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Guides of the Week! (S9 Week 37)

Creator: PsiGuard September 11, 2019 4:36pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Embrace The Ethereal or Fade In The Light by @ Sleepininthegarden
The amount of work put into this Lux guide is mind-boggling. It's incredibly detailed and every inch of the guide is painstakingly formatted with splashes of color and hand-made graphics littered all over the content. It's easy to see why this guide won the aesthetics category of our recent guide contest, as it's definitely one of the best looking guides on the site.

In terms of the actual content, Sleepininthegarden makes an extra effort to clearly explain concepts that newer players might struggle to understand, while still including plenty of information that veterans of the game can learn from. This guide is not only great as a Lux guide, but it includes a lot of important gameplay information that's useful no matter what champion you play.

An Iron Will Must be Forged by @ WaffleMage15
WaffleMage's Ornn guide is obviously a labor of love. Only a true Ornn player could put this much work and content into a one guide, spanning both the top and support roles and including a wide variety of build options. The author even includes a cheatsheet that shows which Masterwork items should be built by every champion in the game! You might have to argue with your teammates sometimes to get them to build the optimal items though. :P

Definitely check out the Combos section of this guide for a number of options you can use in your games. Ornn's abilities work together in a pretty straightforward fashion, but you can still order your abilities differently or animation cancel some of them to make your attacks less predictable and give your opponents minimal time to react. Every combo has a short video demonstration, so it's a quick and easy resource for any aspiring Ornn players looking to sharpen up their mechanics.

✔️ How to smash Rocks by @ Fruxo
Last but not least is Fruxo's Vi guide. Fruxo is an incredibly hardworking author that's always looking to improve and refine their work. This guide is the product of not only a time-consuming writing and formatting process, but also an influx of feedback that's helped shape this guide into one of the best jungle guides on the site.

Every chapter of this guide does its job perfectly, with solid presentation and all the information that you'll need to become a great Vi player no matter which aspects you're struggling with. Since success with Vi also requires you to be a knowledgeable jungler, this guide includes plenty of information and advice that'll help you improve at the jungle role as a whole as well as Vi in particular. Make sure you don't miss the extensive Ganking and Matchups section as they include a ton of info that's useful for all junglers to know.

If you liked any of these guides, be sure to give the authors a vote and comment with your thoughts! See you again next week. :)
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Jul 31st, 2019
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Thank you for the kind words Psi <3 <3 <3 much love and thank you for featuring my guide.

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