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MOBAFire Special Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Creator: Hades4u January 7, 2021 4:21am
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Christmas Giveaway Winners!
It's time to reveal the winners of our Special Christmas Giveaway! ❄

Over 100 community members celebrated together by sharing stories and beautiful pictures during the Christmas holidays. We've enjoyed going through all of them and we're finally ready to show you our favourites!

We would like to mention that everyone's stories and pictures were wonderful. They made our Christmas better and we hope you've also had a great time taking part in this event. We've received good feedback once more and we look forward to future community events!

You can find all the winners below. Make sure to click on the images to view them in full size for the best experience! :)

@ FoxyGrill:
This is my Christmas tree, sadly I couldn't build a snowman due to lack of snow. :(

@ Kehyra:
This is my Christmas Tree! Happy Holidays to everyone!

@ Do1HaveTh3Sauce:

@ Aireszita:
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It may look like a really chaotic tree and that's probably because of how many different kinds of ornaments are in there! But that's just what it is - a messy tree, filled with our numerous different memories!

Me and my family have this kind of tradition to buy a new ornament for our tree every year. Ever since I was a child I've loved to go shopping for those! We feel like by adding a new decoration each year, it's like storing another "memory" in our tree. As the time passes, the tree will grow with us! And these would go through each generation where everyone plays their part.

Some of these are also handmade, including my favourite ornament which I've included a picture of - that smilling blue ball with a cute moustache! My father made it when he was just a kid and has kept it ever since. Since it's such a loveable ornament we keep it very near the top of the tree too!

So to sum it up,we feel like keeping these ornaments brings different memories together. And we would like to keep adding more as time goes on - keeping the tradition alive! This is our tree, and though it may look messy, it is beautiful and meaningful in our eyes! :)

I feel like I may have explained it poorly but I hope you can get the idea!

(Just a side note: I put the paper with my username on it in the first picture but you can barely see it unless you zoom in! Sorry about that, hope that's okay ^^)

Thank you for reading and happy holidays! :D

@ alexandrabulg:
This year Christmas project <3

@ AngryAngrier:
The best gifts are the sudden gifts, the kinda gifts you never expect that you'd get in the first place, the gift that you simultaenously didn't even wish for and still want, despite never thinking about it yourself. It's weird, I know, but having someone figure out precisely something that you never even thought before you wanted is one of the happiest feelings in the world.

And usually that's just the nice, warm cocoa in the morning right before Christmas.

@ sashadidntwalk:
My favorite Christmas food will for sure be a traditional dish from my country. They are small, slightly sweet pastries made from leavened dough and poppy seeds (Kūčiukai, can't find how it's called in English). Everyone in my country has them on their table during Christmas and you can buy them at stores or easily make some yourself. What's great about them is that they all have different sweetness and tastes and you can eat them dry or soaked in poppy milk! Honestly, the best part of my Christmas is always eating them freshly made.

@ ToHadesWithYou:
When I hear or see something about Christmas, the first movie that comes to my mind is Home Alone. Even though ı born years later when this movie was released, it was still on TV around these times. It always reminds me of my childhood. I had always spend my time with my family. But ever since I got to college, I was away from my family. I was with my friends, but I still missed them. But this Christmas, I am with them due to Covid-19. I am happy to spend my Christmas with them, however I can't say I am entirely happy. Cause I have concerns about my career, about my future and stuff. However thinking about that movie puts a smile on my face. I remember the good childhood I had. I wish things were simple like in my childhood, but it isn't. However I will not let those concerns and the complicated things to consume me. Even I become sad, even I lose my hope, I will keep trying. While rewatching the movie of my childhood, remembering my good old times and doing my best for later Christmases.

Have a nice holiday!

@ Kazumo:
Alright, I believe I'll tackle the dream Christmas gift which right now would probably be to receive a bug-free and feature complete Cyberpunk 2077, Teemo to get removed from League (or only be kept as a mascot) and Valve to turn community-friendly entirely. I can keep dreaming, right?

