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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Kayn, Ornn and Evelyn in World 2017

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  • Prate_k

    Kayn, Ornn and Evelyn in World 2017

    We haven't seen much of Ornn and Kayn lately in the Worlds championship since their release. Do you guys think they will start popping up in the group eliminations matches since its a best of 5. Teams looking to try new things maybe change the focus on the current champion picks?
  • Answers (2)

    PsiGuard (1495) | October 16, 2017 9:55pm
    Ornn is disabled for Worlds and all of Worlds is played on patch 7.18, which is before the Evelynn rework.

    For Kayn games, check out Gigabyte Marines' (GAM) games versus IMT and FNC. Levi's picked it three times this tournament. I expect it's not popular among other teams because Kayn relies much more on snowballing leads than someone with more reliability like Sejuani or Jarvan IV.
    Astromdeux (4) | October 16, 2017 9:31am
    Hmmm... I will explain it like this:
    Ornn is a champion which is good at setting up team fights and is a pretty decent tank, where he truly shines is his powerful ability to give your adc the edge in the lategame which means at full build your adc deals more damage, that also applies to your mages and other lanes that can make use of his items. He is a champion that gives your team the edge in the lategame.

    Kayn is the dark horse of this season, he is a champion that can be played in two ways which are quite different from each other. First he can be played as a bruiser who has insane sustain and can be a real cancer during a team fight. While I personally prefer assassin Kayn more, the real wild card, a high risk, high reward type of playing whose goal is to eliminate the enemy backline before they realize they are hit and he has this potential to literally one shot champions out of the dark.

    Evelynn is not simply a wildcard but a bit overpowered. She has invisibility, her ult allows her to dive and retreat safely, she deals damage and worst of all unless you get the trinket to reveal her in the right moment you are screwed. Especially if you are an unaware adc strolling through your jungle to aid another lane and then she pops and instantly rapes you before you can even react. This is what she excels at. Basically an assassin that picks off people. Her goal is to reduce the team fight to a 5v4.
    Astromdeux (4) | October 16, 2017 9:53am
    Ornn support? Who mentioned such a thing? He is a top laner.

    Evelynn still has significant pressure, but she is strictly an assassin. Her pressure is enough to scare the adc and mid out of their pants early-mid to lategame.

    If you are truly thinking that about Kayn then try ulting a tank with a significant amount of hp when you are low, chances are that more than half of your hp will be restored if not full hp straight away. You are underestimating Kayn severely, but he is weak against CC and kiting in Rhaast form, 70% of the Kayn players find success in playing Rhaast, while a smaller base of those players find their success in playing shadow assassin, but the truth is one and only to master Kayn you need to master both forms and know when to use each.
    If you want to be a bully to Rhaast, get good ol' Ezreal, build the good ol' icebound gauntlet give him two delicious q's and watch him run away like the little ***** he is, if he has the balls to jump in with his ult get under tower when he goes out of his ult you e away from him land a q and watch the tower do the rest of the job, you still have ult and e by the time your first exchange goes down and your q cd is 3 sec... THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM THE EZREAL GOD!
    Prate_k (24) | October 16, 2017 9:43am
    True from Ornn but he has a more of a support role that isn't meta right now. Whereas Evelynn has now become an assassin who has to wait for level 6 to make plays as opposed to her previous ganking pressure from level 2. Kayn with Rhaast is like Trundle killing your front line tanks, but isn't that tanky himself as he scales from damage. Meaning your top and support have to be tanky and that drifts away from the Ardent sensor that has been floating in the air for a while now.
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