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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Is Zoe a viable Support?

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  • Netrix Loh

    Is Zoe a viable Support?

    I have played Zoe Supp before (Blind), but I am just curious if it is actually viable.
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    Ronyk (21) | February 14, 2018 6:02am
    @ Jovy answered this question at length. This is what she wrote on the subject:

    You can try her out for fun but I don't think she's really viable as a support. The only thing that would make her a possible support is that she has some sort of CC, but if that was all it took to be a strong support than practically any champion could be one; Cho, Elise, Xayah, Ashe etc.

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    KLSG (1) | February 15, 2018 5:53am
    When Zoe came out and I rushed her to get level 5 mastery I played mostly mid or support when some1 choosed mid lane. She's a good support but I would still recommend building her as typical mid laner with AP items. Also you suppose to take E first and first item should be support ne to get more gold.
    Fr0ntButt88 (5) | February 13, 2018 2:02pm
    Zoe could be a mage support like Annie or Brand. These kinds of supports are for more damage than cc or heals/shields. I would recommend Spellthief's Edge or even Relic Shield. Her Spell Thief and Sleepy Trouble Bubble seem to be the only things going for her as a support. The Spell Thief allows her to steal enemy champions' summoner spells and gain one-time use of an item. However, you would steal cs from your ADC for the second option, unless you go Relic Shield. As for cc, your Sleepy Trouble Bubble grants cc and more damage from your Paddle Star.

    I would recommend trying it out with ADCs like Jhin or Jinx due to their own form of cc that can make up for the cooldown on your Sleepy Trouble Bubble. Try it out in a normal game,and it may be very fun to play!
    moon827 (14) | February 13, 2018 10:26am
    In my opinion,

    Zoe could technically be a support, but very situationally. Ive seen her work well with adc's that can blow up a single champ, something like a Draven.

    Hope this Helps,

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