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League of Legends (LoL) Question: REALLY BAD LOSING STREAK

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  • BlackRoseGirl


    So, I get that losing happens to everyone, but recently, my win rates have dropped to a VERY UNHEALTHY place. Instead of 40-60% win rate, which I think is pretty normal, my win rate has dropped down to about 10%! I have tried switching Champions, switching roles, and nothing seems to be working! HELP!
  • Answers (5)

    Marumo (14) | May 4, 2020 2:54pm
    So there's several things here;
    1) Tilt. You're tilted, you're emotionally effected by having a bad streak, and you're letting that change how you would normally play. You're taking riskier plays, etc. You need to do something else for a while to come off tilt.
    2) You're not playing to improve. I've done the same, lost a game and blamed my role, champion, and tried to change things up. Thing is, if you don't play Zoe ever, then play her, you'll be more likely to lose than if you played your main. Try and settle on your mains and just practice them!
    Wicked Cherry (162) | May 6, 2020 6:19am
    Hey there,
    losing usually does have some kind of psychological influence on your performance. Some may feel like they'll have to try harder in their next game, so they'll draw some kind of motivational power from losing. Some others may feel like they didn't perform well and should reconsider their picks and review their games. Even others feel like it's not been their fault at all and it's simply XY's fault - personally, I like those people the most because they have the most potential to learn (they are pretty energetic), even though they are probably the most hard-stuck and uncomfortable people to play with.

    As you can see, there's a whole ton of different attitudes you can come across, and these are probably just a splinter of the real amount. But it's clearly not important what others are, what they think and who they blame. So try to find out what you want: Do you prefer on winning - like Marumo already talked about -, are you trying to improve - Marumo talked about that as well - or are you maybe just trying to achieve a specific goal (like climbing to a certain division)? There's a lot of stuff I could go on about here, but it's actually important to know what you want and then see what you'll have to do to accomplish that. So reflect on yourself - because no one else can do that for you - and then set a goal that you can reach with a little bit of effort.

    If you're "just tilted", then the psychological component outweighs the rational mind-based one. So, that's pretty much what I started talking about in the beginning: When you lose - HOW do you react? Do you wanna throw stuff around in anger (please don't do that, wasting resources is bad already, but someone might get hurt)? Do you feel motivated to improve by maybe wanting to watch your own mistakes? Sometimes, it's pretty helpful to learn new stuff. Like wave management. There's really good tutorial videos on youtube and the like. You can also consult guides. Even if you know your preferred main champion really well, there might be some guides here on MobaFire that can help you improve with small things. Or, for example I know you happen to hate Darius, check some guides on him and see if they mention weak spots and counter play strategies that might help you fighting your most hated counter pick. Even if there's no guides that include information about counter play, you can always pose that question. "Hi, I'm a XY main and I have trouble fighting against AB. Can you give me some tips?"

    There's a million of options ahead of you, all you need to do is to reach out. :)

    I think I've talked enough for now... xD See you around.
    Wicked Cherry.
    Siyou (7) | May 18, 2020 6:09am
    I understand the topic is two weeks old now. How are you doing these days? Have you solved the riddle for yourself? Are you still in this journey?
    BlackRoseGirl (8) | June 1, 2020 3:26pm
    I have been struggling with it on and off. I’ve recently moved to mid laning (from top), and had success at first, but it has started happening again... I’m somewhat concerned as I want to play several different champions so I have a backup, but it feels like I have a hard time adjusting to champions that I have already played before, it is kinda confusing.
    Siyou (7) | June 2, 2020 4:06am
    I get it. I'm probably the slowest learner among my friends when it comes to new champs, and especially new roles. If you're trying these new areas in ranked, I suggest stopping that to mitigate the additional stress developing muscle memory itself can give, as well as the pressure to win.

    However, I'm a casual through and through when it comes to this game. My words aren't any law, but I live by the mantra "When it stops being fun, I'm done". I hope the best for you, and hope that you continue to focus on your resolve.
    Big Shawn (4) | May 11, 2020 2:07pm
    Although I did not have such a massive drop in winrate. I did have a time where I'd lose 8 games in a row and I couldn't tell why. I then figured to first take DAYS off from the game. Play other games which are perhaps competitive or which are relaxing. In my case it was Rocket League or F1. Nevertheless, if I'd play online, I'd always try to keep an eye on myself. I noticed that I turned from really optimistic to tilted and toxic. I definitely did not like it and wanted to get rid of that attitude. I believe I inherited this from the 8 games I lost. I would always blame my mates and would sometimes be unfortunate to have high latency issues, which adds more tilt.

    What I did was really stay away from league, better said ranked. I did play Normals with friends and customs, but I wanted to turn away from ranked and sort of refresh. After 2 days, my results necessarily didn't change, but my mentality. I got to the point where I wanted to find out why I lost everytime, so then I downloaded replays and watched. It was obviously boring but here in my country we were in quaratine, so I had nothing to do. I noted down my mistakes and avoidable situations and watched certain matchups with Ekko vs other champions. I am an Ekko main btw. I compared the videos to my replays and basically did a small analysis. I would say that everything went uphill as soon as I did so. I blamed myself for my mistakes, which to be honest was quite difficult at first, but helped me even more as I learned from these. As soon as I saw that I could reach scores of up to 25/3 or so, I knew I was on the right path.

    Basically what I'm saying is: Take a break. Analyse how you react to others when you mess up. Analyse your gameplay. Become a teamplayer.

    Since I started roaming from mid to other lanes with Ekko, all my games became less toxic and more... great. I experienced less toxicity cause my teams were happy. I always have one phrase which I say to myself everytime I am about to blame someone:

    "It is not the junglers nor your teammates' fault for your death. If you can't adapt and watchout for yourself, it is your fault which you have to learn from."

    Hope this helps! :D
    Prate_k (24) | May 11, 2020 12:31pm
    Quick trick: Play draft/blind with off-meta champs. Have some fun and find new ways to play.
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