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[Champion Concept] Thorald, the Icebound Avenger

Creator: ASViking May 2, 2012 1:10pm
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May 2nd, 2012
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Thorald was born in a small city on a remote island near the harsh land of Lokfar. Thorald trained under the great frost shaman Wodan when one day something terrible happened. Thorald was out in the forest collecting reagents for his rite of passage to become a frost shaman himself, and when he returned found his entire village burnt by the seafaring Berzerkers.

With every member of the village dead, Thorald tried to make contact with the gods to find comfort, but vengeance boiled in his blood and lured another force to talk to him. The mysterious, spiritual creature promised him the end of the crew that slaughtered his friends and family, and brought upon the sea a terrible storm that wiped out the entire group of Berzerkers guilty of the deed. Or so Thorald thought.

With no other place to go, Thorald himself ventured the sea, and after several weeks on the waves he found Valoran. There he learned that Olaf, the leader of the Berzerkers had survived. The thirst for vengeance once again returned to him, and so did the spirit. However, this time the spirirt demanded payment. In trade for absolute powers, Thorald would fight in the spirit's name in the League of Legends, where Thorald would also be given the chance to avenge his village again and again...


Health: 480 (+85 per level)
Health regen: 6,4 (+0,6 per level)
Mana: N/A
Mana Regen: N/A
Range: 125
Attack damage: 55 (+3 per level)
Attack speed: 0,688 (+2,8% per level)
Armor: 19 (+2,5 per level)
Magic resist: 30 (+1,1 per level)
Movement speed: 315


Passive - Avenger's Oath
Everytime Thorald is hit by a basic attack or ability, he gains Avenger's Oath, increasing his Tenacity by 2. Stacks 5 times.

Q: Glaciate
Cooldown: 12 seconds
(Active) Strikes the target with chilling cold, dealing 50/60/70/80/90 (+50% AP) magic damage and stunning them for 1,25 seconds. The ground around the target will be frozen for 4 seconds, slowing enemies by 10/20/30/40/50%.

W: Bloodied Fortitude
Cooldown: 20 seconds
(Passive) Increases armor by 0,6/0,7/0,8/0,9/1% of maximum health.

(Active) The blood in Thorald's vein freezes, reducing all damage taken by 10/15/20/25/30% for 8 seconds.
At rank 5, the active also negates all lifestealing effects from attacks and abilities that Thorald suffers.

E: Bloodblizzard
Cooldown: 8 seconds
(Active) Thorald swings his blade, dealing damage equal to 6/7/8/9/10% of his maximum health to all enemy minions and champions in front of him. Thorald also heals for 4/8/12/16/20% of the damage dealt to champions and neutral monsters. Non-neutral minions hit become frozen for 2 seconds and are treated as allied units (able to block spells like Ashe's Volley).

R: Fimbulwinter
Cooldown: 120 seconds
(Passive) Thoralds maximum health is increased by 100/200/300.

(Active) Thorald curses the target with Fimbulwinter, slowing them by 70/80/90% for 3 seconds and dealing up to 15/20/25% of the target's maximum health as magical damage to the target based on the target's traveled distance during the effect. If the target dies from this effect, Thorald heals for 100/200/300.

Recommended Items:
Coming soon!

Upon selection
"Fear is an appropriate reaction..."

"Despair... So delicious..."
"For Wodan!"
"They're all dead!"
"A wicked end for the wicked!"
"I'm mighty Thorald!"
"I was born to avenge..."
"Death by ice!"
"The master hungers..."
"They will pay with their friends..."

"A monstrous force of absolute vengeance!"

"Big man with a blade, take that away and what am I?"

When killing an enemy Olaf
"NO MERCY FOR YOU!!! (Can be heard across the entire map)

When killed
(casual death noises)
"No! I'm not done yet!"

When killed after having killed an enemy Olaf who have yet not respawned
"Vengeance was mine... At last...

Obviously WIP, just thought I'd thrown in the important game mechanics of the champ for you guys to rate and comment!
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May 2nd, 2012
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Bump :(
May 7th, 2012
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I like the concept, but just reading it screams OP. I'll let one of the theorygeeks show the numbers, but it feels scarily OP with the stun/slow and his ultimate is like a bit like fiddles mixed with nunu. Anywho! Interesting none the less. I like the idea of a frost viking. Is he Olaf's brother?
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Mar 9th, 2012
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Would his passive stack with other tenacity items? like mecury threads?
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Dec 19th, 2011
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This just screams OP. A
Assume he is level 18, with the following items:
- Mercury's Treads
- Warmog's Armor
- Randuin's Omen
- Force of Nature
- Aegis of the Legion
-something else
He also gets 21 points in defense.
This will get him to about 4480 HP, 205 armor, 180 Magic Resist, 200 HP/5, a lot of CC reduction from his passive, Mercury's Treads and Juggernaut (cc reduction doesn't stack additively, i don't remember how), plus a lot of CC.
E will deal 448 damage, plus 5% of their remaining HP.
R will deal 2150 DAMAGE. This is huge. And it is 100% sure damage, not like Nunu's.
As a final item, try Rylai's Crystal Scepter for more HP and CC.

You should really change your numbers.

Many thanks to MissMaw, LaCorpse, Xiron, Arcana3 and Joxuu for making me sigs!
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May 2nd, 2012
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Thanks for the feedback. Changed some abilities and numbers, but I don't think he's balanced just yet, need more help.

Also added lore and quotes. The taunt is best used right after he finishes his joke for extra movie referenceness!
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May 2nd, 2012
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Bump. Again :(
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May 7th, 2011
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The screams are truly awesome!
I'd love to see this :D
Thanks to GrandmasterD <3!
A Chubby Baby
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Feb 14th, 2012
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this is hot.
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May 2nd, 2012
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Thanks guys, although I would like to get some actual feedback ;D

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