything wrong with doing so. However, the problem with dashing in a direction is that if you dash to the side, you’ll have the risk of missing your Orb of Deception as it’s returning to you as they’ll likely not be at max range. If you dash backwards you could likely dash out of range for the damage on your Spirit Rush and if you dash forwards you’re putting yourself inside melee range of your opponent. If you dash right where you stand, you’ll maintain your position and will be put at less risk of getting bursted yourself all while guaranteeing the damage from Spirit Rush as well as the returning damage on your Orb of Deception. At the same time, you’re also not putting yourself any closer to danger which is especially important in melee matchups.

Usually when you decide to go for an all-in on your laner. Most of the time, you’ll just use Spirit Rush towards your enemy and throw out your Charm on them straight away, while there is completely nothing wrong with doing this and I do it all the time as well, it can be better in some cases to hold your Charm until the next time you use your Spirit Rush. This is a great tip because it stops chances of instantly missing your Charm, as if you miss, your whole combo is failed and you have to disengage again. Just by waiting a few more seconds then usually will be able to give you enough time to position and aim your Charm with the help of your second dash in order to make sure that it hits the target.

Although this isn’t the only reason why saving up your Charm could be a good thing, it can also bait out most mobility spells from your opponent like for example Playful / Trickster from Fizz in which he won’t have a way to dodge your Charm anymore as he used his most valuable spell. But also Distortion coming from LeBlanc because you can just Spirit Rush right into her and throw the Charm at the spot where she used Distortion, in case she’s going to go back to that spot. However, sometimes it might just be a simple Flash that gets wasted. Your opponent will at most times always expect you to try and Charm them right off the bat whenever you all-in. So, by saving it for a little bit longer can give your opponent a really hard time as they won’t know when to expect it to come, which can result in them dying because of it (assuming you hit it).

Most of the times you can just straight up throw the Charm instantly in matchups where the enemy doesn’t really have mobility spells that needs to be wasted, such as Xerath or Cassiopeia. However, during teamfights, Charm can be a very important ability to have in order to win that fight, it might just be better if you save it for a little bit of time before casting. This’ll often increase your chances of hitting it as you’ve already baited out their mobility spells with your Spirit Rush.

If you’re getting chased early on or later on in the game, you can easily use your Charm to either bait them or kill them. This is because during the early game you’re able to bait them close to your turret, then use Charm + Flash or Spirit Rush + Charm to get them into turret range, and effectively killing them off that way. But, you can also use it as a tool to surprise your enemy as they’re chasing you so that you can get your combo off and kill them off that way instead.

When you’re using Charm, most of the times it’s going to be either by itself or together with the rest of your combo using Spirit Rush together with Charm. However, having this said, sometimes it’s even better to save up Charm when your Jungler is about to gank or if you’re in a fight where the enemy target gets CC’d by your team. This is because you can chain CC with that ability and your Charm, making it longer and it’ll also be much easier to hit the Charm onto the target in the first place as they’re already CC’d by your allies.

General fights or trades that are inside bushes are things that you should avoid at all cost. Lack of vision and wards is Ahri’s biggest weakness and the worst nightmare because your Fox-Fire as well as Spirit Rush needs to have vision on a target in order to actually be able to hit them otherwise they’ll just prioritize other things, we don’t want that. The fox-fires that come from your Fox-Fire isn’t actually all that big of a deal as you still have time to place down some vision before they end. However, when it comes to Spirit Rush, if you dash towards an enemy that goes into a bush, and you lose sight of the target, then the fox-fire damage that comes from the ultimate will be completely wasted on nothing.

Most players won’t expect you coming with two whole sets of burst damage all using a single ultimate, this is good because it gives you an advantage and gives you the element of surprise. For example, if you’re using your normal Full Combo, once you’ve used two of your three dashes that you have access to from your Spirit Rush, try to save the last dash and sync it with your abilities for a burst your enemies won’t expect yet again. Most laners will only expect you to have one round of burst and so it’ll catch them off-guard and could result in a very simple kill.

