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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Lux Support

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    Lux Support

    Hey, I just started playing lux support few weeks ago and I believe I am doing pretty good with her. I build eye of the watchers first, morellonomicon, zhonya's hjourglass and luden's echo. Any suggestions for her build and tips? Is she viable to play ranked?
  • Answers (2)

    NekuShikazu (1) | August 29, 2016 10:07pm
    General Build R>E>Q>W

    β€’ Frost Queens: I prefer reducing mobility because Lux can easily be caught out and should not risk getting close to brushes for checking (even with E).

    β€’ Ruby Sightstone: Sightstone is rushed FIRST. Lux is super squishy and you also need the vision to avoid getting picked.

    β€’ Athene's: Magic resistance, sustain, and a small amount of AP. The passive helps make the most of your shield.

    β€’ Boots of Lucidity: Sorcerer Shoes work too, but I like the cheap CDR.

    --- All of the above is core. These items will keep you relevant until you start to scale worse from the lack of gold. It provides ability power for being a threat, utility for support, and health/resistances for sustainability. Since you are going on low gold income, it's not a good idea to go for expensive high tier items.

    For filling your item slots:

    β€’ Ardent Censer: Gives good AP and strengthens utility.

    β€’ Banner of Command: Resistance and push power.

    β€’ Rabadon's Deathcap: Usually my last item as a support. Boosts everything.

    β€’ Rylai: Health and improves kiting.

    --- There are other options, these are my go-to most of the time.

    I Usually Avoid:

    Armor: Lux dies instantly most of the time.

    Morellonomicon: Can't make use of CDR (since it's easy to stack). It's a situational item IMO, but it's still strong if you need to itemise.

    Some Tips

    β€’ Always know how much damage you can do in the heat of the battle. It's very easy to shred down enemy carries who are squishy.

    β€’ Wards are super important. Enemy junglers will sometimes wait until your utility is burnt.

    Viable in Ranked?

    Like any other champion, if played right you'll succeed. In my opinion, there are better options if you can't play towards Lux's strengths (short CDs, strong mid-game).
    Quandaa (1) | September 6, 2016 1:19am
    If you want a support that offers survivability then pick another champion and don't try to compensate with bad solutions!
    Lulu with Locket of the Iron Solari offers more survivability than full build Lux
    Morgana .... better kit for a support and pretty similar
    And a completely different champion is Soraka ...
    DreamerRalic (2) | September 4, 2016 3:06pm
    You can swap Athene's Unholy Grail for Morellonomicon, but Athene's Unholy Grail is not under any circumstances a bad choice. Not always you need the regeneration but a bit of extra healing paired with Windspeaker's Blessing and Ardent Censer can keep your team up a good while.
    Quandaa (1) | August 30, 2016 3:45am
    I disagree with your itemization!

    Don't build athene's under any circumstances! Until you have finished it, laning phase will be over so you can't make any use of the regeneration. This means you end up with a low ap item and 20% cdr. Morellonomicon or any other item with 20% cooldown reducion is better!

    Frost Queens is only good for the active of the item. Otherwise build Eye of the Watchers, because this saves you 1 item slot and you can build other items faster!

    Your most important stat is cooldown reduction, make sure you hit the 40% cap.

    I would not build Ionian Boots of Lucidity. It is pretty easy to get cooldown reduction. Better take scaling cooldown reduction runes and sacrifice some magic resistance! Boots of Mobility or Sorcerer's Shoes are a superior option. (for roaming or more damage)

    Rylais is a bad item for lux. Your q is a crowd control and your e slows before it explodes --> The slow from rylais won't help a lot. If that's not enough you should have probably picked some other support^^
    On the other side if you really need the health + ap, why not. (still would not recommend it)

    I'm a big fan from Lich Bane on Lux. Yes, it is a controversial item. It offers ap, cooldown reduction and movement speed + a strong passive that works with your champions passive. That's a pretty insane combination for 1 item. As support lux you will be lacking damage anyway compared to midlane lux who has also low damage compared to other mages. The only problem with this item is that you need some ap first to make the passive useful. Lux is a high risk, high reward champion so I think this fits good.

    Building Void Staff is nearly always a good idea.
    DreamerRalic (2) | September 4, 2016 3:09pm
    Why, hello there!

    There are a couple of Lux guides that can answer your question:

    - > I strongly recommend reading this guide. It currently holds #4 as for Lux guides. Extremely detailed, well done, and the author katt5 is a sworn Lux support main!

    - > This one was written by me a couple of weeks ago. It is not as supported as the abovementioned guide but you can still give it a shot if you want ^^

    Good luck at the rift!
    Quite Nomible (29) | October 9, 2016 2:21pm
    shameless selfpromotion! get the pitchforks!
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