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New Prime Feature - YouTube Embedding!

Creator: PsiGuard August 9, 2019 7:54pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Hey everyone, you might have noticed a few guides with YouTube videos embedded at the top of the guide. If you're a guide author with Prime, you might have also seen some nifty new options in the editor. I'm happy to announce that we've added support for YouTube video embedding so those of you with YouTube channels can show off your videos to your readers!

Like Twitch stream embedding, this is a Prime feature, so you'll need to have MFN Prime to use it. For more details on Prime's Stream and Video promotion options, please see this thread.

Adding a YouTube video to your guide will yield the following:

  • If you have no stream embedded in your guide, the YouTube video will be shown at all times. Enabling Autoplay will cause the video to play automatically upon opening the guide.

  • If you have a stream embed and a YouTube video, the stream embed will take priority while your stream is live, and your YouTube video will show when your stream is offline.

Featured YouTube videos must respect the following rules:

  1. Video must be LoL related.
  2. Video must demonstrate gameplay or be educational.
  3. Video should relate to the guide topic (champion specific preferred, but at least it should be somewhat related, like a jungle video for a jungle guide).
  4. Videos must not break any site rules.

The following options can be found on any edit guide page, and are specific to each individual guide:

  • Here is where you enter your YouTube url for the video you want to feature on your guide. Keep in mind that since this is per guide you can show champion-specific videos to best suit each guide!

  • Enable Stream / YouTube Autoplay to automatically play your stream or video when someone opens your guide page.

  • NEW: If autoplay options are not enabled and your stream is online, Always Maximize Online Stream Window will show an embed of your stream rather than collapsing the stream section.

I hope you guys find this new feature useful! If you have a YouTube channel already, now's a great time to get some extra exposure by adding relevant videos to your guides. If you don't have any relevant videos yet, you can always take this opportunity to make some! :)

If you have any questions about the new features, feel free to ask.

Thanks to Jovy for the sig!

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