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Home // News // 6 Best Comps to Play on TFT Set 10 - Remix Rumble

6 Best Comps to Play on TFT Set 10 - Remix Rumble

Lobbies are Jazzy in Remix Rumble, or full of Annie's casting her way to Top 4's. Check out both of these comps out, and other BROKEN ones, in this list of best comps for TFT Set 10.

Every new set comes with mechanics that take some time to figure out (even for pro players). However, with a few weeks already playing on this set, most players are starting to familiarize with the units/traits and find out some OP lines.

Although certainly Jazz MF comp is dominating most lobbies (Bard /MF Headliner are broken), there are other comps that will also take you further in the ladder (and are far less contested).

Without further ado, let's jump into the list to check them out.

Miss Fortune/Bard Jazz Reroll

Jazz MF Bard TFT comp

Most broken comp to climb right now

The most OP comp of the patch no doubt. This is thanks to the trait and both Miss Fortune/Bard being hard carries of their own. To play this comp you want to 3 star your Headliner unit.

Jazz units in Remix Rumble grant extra stats for each trait active. What makes this so strong is that once you get to the later levels of the game (8 or 9), is easy to cap out with Legendaries and have a lot of traits activated at the same.

What makes this comp over the top is the augment Thats Jazz Baby, if you get it, is a sign to commit to this comp.

One drawback though is that is heavily contested.

If you want to learn how to play this comp from the early stage to late game, which units to prioritize, items to save, and tips/strategies to maximize your LP gains. Check LeDuck’s guide on this comp here.

Annie Reroll

Annie Reroll TFT comp

Annie is the best 1 cost in the game

If you want a really no-brainer comp to play that secures at least a Top 4 easily (depending on your elo) Annie is your option.

When to play around with this comp? If you get any of her components to Items and you get an early headliner is an angle to play Annie.

It is fundamental to get your items right and to also play Superfans so they give Annie a free Shojin.

What makes her such a strong carry is the spike she gets with her items. Usually win streaking all Stage 3 and being competent at 4. The best variant is when her headliner +1 trait is on Spellweavers.

To cap this comp out you want to play around Ahri and Sona (Red form).

LeDuck’s guide on this comp gives you insight into the strategy to play since Stage 2-1 and what are the best items and units to focus on.

This comp is really one of the easier to play, however, you can still find yourself being contested and able to pivot (Disco Dazzle is one reliable and easy comp to pivot with your items).

Katarina Crowd Divers

Kat Crowd Diver TFT comp

The best underrated comp (or at least in popularity)

Crowd Divers are really good in the first patch of Remix Rumble, and one of the best comps to win lobbies.

Headliner Katarina 3 Star with Crow Divers is the star of this comp. She’s very capable to carry fights on her own, not only her damage is absurd but the sustain makes her difficult to deal with (you usually end up 1v3ing and winning).

You want to play this comp when getting good components with Glove plus Mana or AP, and because most players focus on using Super Fans early, it is really easy to pivot and play Katarina if you get her at your 3-2 rolldown.

One important thing to clarify, you MUST get the Crow Divers Headliner Katarina. Her Country variant is far weaker and you should not be bothering with it.

After 3 starring your Katarina you want to level up to find Zed or Qiyana to cap out your board.

Qiyana is a great unit to farm out components to finish the build on your other Crowd Divers.

Although the comp is really strong, it can fall flat against Jazz Miss Fortune/Bard or get outscored. Also, there are chances that you don’t get rolling early enough and place Bot 4.

You can check LeDuck’s guide on how to play Katarina Crow Divers to learn what are the best items, tips to play the comp, what to prioritize and much more.

The rerollers

Country Samira

Reroll Country Samira TFT comp

Tempo your way into easy wins

Currently, the best reroll comp. This comp is all about Tempo and getting your Samira or Urgot Headliner 3*. One advice is to play your strongest country board until level 7, where you will focus on finding your most important units: Samira or Urgot.

You want to go for this comp if you find good Augments for rerolling, and if you find an early 5 Country to start winstreaking.

The main goal for you though is to get as many 3* star units to get your Country bonus stacked. If contested, go to level 8/9 and place utility units to help you out (Illaoi or Yorick).

To play Country Samira, check LeDuck’s guide to find out about the ins and outs of playing it.

Punk Reroll

Punk reroll TFT comp

If you only love reroll...

You must play Punk, the actual reroll comp/trait for Remix Rumble and frankly one of the easier comps to play.

Punks have this passive that allows them to roll for 1 gold each round at the start, the crazy part is that rolling buff Punk so is not hard to say that you must need to love hitting the D key (Refresh Shop)

One good thing about Punk is the flexibility, some setups focus mainly on Jinx but others use Twitch along with other executioners to get your damage done, or focus on using Guardians with Pantheon 3* to become an unkillable tank

When do you want to go Punk? Actually, if you get a reroll augment or good items for Jinx. To be honest, you can play Punk most of game reliably and do fine.

The problem with this comp is that get outscaled so makes it a comp to get into Top 4 consistently instead of winning out lobbies.

To learn the variants of this comp and which units/items to look for. Check LeDuck’s guide to playing Punk Reroll.

Akali/Karthus Pentakill

Pentakill Karthus Akali TFT comp

Destroy the carries with Karthus and Akali

One of the most annoying comps, if you’ve played this set you should know the frustration of playing against this Duo pair and getting your carry one-shotted.

As of right now, this comp has both of the strongest 4-cost units in the entire. One thing important to note is that you need to hit one of the carries as a headliner, usually Karthus and that you need itemization for the Karthus.

As to when to play this comp out? Well, depends on whether you get an Econ augment or your items combine. Usually, most players pivot to this comp when uncontested or if they giga high rolled. This would be for another topic though.

If you want to learn Karthus's way and Pentakill enemies, check LeDuck's guide on how to play this composition properly.

Honorable Mentions

Disco Dazzle – Really good at the start of the patch but once players started to optimize things out it started to fall off. However, is a reliable comp to get Top 4 and one to play if you are learning the set especially.

Legendaries Soup – Fast 9 is really OP in this patch, many comp variants adapt according to what units you hit. Although the best players (Setsuko (N1 Player in the World) uses it) in the ladder get most of their wins by using this strategy, it is really hard to pull off and if you are not among the best it can backfire to make you lose tons of LP (Just lose around 100 LP trying it out)

Remix Rumble is one of the biggest Sets of TFT history. If you don’t know too much about what’s new, you can check our comprehensive article with all the details, and also you can check all the best comps/augments curated by their own LeDuck’s to give you an edge to your games.

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