The only downside to this is that you can’t really use it until later on in the game when you reach level 10. During the early game, you’ll be wanting to use all of your abilities from your first burst, however it’s way better to just use all three dashes instead of trying to save some as you won’t be able to chain your abilities once again. Having this said, when you decide to cast your Spirit Rush for an engage post-10, you’ll have 10 seconds to use up the remaining two dashes that it provides you. This essentially gives you like said, up to a whole whopping 10 second window to wait for your cooldowns so that you can sync them with the Spirit Rush dash that you have left for the second burst.

When deciding to go for an invade with your team at level 1. It’s a great idea to level up Charm as your first ability as the CC will be able to fully secure a kill if it hits the enemy target. However, ONLY level it up when you’re about to cast it. If an enemy isn’t coming towards your team, don’t level your Charm and only level it when they’re coming closer in range of the ability. This is because even if the invade is great because of the CC, your lane is going to be much weaker as you won’t have Orb of Deception to clear the wave. Some champions will also be able to abuse that weakness early on. So, if you do level it and the invade works, play passively in lane until level 2.

I’m being very serious about this, please do it! I can’t stress enough about it and it gets so frustrating when you see that one kill that is just so easy to get but you miss it entirely and you’re forced to disengage because you can’t do anything. I’m not saying you have to be a beast and land every single skillshot ever, but you’ll get much better at landing them if you practice. Most of Ahri’s kit revolves around her Charm, which in itself is a skillshot and sometimes a pretty hard one to land as well. Down below are some tips that are good to use if you want to learn how to hit skillshots more accurately:
  • Practice skillshots using the practice tool, you can practice Charm + Flash or any other variants until you’ve mastered them and it’s going to make it much easier to use these combos during your actual gameplay.
  • Try to watch where your enemy is running and cast your Charm a little bit ahead of their way in order to catch them.
  • Learn how the enemy moves, observe them well so that it’s easier for you to predict where they want to go, thus meaning you’ll hit more abilities and you can pull off your combo correctly.
  • Be creative, innovative and experimental! Don’t let your lane limit you to the possibilities that you have access to. Walk into Fog of War and surprise Charm your opponent. Spirit Rush over walls and Charm them, you can do even more things than that. Don’t let yourself be scared when it comes to trying new things, often enough, that's what's going to make Ahri much more fun to play.

Down below you'll be able to find matchups inside of spoilers for Ahri. The matchups here are listed in an order that I chose to add them. If you're looking for a complete new champion that can play in the midlane, that matchup will always be the last one at the bottom of these spoilers. This is because it's the newest one that I will add. The matchups also have colored text explaining how hard or easy they're for you to beat. Ratings are right down below going from hardest to easiest:

Hard - Very hard to farm, high burst threat, can push the lane fast, very high sustain during lane and you'll need ganks
Medium - They can out-trade you, has decent cc to stop your ultimate, pretty skill based as you need to dodge abilities
Easy - You can Safely farm, they're immobile, low kill threat, average cc on you and also easy to kill

These ratings are solely my opinion with the matchup and from my experiences, and so if you disagree with some ratings, then feel free to tell me why in the comments!

In the matchups there is going to be a helping text, looks like this which is pure helping advice when it comes to items, summoner spells or even stat shards. So, because of this, it's there to help if you're in a rush and need to know exactly what to build or what kind of summoners to take when you're facing the matchup. If you're in a rush, that text will help you the most, otherwise the rest of the matchup text is mainly what they can do and how you can counter it to your best ability.

As a last thing in every matchup, there'll always be helping icons to showcase suggested items, summoner spells and stat shards that are really good and suggested to take in that particular matchup. In order to put it into your favor as much as possible. However, keep in mind that the suggested items can be built first or last etc. The helping text will explain when you're going to be building these items, and if they aren't explained then they're most likely as a last item. For example, Spellbinder is an item you're going to pick up last as you need your core items first. It can also either be to go very aggressive meaningly poking with Orb of Deception a lot, or playing more passive and just farming instead. Other then that, have fun and I hope these tips and information helps you when you're playing Ahri. :)

NOTE: Thanks to some unfortunate events, I was unable to finish the Matchup section before the Midseason 9 Guide Contest. However, rest assured because even though not all the mathcups are here yet. They'll all be done in a few days time so keep your popcorn because it's coming! If you don't see the matchup you're looking for then soon it'll be there for you. (◠‿◠✿)

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Easy Matchups

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