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Patch 9.11 Summary

Creator: Wayne3100 June 3, 2019 4:58am
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Aug 3rd, 2011
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Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 9.11!

While it is smaller than some of the other recently released patches, 9.11 still has room for a few notable adjustments, including Zac regaining his old ultimate ability, Janna receiving changes which should shift her back to feeling like a peeling/shielding support rather than a poke mage in lane, and a bunch of QoL changes and bugfixes for Yuumi.

While there are no item or rune changes to report, the patch also features the release of the Little Demon Tristana, which is a skin that players voted for her to receive back in February/March this year.

As always, be sure to check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you.

Balance Changes

Adjusted / QoL


Other Changes

  • Challenger Recall

    • In all unranked queues, Challenger players will now see a special recall animation in-game.

    • In ranked queues, Challenger players will only see the special recall animation in the particular queue they are Challenger in.

  • Rainbow Fluft Icon & Homeguard Activation

    • Availability extended until June 30th, 2019, at 23:59 PST

  • Bugfixes

    • Draven's R - Whirling Death now properly decreases in damage based on how many units are hit
    • Titanic Hydra's on-hit damage is no longer able to hit towers
    • Getting damaged by an Aery user while having Death’s Dance equipped no longer causes Aery to continuously deal damage to the player
    • Shaco's R - Hallucinate's clone's auto-attack no longer deals 60% of Shaco's damage instead of 75% on champions
    • Lissandra's Passive - Iceborn Subjugation's Frozen Thralls can no longer take Eye of the Herald when her team steals the Rift Herald
    • Guardian's tooltip now properly indicates an ability power ratio of 0.25% instead of 0.25 or 25%
    • Dark Valkyrie Diana's Q - Crescent Strike's Moonlight particles no longer briefly reappear after it expires on a champions

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch.

Little Demon Tristana (1350 RP)

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! What do you think of the adjustments made to champions in this patch? Which buffs or nerfs do you feel Riot forgot to include? Will you be picking up Little Demon Tristana?

Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Hoppermh for the signature!
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Jan 27th, 2018
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So after last patch where they hard nerfed Kog'Maw, now we get Amumu nerfs.

I think they're genuinely trolling us.
hetter12x's Forum Avatar
May 12th, 2019
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Honestly i thought that candy tristana would win, little demon looks almost the same as the dragon trainer.
Fruxo's Forum Avatar
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Oct 19th, 2018
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hetter12x wrote:
Honestly i thought that candy tristana would win, little demon looks almost the same as the dragon trainer.

well, Dragon trainer and little demon are still distinctly different, but I guess they have some resemblence. Although this was the decision from the community so yeah, was hoping Candy would win too but hey.

Thanks to Chromuro for the Sig!

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