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Home // News // Best Day One Comps you MUST try in TFT Set 9.5: Horizonbound

Best Day One Comps you MUST try in TFT Set 9.5: Horizonbound

Play any of these comps to have the most success on the first days of Horizonbound. (7 Bilgewater is really broken!)

Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound is finally here, and with all of the changes that came with the last mid-set of TFT, all of the comps changed drastically. Don't worry if you are lost, because we have the best comps to play right now (Updated!). Check them to have a great headstart in this Set 9.5,

This list is curated by LeDuck. All of these comps are up-to-date following the results of the first day of the patch. Feel free to play any of these and you should have success with them.

The best from Set 9 - Juggernaut Strategists Azir

Azir TFT comp

Azir flex with anything

If you don’t want to start your rank journey by learning and experimenting with new stuff, you can instead opt to play the classic Strategist Azir.

This comp is still among the strongest in Set 9.5 of Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound, you can even argue that is better than ever. Of course, the setup changed a little bit.

First, because Lux got removed you now use Silco (Zaun, Sorcerer). Second, Juggernauts are the main tanks of the comp, Nasus is your main tank

  • Azir DPS is one of the strongest in the game, especially with Nashor's Tooth (Horizonbound's newly added item)
  • Silco healing and burn makes Juggernaut invincible, buying time for Azir to scale his damage
  • The comp is more flexible than ever

  • This comp has many variations, one of them focuses on using Miss Fortune 3* as your main carry with Azir as a secondary one. Another variation revolves around using Fiora with AD items. You can adapt pretty reliably in most games.

    To play this comp effectively, check out this guide, it covers the early starts, variations, round, and all you need to start raking LP with this comp.

    7 Bilgewater

    Bilgewater TFT comp

    The most OP comp

    The brand new region Bilgewater has one of the most broken Vertical Comps currently in the game.

    I know because I just lost against it.

    • 7 Bilgewater is utterly broken (Try to rush at level 7/8 with emblem)
    • Nilah is really overtuned.
    • Versatile with items. Twisted Fate and Miss Fortune for AP, and Nilah for AS/AD
    • Fairly easy to play like most Vertical comps
    • Drawback: Relies on Bilgewater Emblem (Play with Urf: The Emblem Collector to increase your chances)

    Currently, this comp is topping most lobbies even being considered the stronger comp by many content creators. If you want to farm quick LP before Riot ends up inevitably nerfing it, take your chance and use it right now.

    To play this comp effectively, especially which units to prioritize, the best augments, tips, and strategy for different stages, you can check out this guide from LeDuck, which goes in-depth explaining each aspect.

    Demacia Slayers

    Demacia Slayers TFT comp

    Demacia is pretty darn strong in Horizonbound

    Demacia plays very differently in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound. The addition of an extra Slayer with Quinn makes Demacia Slayer the optimal way to play this comp.

    The star of the comp is Fiora 2*, and if you get the Demacia Emblem (recommended to play the comp) you can slam it onto a Mordekaiser.

    • 7 Demacia is really strong, especially if you have a Demacia emblem for hitting it earlier
    • Fiora is a 1v9 unit. She becomes untargetable, heals herself, and has true damage. Busted
    • Mordekaiser is a chad, even more with a Demacia Emblem
    • Now with two Slayers in Demacia (Kayle and Quinn), the trait fits perfectly with Demacia

    To play this comp effectively, especially which units to prioritize, the best augments, tips, and strategy for different stages, you can check out this guide from LeDuck which goes in-depth explaining each aspect.

    The strongest Reroll comps

    Kayle Reroll

    Kayle TFT comp

    The best reroll comp to play right now

    Kayle is still rocking in Horizonbound and is the most reliable reroll in the first days of the patch.

    This comp plays a little differently than in the previous set. Poppy is no longer a Yordle, but she’s still really busted (unkillable) at 3*.

    • Slayers are really strong right now with Demacia. Check the previous section to learn about it
    • Kayle with radiant Giant Slayer is great at shredding frontline
    • More secondary carries conditions in the late game (Mordekaiser, Fiora)

    To play this comp effectively, especially which units to prioritize, the best augments, tips, and strategy for different stages, you can check out this guide from LeDuck’s which goes in-depth explaining each of these.

    Rogue Reroll

    Rogue TFT comp

    Rogues are back, Qiyana is busted

    Last set the Rogue trait didn’t quite hit the mark, but in Horizonbound things are completely different.

    Qiyana 3* is one of the most annoying and strongest unit in the game. Right now, if you find your Rogue units and three-star them, especially Ekko and Qiyana, this comp is disgusting and one hard counter against Sorcerers or Strategist Azir.

    • Rogue two-stars are stable enough for you to slow roll
    • 4 Rogue now deals magic damage based on damage dealt. Hard to itemize against it
    • According to what you hit, you can pivot to different variations (Gunner, Zaun, etc)
    • Counters various comps really bad. For instance, Sorcerers

    One extra tip to have better results is to go in with this comp when the Ixtal element is Ice, Wood, or Stone.

    Although this comp is indeed really strong, many details make it hard to play effectively. You can check out LeDuck's guide which explains how to approach different positions in the game to improve your consistency when playing it.

    These are the best TFT comps to play right now in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound Set 9.5. Because this set just started, expect these comps to change once we get more deep into the patch. Especially, when players start to figure out new comps and way to counter the most OP ones (7 Bilgewater cough cough).

    There are many changes in Horizonbound. We have a summary that has all of these changes explained.

    For more content on the latest League of Legends and TFT updates, check our News section.. If you want to learn the best current comps in Horizonbound, you can check our Best TFT Comps by LeDuck and Augments Tier List section.

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