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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How To Get Better At CS?

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  • TheLadyMyra

    How To Get Better At CS?

    So recently I've branched out from supporting to ADC and toplane. The problem is I'm not very good at getting CS, especially in botlane. Anyone have any tips for me?
  • Answers (5)

    Sidewinders (5) | September 7, 2020 11:47pm
    One recommendation I can give you as a Top-laner is to use settings (Not sure what the actual setting is called) but it gives me the Auto-attack range with a red hit-marker on it whenever i press "C", it has helped me from going average 60CS per game to average 100+ cs a game. A lot also comes with practice like the other summoners has pointed out in here!

    And if you are feeling really spicy, I would recommend you to go into Sanbox/Practice tool and just CS minions there for 5-10minutes everyday, it's slow and not fun really but it really helps your last hitting, CS is also shockingly important in League of Legends.
    Light Ryuk (4) | October 15, 2020 10:10pm
    +Rep-ing you, mate! I too believe that nothing replaces constant practice and that practice tool is perfect to do such things without (huge/annoying) distractions. Also much better practice for a short time keeping the pace than doing it extensively only once in a while (because, it's quite boring heh)

    One thing I'd like to add is that while on that practice tool, it helps left-clicking on a minion in order to open up his status window (usually anchors at the top left) to keep track of his health (those numbers going down) before last hitting it. It accelerates the process of associating numbers seen on his status with the graphic health bar, as in many times that graphic bar can be quite deceiving. Also by doing that, it gets easier to "see" the difference among champions when it comes to last hitting.

    And lastly, if you're on a ranged champion, the further away you from a minion (especially if your attack speed is low), the harder will be to successfully last hit that minion before your own mini-army kill them. Hence it's quite common finishing those tiny mages standing near your enemy with abilities rather than exposing yourself.
    Murderman5 | September 9, 2020 10:46am
    A good way to get good CS, Well there are plenty of champions who have abilities which deal area damage And that is a very useful way to obtain a good amount of CS, For example Yasuo's E-Q can completely secure 3 or more minions with low health and Even Garen With his E, You should mostly wait till the minions keep attacking themselves and make their HP low and that's when you can secure the CS and never be afraid to use some of your abilities to secure CS alone despite the MANA cost, totally worth it, Your mana always regenerates as time passes so it's that big deal an issue, CS is very important, It can give you a level advantage on your lane especially on top and when you compare that with the other lanes, you have a big damn advantage, Can take out both the top and the jungle alone if you have a level advantage over your opponent, You just need to keep practicing
    Caster minion : Wait till turret shoots them once, Secure the CS with either AA or An ability, Sometimes health isn't enough to be taken down by a AA, (but that isn't the case if you have a huge Attack speed, With attack speed as well, You can take down an entire Minion lane immediately)
    Armor minion thingy's : Two turret shots and AA, That should be enough for you to secure them under the tower, And don't attack them if they approach you alone, Just wait for the tower to deal it's blow and you can take them easily, Gives a huge amount of coin, So keep practicing and avoid losing them
    Tank minion guys : The big tank, I find this one the hardest to secure, It has a good amount of Health, So if you think it's low enough to be secured but it actually isn't then a minion from our side would finish him off, So you need to be really precise, And it also give a very large amount of coin, So it would definitely be worth using abilities for, Under the tower, Just wait till it's health gets low enough, It takes a lots of shots to die when under the tower, You can take that time and kill the casters and armored's while your at it ^^ and that alone would give you a big boost on CS on your lane, Once you have a boost on CS, You can try to pressure the enemy champion to fall back, Making more minions reach his turret and decreasing his CS chances, Allowing you to keep a good CS status throughout the game, Never be lazy to try out practice tool, It's very useful for such, Like the others have said so, Good luck CSing my friend
    MonkOfTheTenyi (1) | September 8, 2020 8:16am
    It honestly just comes down to practice. CS'ing varies at times since it can be hard to CS with champs with horrible wave clear. Champs like Shen might be harder to CS with than champs like Mordekaiser or even Garen. You can practice CS'ing just by practicing in-game or just in practice tool. While you get better at CS'ing, I find that your wave management becomes more clear as you practice.
    Tauricus2017 (110) | September 6, 2020 9:57am
    TRAINING. TRAINING. AND TRAINING. That's literraly all it takes. Play your games just like any other day. Set up CS goals that you would like to achieve in lane. You can start with 60 CS in 15th minute and escalate each game as you get better at CSing. Don't switch your champions all that much. Every champion has different AD value and attack speed so it will be easier If you would stick to smaller champion pool. You can also go to Practise tool (just like ak521 said). Lock your level to 1 and buy no items, keep last hitting until it gets to your hands. Eventually you will be able to last hit on average value unconciously. All it takes is dedication. That's it :D
    ak521 (23) | September 6, 2020 8:57am
    If you're playing ranged champions you can walk up to the wave when safe so your attacks will hit the minions faster.
    You can use abilities such as Jhin's Q or Ezreal's Q. Again, up close means that the time factor won't be accounted for.
    You can click the actual minion to get its total health and compare it with your AD / ability damage.
    Other than that you can just go into Practice Tool with your main and just play the CS game.
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