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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Meta


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    I haven't played league in about 2 month now. Can someone give me a general overview of the meta, and which champions are considered strong right now?
  • Answers (2)

    OTGBionicArm (415) | January 25, 2014 7:45pm
    Current OPs:

    Mid: Kassadin, Ziggs, Yasuo (?), Kha'Zix, Gragas, Riven, Nidalee

    Top: Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Rengar, Renekton, Nasus, Riven

    Jungle: Vi, Shyvana, Kha'Zix, Lee Sin, Evelynn, Elise

    ADC: Jinx, Lucian, Caitlyn, Draven, Sivir

    Support: Annie, Leona, Thresh, Karma

    Junglers currently farm more than gank, but bot lane is now far easier to gank due to less warding going on there. Mid and top are harder to gank. Support are hardcore and can carry, with CC and burst damage being favored. Most supports start with one ward, a totem and a gold item, or a Doran's shield, a pot and and totem. Top laners currently are generally rescourceless and beefy as ****, or Nasus, who doesn't exactly have mana issues. Mids are currently valued by their map presence or map control. Ziggs for instance has come to power due to his excellent lane and objective control and less fear of Assassins. ADCs are typically mobile with high burst ( Lucian, Sivir) or have amazing tower pushing power (Cait/Jinx). Draven is currently also used simply because he dominates the other OP carries in lane.
    Jovy (947) | January 26, 2014 3:59pm
    I'd say Lulu was still top tier.
    FalseoGod (316) | January 26, 2014 3:56pm
    Can be, but not all can pull it off. However if you can pull it off you might wreck a lot of unsuspecting mids.
    RottedApples (57) | January 26, 2014 3:21pm
    is Riven a mid though?
    jamespongebob (52) | January 26, 2014 2:15pm
    I think Lulu should be considered though, considering she's a good counter pick versus most of the commonly picked supports.
    OTGBionicArm (415) | January 26, 2014 12:02pm
    Added Karma. Reason I didn't add Lulu is because highest tier supports are currently the playmakers. Lulu can't do this offensively.
    Pluckin Penguin (117) | January 26, 2014 8:47am
    I would add Karma to the support list. Her poke is like no other and she can practically win the lane for her adc by herself.
    FalseoGod (316) | January 26, 2014 4:36am
    Riven obviously falls of lategame. It's not as obvious as Lee Sin or Udyr, but dealing with her becomes less of a fuss because of everyone reaching same levels and allowing more organization in fights.

    Jinx power is also related to how long games last, she really shines late game without necessarily having lane issues like hypercarries such as Vayne do. Definitely think Lulu is being underrated on your list, although I do believe she requires more thoughtfulness than she used to putting her at a "higher base skillrate requirement" (meaning learning her isn't as complex as, say, Thresh, but she's harder to get at first).
    Jack Rubino (37) | January 26, 2014 1:52am
    riven is still god in every stage of the game, never fall of. if early level are even a problem, at lvl 6 everything changes
    IPodPulse (120) | January 25, 2014 9:52pm
    Hmm I don't know about Riven. Her early game was nerfed so I don't think that makes her very strong early game. Her late game is pretty good though.
    OTGBionicArm (415) | January 25, 2014 9:45pm
    Ahh yes, thank you for adding those in, Embracing. Was a lot of champions and I knew I'd forget a few. ><
    Embracing (353) | January 25, 2014 7:55pm
    Aren't Gragas, Riven, Nidalee, Elise in the list too?

    Also, mid lane became a lot safer, allowing a lot of unconventional picks to appear in competitive play.

    The meta top laners have extremely strong teamfighting capabilities mnid game due to their inherent tankiness and damage.
    RottedApples (57) | January 25, 2014 7:38pm
    Yasuo got released. hes pretty good
    Fousek (4) | February 4, 2014 5:30am
    Hard to play but with some displacement in team really strong. You don´t really need oblivious Malphite. Good ult from Lulu, Vi, Shyvana can be enought.
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