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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Quinn questions

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  • BlackRoseGirl

    Quinn questions

    So... I like Quinn, and I am wondering about a few things. First of all, is building Trinity Force on Quinn a bad idea? Secondly, I have been considering looking into Gangplank. Is he a character who is a good pick for someone who enjoys Quinn?
  • Answers (2)

    Fruxo (326) | April 11, 2020 1:16am
    Pretty sure you're talking about Quinn toplane, in which case Blade of the Ruined King and Stormrazor would be your main items. As for Trinity Force, it's like Tauricus said, it may look good on paper, but it's a really inefficient item for her.

    Compare it to someone like Fiora, who doesn't really try and abuse the early game for advantages, even more so since Tiamat is there for her to support the early stages. Her first item is Trinity, only because it's an item that fits her and because it's an item that is used by most champions during later stages of the game, hence its gold cost.

    Compared to Quinn, it's not as good of an item given how she's used as a lane bully (like Jayce), if she cannot bully her laner, her entire purpose is lost. Same thing goes for a Teemo toplane who cannot win the early game, he becomes useless, loses his purpose.

    When it comes to Gangplank, it's really just about what you like. If you find him enjoyable to play, then you might start playing him, same could apply to Vayne toplane too, if you like it then you'll play it.
    Tauricus2017 (120) | April 10, 2020 1:29pm
    Well Trinity Force maybe can look good on a paper but in the game it is not really a good choice. Quinn as far as I know, likes to bully her enemy laner a lot. But to do this correctly she needs a lot of AD and damaging stats (attack speed, critical chance, lifesteal...) and even If Trinity Force has actually some of those stats it is quite inefficient in compare to other more damage focused and cheaper items like Stormrazor, Blade of the Ruined King or Infinity Edge. To the second question - It is really hard to determine If Gangplank can be a good champion for you... Since most of people I know actually like quite diverse champions in their kit - I do not think that there are many players that play heal supports only or AD assassins only. And so I think that to determine If Gangplank is a good champion for you, I would try him out when he will be in week champion rotation. Play few games with him and you will see If you like him or not. From pure statistics (3.6% pick rate, quite similar to Quinn, plays on the same lane) I would say that you might actually find him fun to play, but it would be a bit too reckless in my opinion to buy him without being very sure about his gameplay, unless you are very rich and/or have a champion shard of him.... Hope I helped, have a ravishing day <3
    BlackRoseGirl (8) | April 10, 2020 2:33pm
    I also quite enjoy Vayne top, does that help any? I am also considering a smurf account for the sole purpose of trying out new champs. Thank you for your help and I would love to play with you sometime! The smurf account is GamerGirl13 if you are interested, but it will take me about 2-3 days to make.
    Tauricus2017 (120) | April 11, 2020 1:19am
    Well as I said it is really hard to tell. Vayne shares some aspects with Gangplank when you play her on top lane. I for example like almost all bully mages on bot, like Brand, Lux, Morgana but for some reason I do not like Xerath or Vel'Koz - I do not really know why, their playstyle is so similar but.... no, I just don't like them - But for some reason I also like to play Poppy on top, but I do not like any other tank champion in the whole game. What I am trying to say is that you never know... Just keep playing and you will see. About the smurf account.... I do not think it is very effective way to try new champions. If are my calculations correct, the weekly free champion rotation is the same in all regions and by creating new account you will just have a bit worse version of your already existing account with only major difference being your name and number of champions you own... If you really want to try new champions, try downloading PBE servers. If you do not know what it is, it is a testing server for Riot games. The internet there is not very good and you will often have to download additional content (patches and updates). BUT you will have access to every single champion in the game AND before a new champion or game mode is released in regular LoL it is published on PBE - so you will basically have 2 more weeks of URF and other fun game modes as well as prestige access to newest content! It is a great place to test new champions (at least better then smurf account :/)

    To your offer - I am very sorry, you sound like a nice person to me, but I strictly add to my friend list only people I personally know and I have fun playing with them - or this thing will soon happen to you all
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    BlackRoseGirl (8) | April 10, 2020 2:17pm
    Why thank you, Tauricus.
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