And since we're also able to talk about our most memorable gifts we've received in the past I'd say the copy of Half Life 2 from my dad is one of my most treasured gifts. Back then on the good ol' PC I had, I only had a CD rom (not even DVD, so the game came on 5 different CDs) and a 32MB gpu which somehow managed to run the game and kickstarted my gaming passion that it's still going strong even nowadays.

Happy holidays, everyone! And thanks for the chance!

@ ivern11:
My favourite christmas food are pierogi. They're dumplings that can be filled with pretty much anything and can be whatever size you want them to be. They can be boiled, fried, deep-fried or grilled (and there are probably even more ways of making them). They're usually topped with cream, sugar, butter, fried onions or fried sausage. On christmas they're traditionally filled with cabbage and mushrooms. My favourite kind are pierogi ruskie, which are filled with potatoes, onions and cottage cheese.

Happy holidays everyone!!

@ TheLadyMyra:
For as long as I can remember, my mother and I always watch the 1984 version of A Christmas Carol and make sausage balls. She insists that no other version of the movie can compare to the one we watch... and I have to say, I think she's right.
But anyway, it's something I can always look forward to and I don't remember a time when we missed doing this. I absolutely love this tradition of ours. It makes me feel warm and happy. :)

Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate this season) everyone! Good luck!

@ Sleepininthegarden:
I know the post said to pick your favorite but for the sake of Christmas Cheer, I'll try to do all of them! 💚

Share a fun Christmas story
When I was a child, there was this one particular thing I had always wanted. On Christmas, I opened up my present and got a mini Laptop. I was so overjoyed, I jumped over the table flying at my parents to give them a hug. Till this day that was my most fond memory of Christmas.

Tell us about your favourite Christmas food or dessert
My family didn't particularly make many or rather ever make Christmas specific foods, and I don't think Eggnog counts as a "food". Peppermint Bark would be my favorite as I always consider it as a "decieving food" as I never expected it to taste like peppermint, I thought it was fancy Christmas chocolate.

Share your favourite Christmas movie
My favorite Christmas movie since I was a kid was Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. Anyone who knows me personally will know I absolutely love animals so it's no surprise that a Christmas video involving doggos would be my favorite Christmas movie since 2012.

Tell us about your dream Christmas gift
My dream Christmas present would be, being approved for a sponsered citizenship so I can move to be with my loved ones in the Netherlands. Down the line in future years, to have a child of my own - Adopted or Biological. Being parent is frankly what I want to be most in life. Not sure if that counts haha.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

@ Vortexin:
I'm from the United Kingdom and by far my favourite Christmas dessert is Christmas pudding!
There are a few different ways you can make it, but at its core, its a fruit cake doused in brandy and lit on fire. Usually, the host of Christmas Lunch/dinner will bring it out already lit almost like a birthday cake with the candles lit! Its a lot of fun, and tastes amazing! However, there are lots and lots of stories of people lighting other things on fire... curtains, table cloths, and their grandma's hair!

To anyone curious, here is a recipe: LINK

@ CinderTheSnake:
My dream Christmas gift would be to be able to see my friends again. Before quarantine, I would hang out with one of my friends every day. Back then, I would take these interactions for granted. Back then, my ideal gift would be something more objective. Now that I can only see those friends over zoom, on league, or 6 feet apart, I realize. Now my ideal Christmas present would be being able to socialize and be carefree with these friends once again.

@ ecl1p3e:
Well here's a Christmas story that I find somewhat amusing whenever I think back on it.

About 2 years ago, me, my sister, and 11 of my/her friends were doing a secret santa gift exchange. We all did the what you wanted list and all of the preparations. So on the day of, we all arrived at my friends house. When we got through the front door, we put all our gifts by the tree and went to go eat lunch. During the secret santa exchange, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who it was since when you're close with the people you're doing it with, secrets tend to kinda go flying out the window. So I was the 3rd person to take my gift, and with the way we were doing it, you had 2 guesses before the person had to reveal who they were. Yeah well I so I thought it was Friend A, since I had gotten an album that I didn't ask for but I wanted and we were the only 2 that listened to the artist. I had even gone through the process of elimination and deducted that there was simply no way it wasn't friend A because she was the only one that knew. When I got the gift, it had friend A's handwriting, friend B's art skills, and wrapping paper that belonged to friend C.

