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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Alternate to Wukong Top Champ / Wukong builds


  • sebas8181

    Alternate to Wukong Top Champ / Wukong builds

    Hi folks, sorry for my bad english.

    I main wuk top and sometimes jungle. As a wukong player I like to watch Allorim. What do you think about his Hydra/Youmumus/LW build for low elo soloq? I almost always use Hydra/Black Cleaver/LW, but been curious about his build, though not tested it enough. It gains critical chance/AS/MS but loses Health/AD/Armor Penetretion. And what about Hydra/Youmumus/Black Cleaver when fed and against teams with low tanky stats?

    And my main question is, I love playing wuk top but his hard counters seem to crush me no matter how I play. Which champ should I learn as a replacement for wuk top in soloq, Renek/Darius?

    Finally, If i'm not first pick, which champs can counter Renekton and Darius?
  • Answers (1)

    alexT93 (2) | February 8, 2015 2:14pm
    the first build (Hydra/Youmumus/LW) is good for when you are fed in early game and your team is crushing. This means that the opponents team is always on the defense, cant initiate and you are super fed, its basically the "I'm gonna carry this and win fast build". Its also good when the enemy team has lots of armor, thats when Last whisper comes in really big for the % armor penetration.

    the second build (Hydra/Black Cleaver/Last whisper) is similar to the first one, but you gain less movement speed and attacks speed but you get the more HP. Its good if you can put more autoattacks onto them so the Black Cleaver passive kicks in and you shred their armor. Its also better than the first one if the team built a lot of armor bc the last whisper and black cleaver combo will take down their armor. So if you land 5 auto attacks you brought down the enemies armor 60% down. Its generally a build for teams that stack armor, and the black cleaver is OP with your ult.

    the third build (Hydra/Youmumus/Black Cleaver) is the build you wanna go for when your enemy didnt build armor at all. Building armor counters flat armor penetration, so if they build armor you build Last whisper to counter their armor. I also thing this is the worst of these 3 build because in most games the enemy team will at some point build armor and your build will fall off late game, unless the rest of your team are AP champions. If there are 4 more AP champions on your team, this is the build you wanna go for.

    Right now the power picks in the top lane are Lissandra, Kassadin, Gnar, Irelia (this is a great replacement for wukong), Jarvan, Sion and Renekton. Darius is fun to play, but he is a one trick pony.

    If you are not first pick, or whatever pick you are here is a website that can help you with picks and counter picks

    This is my opinion on the matter and it might not be similar to other peoples, but hey, every player plays the way he wants
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