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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How do you beat Katarina

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    How do you beat Katarina

  • Answers (9)

    HiFromBuddha (82) | February 5, 2015 2:36am
    In competitive play, Katarina is very much manageable. In solo queue, it's a different story.

    IAmInsult is kind of correct in what he's saying, but I prefer it to word it another way; Don't let her get an advantage. It's honestly very hard for her to even get an advantage outside of roaming, considering how her laning is weak, and her damage is actually pretty underwhelming early game and she has no crowd control, so jungler ganks are difficult unless you are extremely pushed up. If she does get an advantage, she is one of the most snowbally champions in the game, and she can 100% carry a game if she gets out of hand.

    So, to ensure you don't give her an advantage, here's a few tips.

    Her laning is weak. It can be very safe, but it's weak. She aims to survive lane. If she is actively trying to win lane, punish her. Her engage patterns are incredibly telegraphed. You'll often find that she's pretty much walking in a straight line towards you to throw a Bouncing Blades. If you're really weak early and can't actually out trade her, which only very few are in this pool (the only thing coming to mind is... honestly nothing really, but it exists, I'm sure), then just back off. However, if you're in the majority of champions that can fight her, then beat the **** out of her, and make sure you leave a message for the rest of the team as she limps back to her turret. Most champions either outrange her ( Azir, Orianna, Lux) or simply just out trade her, with some smart play in some cases ( Fizz (Not sure about after nerfs), Mordekaiser, Zed, LeBlanc). She's also a melee champion. If she even dares to use basic attacks to last hit, then punish that.

    The one thing that I recommend a lot of people should learn to take advantage of is opportunities to engage. In this case, if she uses Bouncing Blades, then just ****ing walk up to her *** and engage her or simply look to zone her. She's not doing **** without Bouncing Blades up. this is the case with a lot of other champions. Look to harass when Eye of the Storm is used by Janna. If Living Shadow was used to farm, then cautiously look to engage, because Zed will have no option other than to fight for a bit. This is digressing, but one thing that people in my elo always fail to take advantage of a bot laner going back. It's pretty mindblowing that when a support goes back, some people even allow the enemy ADC to attack the minions. You always engage or zone, because you will win the 2v1 fight if it remains one.

    Back to the topic, if Katarina does manage to get ahead through roaming, then... There are things to do. First of all, most Katarinas are stupid and always engage teamfights themselves. If they do this, then react promptly and immediately obliterate her. There's a reason why Katarina's in my elo range always have a high amount of kills, and then have around 15 deaths. It's because they tend to bite off a lot more than they can chew, and they lose the game like that. However, if you are climbing and the Katarina's are intelligent, they will look for an opportune moment where an ally is low and they can get a reset. The best really is to make sure you have some lock down for her. She's still fairly squishy, so if your team isn't too far behind, then two or three seconds of lockdown and good focus is probably all you need to get her out of the fight. Of course, if there is no lockdown available, then there honestly isn't much you can do if she's ahead. She'll just go in when the time is right and get a ton of resets.

    The key really, is to just ensure she doesn't get ahead from the start. Her early game damage is low. Her ultimate doesn't hurt much. If you can make sure she gets no advantage early through methods explained above, then she's not big hassle. If you get her really behind, then she is deadweight, because she isn't a champion like Lissandra who can still stay relevant though CC. Katarina just offers raw damage which is heavily reliant on her ability to get items as fast as she can.
    Embracing (353) | February 5, 2015 12:48pm
    Lissandra really poops on her both in lane and in teamfights.
    Brian Hail (8) | February 22, 2015 2:28am
    Basically in a 1v1 you want to farm up and get yourself a Zhonyas ASAP. She Ults and you use active and there goes her damage. Your jungler should be ganking early as she has a massive power spike at level 6 and is a dangerous roamer. If she roams warn your team and push her tower. be wary that she can hop over walls using one of her basic abilities so if decides to run to river brush at mid you need to cut her off.
    MadRambo1 | February 19, 2015 2:57pm
    CC and roam when you can so you get an edge on her....thats if your laning with her
    alexT93 (2) | February 5, 2015 3:14pm
    you CC her till she dies...
    Intackes | February 5, 2015 11:36am
    First of all in SoloQ. Pick always something with CC in your team.
    And that's Katarina's biggest disadvantage (CC): Her ult Death Lotus can easily be countered with a CC. There are a lot of Champions with CC (even midlaners). For example Orianna, her Ult Command: Shockwave is very useful in teamfights especially against Kata. If she engages you simply ult her after this she is useless, because Katarina relies a lot on her Passive Voracity.

    Some good picks against her are Xerath, Azir, Lissandra. Of course there are more.
    If you don't play Midlane there are a lot of champions good against her.
    My personal favorites against Katarina are Leona or Thresh. (It's because i'm main Supp).
    In the jungle, because of the current Meta Jarvan IV, Rek'Sai, Lee Sin.
    And in the Top Lane something like Aatrox or Riven. (Excuese me if i'm wrong. I don't really like playing Top so...... :/ )
    As you can see there are a lot of Champions against Katarina.
    I could also list the entire Champion List with CC, but i don't really like to do it.
    VexRoth (78) | February 5, 2015 12:34pm

    "and make sure you leave a message for the rest of the team as she limps back to her turret."

    This is super important. I don't know how many times I've been kicking the **** out of a Katarina so that she is forced to base and then have her go back to base and then show up in another lane and bag a kill.

    Tell your peeps that she is backing and to not go too ham until you see her back in your lane again.

    Galio destroys her in lane as he can basically ignore her damage and punish her if she tries to farm with autoattacks and he can interrupt her ult with his ult, but she is a better roamer since she usually buys Boots as a starting item and has Shunpo to cover ground/initiate so you have to watch for that when playing him into her.

    Kassadin is more even with her in lane, but pulls ahead if you keep the score between you and her even and you can follow her easily if she uses Shunpo to try to get away. And Kassadin is almost as good as her, perhaps better in some ways, as a roamer.

    In teamfights you have to be ready to protect each other with whatever peel/interrupts you have available. If someone on your team gets low that is a likely candidate for Kat to pounce on, especially if that person is squishy by nature. Be prepared. You may even want to have someone on your team specifically dedicated to keeping Kat in check in teamfights, though due to her reset mechanism it may take more than one person. Chained crowd control is ideal.
    KaboonDaDos | February 5, 2015 10:30am
    CC...obviously? Get someone like veigar or xerath, stun that kitty kat and nuke her...thats pretty much it. Just remember to keep your CC ability up in teamfights and wait for kait to channel her ult. EZ-BREEZY
    IAmInsult (2) | February 4, 2015 10:01pm
    Dont feed.
    TheLemonMan | February 4, 2015 10:45pm
    Oh cheers
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