Turns out, it was my sister and she had gone through the trouble of asking my friends to fake handwriting for her and wrapping. I had no clue until after Christmas xD

@ xxseraphinaaxx:
I'm not sure about anything I really do for Christmas or special events that have occurred but I'll still share some fond memories of mine and other things I'd always look forward to.

Growing up, my family was relatively boring when it came to Christmas. Our Christmas tree was (and still is) really pathetic. It was the fake sort you'd build back together every year. I recall how my older sister would always complain about how barren the thing looked. It was true, with close to no functioning lights, flimsy ornaments, and a taped star to top it all off, the whole scene looked like something straight out of the dollar store. Kid me thought it was magnificent but I can see why my sister thought that now.

I remember how my entire family would build the Christmas tree together back when I was a young toddler. With my twin sister, we'd be given the glass ornaments to hang on the tree. Without fail though, every single time, we'd drop them to the floor and break them. On one Christmas, I believe we broke 7 which is a record that I look back on and laugh at.

As a kid, I always knew Santa never existed. My mom was just bad at being Santa. I'm not sure why but I was so passionate about catching my mom in the act. Apparently, the satisfaction I got when I finally reaffirmed everything I already knew was true was incomparable to anything else.

I recall as a kid driving around with my dad through the neighbourhood and looking at everyone else's Christmas displays. Some houses would go all out with the decor. I'm talking inflatable snowmen, rainbow lights, and fake snow. You name it, they had it. I would get so much amusement just from watching all the lights whiz by as we'd drive about.

Lastly, a family tradition of mine would be to open the gifts on Christmas Eve. This was mainly because we'd meet up with extended family on Christmas evening so we wouldn't have time to do it then. After a while though, it just stuck with us even if we weren't seeing relatives. We'd open the presents in the evening.

My family never did anything much for Christmas besides the really standard things. Even then, I still had plenty of fond memories of mine to look back on, as well as some more I didn't even get around to sharing. Just for that, Christmas is an event I'll always enjoy, regardless of whether I'm present with my family or not.

@ gorggen:
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Good luck to all the contestants and I wish you all to be in good health.

My favorite and most fun Christmas story I can recall was when I was young me and my cousin used to spent all the Christmases together. One year our parents decorated the Christmas tree with candies(which is usually never done in our country) That being said my mother specifically reminded us not to eat any candies at least until Christmas passes and the guests go away :D With a "high" IQ me and my cousin started to develop an brilliant plan, during the day we crafted rectangle shaped plasteline or modeling clay, then during the night we would open all the candies wrappers carefully, removed the real candies and replace them with the fake, clay candies. All day we would be eating candies hidden in some corner or my balcony and laughing to death literally, our parents would ask, "nothing wrong" we would reply :D. The final day came when all the guests left, around 27th Dec. so our parents decided to get some candies from the Christmas tree and spread them around the house (we were like 7 persons living there back then) But when they opened the candies all they could see were...clay candies. Me and my cousin were dying of laughing and fun, our parents were a bit mad, but we still received our Christmas presents, and for us this story felt like the adventure of our life, every single candy in the tree was replaced. I will never forget those days, they marked me entirely.

