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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Advice for Beginners

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  • Arigos

    Advice for Beginners

    Okay, so I just started playing LoL, and I don't want to weigh down my team. So does anyone have advice on how to start playing the game, strategies, etc...
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    Ronyk (21) | January 28, 2018 9:17am
    First piece of advice: don't get discouraged. Many experienced people use low ranked accounts to either play with their low ranked friends without bringing them into high ranking games, or because they like playing against people less experienced than them. As a new player, you'll see people just as fresh as you, but you'll also see people who have been playing for years.

    I'm going to give you the advice I like to give my new friends, and I'd like to explain the Meta to you.

    Easy advice:
    1. Learn how Minions target people, and how towers/turrets target people. If you're fighting somebody 1v1, and you're both equal skill, the person who is being targeted by the turret or the minions will almost always lose the fight.

    2. Spend your gold buying items on the recommended item list whenever you die or recall from lane. Even if your enemies have more gold, you'll have the advantage if they're not spending it but you are.

    3. Take a minute before you queue up for a game to learn the abilities of 1 or 2 champions in the free rotation. Experimenting during game might distract you from your fight.

    4. If the enemy you're fighting against leaves the lane you're in, or if they died and haven't come back in a while, either use the smart ping system (I believe it's pushing V, then clicking and dragging the mouse to the right) or use the chat to type "mia". This stands for "missing in action", and they might be trying to sneak towards one of your allies to fight them in a 1v2 or 2v3. When somebody does this, it's called a gank.

    5. The biggest piece of general advice I can give is that Surprises Kill. I'm sure everybody here remembers the first time they died by chasing a Singed, or the panic from their first Nocturn Ultimate. I'm the kind of player who can sit out of game forever and read up information on champions, but not everybody is like that. Try to take some time to at least look at the ultimates of all of the champions on the free champion rotation, and if you see a champion on the enemy team you haven't played against before, don't be afraid to ask your team what that champion does or if there's anything you should know about them.

    Now, for the "meta". If you're not familiar with the term, Meta stands for Metagame - if somebody says they're playing the meta, it means they're playing the game in the way that professional or high ranked and experienced players generally prefer playing.

    The Meta in League of Legends is as follows:
    Two people go to the bottom lane (people call this bot), usually it's a Marksman (many people refer to the Marksman type character as "ADC" or Attack Damage Carry), with a support, generally a healer or some kind of tank. The Bottom Duo has the responsibility of making sure their Marksman gets lots of gold from killing lane minions and enemies, because moreso than other roles, the Marksman really needs gold for items to reach their full potential. The Bottom Duo's other responsibility is to listen their team, and support them if they want to kill the dragon, which is on the bottom side of the map. The dragon provides a buff for the team that kills it, which lasts for the whole game. This usually happens after the team wins a big fight either in the bottom or middle lane.

    The Middle Lane, also called Mid, is the safest lane: the two towers are pretty close together, and if somebody wants to sneak into the middle lane to gank, the bushes are further away from the fight, so it's more difficult. That's why in the Mid lane, you'll usually see champions that have strong damaging abilities, but not great escape mechanics. Usually a Mage character will go there. Once the enemy's first Mid turret is destroyed, it opens up a lot of area for your team to safely move around. The Mid's responsibilities include trying to win their 1v1, maneuver to teamfights (since they're in the middle of the map, they've gotta be everywhere at once), and hopefully make way for their team to take down the enemy's turret.

    The Top lane, sometimes called Top, is going to be odd at your experience level. Right now, you're probably seeing two people up top most of the time, but I'm betting you occasionally see a 1v2 or a 1v1 up top. That's because of the majestic Jungler role. In the Meta, one person should go to top lane, and one should "jungle" which means instead of going to a lane, they use the Smite summoner spell (along with their champion abilities) to kill all of those monsters between the lanes to get gold and experience, and sneak into lanes for ganks. If you had two people in the top lane, they would be sharing gold and experience - letting all of the potential gold and experience people can get for killing the jungle monsters go to waste. They would end up poorer and at a lower level than if one of them was resigned to the jungle.

    Later on, every game will have a jungler, right now though, you might have some games where one or neither team does. In the loading screen, look for someone with the Smite spell (looks like a closed fist holding a lightning bolt). If there is one, that's the jungler, and they can come from anywhere, at any time.

    Feel free to ask additional questions if you've got any.

    P.S. I almost forgot, if you're playing with your camera locked onto your champion right now, try to break that habit. It'll feel strange for the first couple of games while you get used to moving it around manually, but it's the easiest way to see improvement at a very early stage of League.
    Fr0ntButt88 (5) | February 1, 2018 11:24pm
    This is all great information. For champions, I would choose one or a few that you like the appearance of, and see what MobaFire guides recommend for that champion. For myself, I like Taric, and he is mainly played as support. Thus, I play him support, and I enjoy doing so.
    Atomic Fart | February 26, 2018 9:46am
    Dude, it doesn't seem do help much but /muteall is something that you should use, because as a beginner, people will trashtalk and this can make you play worse or tilt. Always use /muteall, untill you are sure that you play well.
    DemonicKnight1442 | February 2, 2018 9:52pm
    here is a bit more advice from someone that use to be gold for awhile in 2017.

    1:knowing what roles?
    there are many roles from tank (role that soaks damage and helps engage team fights.), support role name sound be pretty accurate to the name. , mid mage type and assassin type roles , (adc attack dmg carry ) marksmen , (apc Ability power carry) mage/mid.

    2:knowing how to lane effectively.
    knowing when to last hit minions help you earn gold faster than your lane you are going against. this plays a key role in winning most lanes if you aren't good at it you will lose your lane most of the time.

    3:Vision plays a key role
    vision wards and control wards help out a alot in most lanes specially if you are playing against a cloak and dagger type of character like shaco, talon , evelyn , anything that cloaks pretty much is a major threat unless you have control wards. vision alone can help you avoid ganks and when knowing an enemy is in your teams jungle.

    4:looking up builds?
    this will help you understand your role better and help you build effectively try to experiment what build is better and read up on some items for situational issues you may face.

    5:knowing when going in isn't always best.
    going in fights will not secure a fight in winning in your favor specially if you have a team that doesn't work together in might have an example where " adc goes in to fight and engage their tank rather than taking out adc, apc, or support as priority. " most likely your team will lose fights if they don't prioritize the adc first then apc second then support then tank or fighter. in kill those roles first you end up winning more fights.
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