@ PPancake:
I witnessed this a couple of Christmas ago while I was waiting for my little cousin to take a photo with Santa at the shopping mall (a large shopping centre for those of you which are unfamiliar with the term). Just before us in line was a little girl - about the age of 8 - and she was bubbling with excitement, jumping up and down, tugging on her parent’s arms to meet Santa. When the next kid finished, she ran up excitedly and climbed onto his lap where and after a bit of talking Santa asked the usual, "And what would you like for Christmas?". The child stared at him open-mouthed and horrified for a moment, then gasped: "Didn't you get my E-mail?". Santa was lost for words, he probably didn’t get this reply often and there was a couple of seconds of daunting silence where he tried to come up with one. This continued for about another 20 seconds before he was saved by her dad - “ He has a lot of emails to read sweetheart I’m sure he’ll read it this afternoon and get to you by Christmas “. The girl thought for a moment, went “Okay”, proceeded to say her farewells to Santa and left his lap. It was a close shave.

@ ExplodionOfCharm:
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

My favourite Christmas food has to be "pionono", which is a dessert in my country that can be made either savoury or sweet. Honestly it's taste isn't the best thing in the world (I still like it but it wouldn't be the dish I would love to have in my last dinner). The reason why I love it is not really related to how it tastes tho.

I will borrow Wikipedia's description so you get an idea of what I'm talking about: "piononos are prepared using a dough made of flour, eggs, and sugar, which is baked in a thin sheet then rolled around a filling of dulce de leche sometimes with walnuts, or fruits like strawberries with chantilly cream, or in the case of savory piononos with cured ham, cheese, tomato and mayonnaise, or a savory salad, such as ham salad with asparagus and lettuce, chicken salad or even tuna."

Christmas in my family always came with lots of food, usually a big BBQ for like 20 of my relatives, where you could find cow, chicken, pork and other kinds of meat. Being the least carnivore person in my family I always was totally unamused by it, and knowing that my grandma used to make one pionono for me every Christmas and every New Year's Eve. It's a quick meal to prepare, but what stuck with me is my grandmother asking my parents and uncles over and over if they have bought her the ingredients requiered to make it cuz she wanted to be sure I had something I liked for dinner.

My grandma passed away some years ago but every year on these days you can always hear some member of my family saying "Remember to make the a pionono for (my name), like granny used to prepare". It's become a tradition for us and it's impossible for me not to remember her at the Christmas/New Year's Eve dinners. It works as a little reminder of how much she used to care about us now she is gone.

Happy holidays, everyone! Take care.

@ Guoblide:
I've got nothing better to do right now so I'm going to just answer them all.
This Christmas has been especially eventful and memorable due to it being so different from past Christmases. My family didn't travel or visit family this year due to travel being unsafe because of Covid-19. It is also my dogs first Christmas where there were no outside visitors which she loved as she hates people she doesn't know. This Christmas my family got on a Zoom call with other relatives for Christmas so we could still interact with them without having to travel. It was a great idea and it was nice that I got to see my relatives for Christmas, even if it wasn't in person.
This may seem strange but my favorite Christmas food is an Omelette. Around the holidays my family always stocks up on fancy meat and vegetables for the holidays. I love taking these ingredients and throwing them in Omelettes to make a festive food that makes the Holidays feel special. The picture below shows the Omelette I made yesterday which had some fancy cheese and some leftover sausage from the Christmas brunch that I had with my family.
My favorite Christmas movie is probably The Grinch (2000). I love this variation of The Grinch as it is a unique and humorous take on the original Grinch and I think Jim Carrey kills it at being over the top and loud (But then again he is a very over the top actor in general). My family watches The Grinch occasionally but not everyone is a fan of it so sometimes we don't watch and choose to watch another more calming Christmas movie.
My favorite Christmas gift that I got this year was a set of measuring spoons. I love baking and I tend to bake a lot more over the holidays so I am always in need of more baking supplies. This gift was also great because I was missing some of my old measuring spoons (The 1/2 tablespoon went missing over the Summer). I can't wait to put them to use this weekend!
This Christmas I put up Christmas lights around the tree outside my house. It took a bit of work but the end result was one big Christmas tree! It doesn't look as good during the day so I also added a picture of it at night.
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Congratulations to all the winners of this snowy event. :)
Thanks to Jovy for the sig!
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Thank you <3
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Goodluck for the winners have fun have a nice day! <3

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